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As You Wish

I. Cessation of Freedom

She stared at her friend. She knew something was wrong. She absolutely, positively knew something was wrong the moment Sango had invited her out to lunch---and offered to pay in a sugary, sweet voice. For one, Sango never offered to pay with an angelic voice and second, the overly saccharine smile she greeted Kagome with was enough to set off major warning bells in Kagome's mind.


That was what her mind told her.

Run fast.

That was her second thought. It sounded unusually tempting and her gaze flickered over to the open door. It wasn't too late…she could still make it. All she had to do was turn around and walk slowly and carefully away from Sango before her cousin said anything...

"Hey, Kagome. Sit down."

Too late.

Sango shot her a syrupy smile and motioned with a graceful flick of her wrist for Kagome to take a seat.

Kagome narrowed her eyes suspiciously as she walked over to the table, seating herself comfortably on a cushion as she looked at her friend. She was about to open her mouth to ask Sango why she had asked Kagome to eat with her so suddenly, but the waitress came in.

"What would you like?" the waitress asked pleasantly, taking out a notebook and pen.

Kagome opened the menu on her table to the drinks. Sango might be rich and afford a tatami room with expensive food, but Kagome certainly didn't own a successful extermination business. Trying to find a job and rather tight on money, she opted to go for the simple beverage. "Iced tea with lemon please," she ordered, and the waitress smiled at her as she picked up the menu.

"And you, miss?" She gazed amiably at Sango, who glanced up over at Kagome with shifty magenta orbs before answering.

"I'll like two bowls of oden…and an order of nabe. Just water for me," Kagome heard her friend reply, and more warning bells sounded off in her head. She was ordering oden, not that Kagome was complaining, and nabe, which was too much for two people to eat. Either she was spoiling Kagome, which Kagome doubted, or she had an ulterior motive…

Definitely an ulterior motive.

The waitress smiled again as she took Sango's order and exited, sliding the door shut behind her. The room became silent and Kagome narrowed her eyes again. Suspicious…very suspicious…

"Kagome…you know I've been a close friend to Inuyasha for a long time…right?" Sango asked, mindful as to not make any eye contact with her friend. She decided to stare at a decorative fan on the wall.

Well, we were going somewhere. But why she decided to talk about the subject of Inuyasha was beyond Kagome's comprehension. After all, she knew Kagome absolutely disliked men like Inuyasha. Not only was he rich, famous, had girls hanging off his arms, but he was also extremely arrogant and conceited. He was the type of guy who would use his status as an advantage and his 'looks' to get what he wanted. Kagome never met the man personally, but she knew Sango was a close friend to him anyway.

Kagome noticed Sango had those shifty eyes again, darting back and forth between her friend and the fan. The wheels in her head slowly began to turn…very slowly…

"Well, I have something to ask of you…" Sango muttered under her breath, a slow red flush appearing on her cheeks.

Kagome stared intently. This doesn't sound good…

Smacking her two palms together in front of her, Sango squeezed her eyes shut as she got ready for her tirade. "You see, I lost a bet to him a while ago and now I owe him a lot of money. Problem is, I can't pay back and he's not exactly the forgive and forget type…" Sango trailed off, not daring to gaze up at Kagome's reaction.

"So…?" Sango heard Kagome ask.

Sango looked hesitant for a moment…thinking back to what Inuyasha had told her yesterday.


"Inuyasha, please? I don't have that much money! I can't pay you!" Sango whined over the phone, chewing nervously on her lower lip.

"You're rich, Sango! I know you can pay me," the voice growled over the line, sounding rather angry.

"I can't, you idiot! I can't just go up to my parents and ask 'Dad, can I borrow five hundred thousand yen because I lost a bet to a friend?' Our family might own a profitable extermination company, but they aren't crazy enough to just give five hundred thousand yen away!" Sango half-screamed, taking in deep breaths and trying to control her ire and frustration.

"Well, I'm not about to just let it slide. It's not my fault you betted on whether Miroku would chase after that particular maid out of fifty others. I told you he would! But you wouldn't believe me. So now you pay the price." Inuyasha snorted over the line.

Sango wished she could slowly and painfully wring the living daylights out of her friend. "It was just a simple bet, Inuyasha! Can't you forget about it?"

"I don't forgive and forget, Sango."

Sango took her anger out on a plush doll she managed to get her hands on. She hoped the head would pop off like in those movies, but it stayed tight on. She continued by dropping it on the ground and gave it a good thorough kick, almost imagining it to be a certain pervert. "Fine! I can't pay the five hundred thousand, so give me an alternate way to repay you."

There was a silence over the line, before Inuyasha muttered, "Hold on, please."

Sango's eyes started twitching as some rather girly giggles were heard on the other end of the phone. Holding the telephone in front of her, she regarded it with a look of disgust. "Inuyasha! Get your sad ass back on the phone!" she screamed, hoping her friend would put down his 'play thing' for a moment and listen to her.

"Come back later, darling," a deep masculine voice teased in the background, and Sango could feel the twitch above her left eye begin again.

Then there was a shuffle as Inuyasha grudgingly replied, "Sorry, I was trying to get rid of unwanted baggage."

Sango rolled her eyes. That man was a playboy, and she knew he considered most women as only 'play things.' If it wasn't because Sango had punched him rather hard in the nose when he had first met her and tried to make a move on her, he would not have actually even considered her with any amount of respect.

"You know what I want, Sango?" he muttered resentfully over the line.

Sango thought carefully before drawling a wary, "What…?"

"I need a girl who doesn't like me for my money and fame. I need a girl who hates me. I need a damn girl who's my slave but would not like being my slave at all."

Sango opened her eyes wide, even though she knew Inuyasha couldn't see her over the phone. "Are you okay, Inuyasha?" she asked incredulously. "Did you finally snap under all those girls? Are you sure you're Inuyasha? You're telling me, you want a girl who hates you, but is forced to be with you? That's...kinky!"

There was a light chuckle over the line. "I just want to meet all kinds of women in this world."

Sango stuck her tongue out in disgust. "Men…" she mumbled over the line.

There were more chuckles. "Well, Sango, I've decided your substitute consequences. I want a girl who hates me, but will be my slave for two weeks. That's fun…If you can find someone like that, I'll forget about the five hundred thousand yen."

Sango scowled. "It would be so simple as to just refuse your demands." It was obvious Inuyasha didn't really care and had just made up the offer in the amount of time it took him to add 1 and 2 together.

"You don't want to do that, Sango…or you know, I might 'accidentally' tell Miroku a little secret of yours…"

Sango's magenta eyes widened in disbelief. "You low, sneaky bastard!"

"Thank you."


Sango's right eye developed that annoying tick once more,as she gently gazed over at Kagome. Her friend was looking intently at her with those wide, azure, innocent eyes and Sango nearly flinched at what she knew she was asking of her. "Kagome…since I can't pay him five hundred thousand yen…he needs a, umm…personal… 'slave'…for…err, two weeks…and he needs one who hates him…"

Kagome's eyes widened in horror as she slowly realized what Sango was asking her.

"And…well…since you're the only girl I know who hates him…"








Sango looked pleadingly at Kagome, her eyebrows coming together in frustration. "I really can't pay him five hundred thousand yen! And if I don't find someone for him, he's going to tell…him…and I don't want him knowing…because if he knows then he will never let me live up to him knowing I like him! Please, Kagome! As my best friend, please!"

"Sango! You're asking me to be his slave. If you haven't noticed, that kind of practice was only seen hundreds of years ago! This is cruel and unusual punishment! You can't force me to be his…slave." Kagome spat out the word 'slave' as if it was a piece of bitter lemon on her tongue.

"It happens…a lot…nowadays…" Sango tried to convince, remembering the time Kohaku had forced her to be his slave for a day because she had accidentally broken his game...but luckily, he only made her clean the dishes and then forgot about it.

"It does not!" Kagome replied huffily, lines appearing into a frown.

Sango was getting desperate as she gazed at Kagome with mixed emotions in her eyes. "I know it's hard for you, but please, do this for me? Please, Kagome? He won't force you to do much…and if he so much as breathes the words 'Get in bed' you can punch his lights out, or I can punch his lights out, or we can both simultaneously punch his lights out! And!---He said you can live at his house for those two weeks, so think about it! You get to live with 'the most hottest man in Tokyo' or so they say in those magazines."

Kagome's frown lessened a bit. "Some of those magazines talk about celebrities as if they're gay...so I doubt Inuyasha is, quote, 'the hottest man in Tokyo.' For lord's sake, he's as bad as him…why do you like him, anyway!?"

Sango flushed crimson. "That's not our main concern! Our main concern, Kagome, is whether you'll do this for your best friend in the whole wide world because if you do, she'll love you and pamper you with oden whenever you like."

Kagome narrowed her eyes. Very tempting…very, very tempting…

Sango smiled innocently. "And remember, you can tell your other friends you got to live in the same house as 'the hottest man in Tokyo' for two whole weeks!"

Kagome narrowed her eyes even more. "Is he as bad as the magazines make him out to be?"

Sango's eyes widened. "Of course not! You said so yourself…those magazines talk about celebrities as if they're gay, so they must be lying." Inuyasha's much worse at times anyway…

Kagome cocked her head to the side. "But Jakotsu is gay," she answered matter-of-factly, referring to the superstar who had recently announced he was gay and single. What a life those famous people led…

"Well, that's just him," Sango mumbled, waving her hands in front of her nonchalantly. "I only asked you because you're special! You can resist all his seducing…all his looks…I bet you aren't afraid to insult him…you can help a friend in need…and you get to spend time in one of 'the most chic houses' in Tokyo."

Kagome was silent as the waitress returned with their orders, putting the iced tea with lemon in front of Kagome and the glass of water in front of Sango. Then she placed the two bowls of oden on the table and brought down the heavenly nabe…steaming hot with all sorts of meat, seafood, etc…

Kagome squirmed uncomfortably as she smelled the delicious aroma of the food while the waitress smiled and left again, leaving the two girls in their silence and cuisine. A sneaky, devious grin graced Sango's features.

"I'll take you here to eat as much as you want," she finally offered, and saw Kagome cringe at the offer. Being Kagome's best friend was an advantage…Sango knew all of Kagome's weaknesses that way.

"Fine. I'll do it," Kagome murmured, locking an angry gaze with Sango who looked like a little kid being given a sack full of candy. "But like you said, any perverted orders from him and I'm killing 'Little Inu.'"

Sango nodded happily. "Of course, Kagome. Of course." Whipping out a cell phone from her purse, she quickly dialed Inuyasha's number, finally connecting with Inuyasha's secretary.

"Inuyasha, please. Tell him this is Sango and I've got him the perfect girl."

Inuyasha's golden gaze narrowed in skepticism. "Already?" he asked Sango over the phone.

"Yes, Inuyasha! I finally got her to agree. Don't worry, she's happy to be your slave for two weeks."

"I am not!" Inuyasha heard another girl's voice scream over the line.

"Anyway, she hates you, just to let you know that…"

"Essentially, yes, that's true."

"Ignore her. She's just in an unhappy mood. Anyway, I told her she'll be moving in with you at your place…Is that okay with you?"

Inuyasha smirked as he heard screams in the background. Feisty…he liked that. "Yea, what's her address? I'll tell Myouga to go pick her up in the ride later."

Sango faltered over the line, trying to remember her best friend's address. "Why yes…it's 1302 Nikko Drive, Apt #B, downstairs. I forgot the rest, but I'm sure you'll find it."

"I'm having second thoughts, Sango..."

"Don't touch her, Inuyasha. She's my best friend, got it?" Sango whispered gravely to the man over the line. "I know this is all a fun game to you…but remember, don't you go too far with a game or it'll backfire on you."

Inuyasha grinned widely, turning around in his chair and staring out at the morning sun. "Don't worry, Sango. I'll only worry if she falls for me…but I heard her screaming she hates me, so I don't expect too much to be happening…other than myself finding this all amusing."

"How can you be my friend?" Sango mumbled in exasperation.

"Because I'm a low, sneaky bastard…remember?"


Inuyasha smiled, but was quickly cut short as his secretary suddenly said, "Mr. Kitao, urgent call on line two."

"Sango, I got to go, okay?"

"Oh okay, well yea, don't forget about Kagome. Her name is Higurashi Kagome. Don't forget!"

Inuyasha smirked as he bid his farewells to his long-time friend, answering the 'urgent' call on line two with a tap of his finger.

Kagome…eh? It's certainly going to be interesting…

A/N: Inuyasha seems like such a cocky ass right now, but wasn't he like that in the beginning of the series? And as with theseries…Kagome will change it…ne? This is going to be interesting…isn't it? Instead of Kagome controlling Inuyasha with a single word…now it's the other way around with Inuyasha controlling Kagome as a modern slave. ;) The prospect of this plot is endless…

P.S. Five hundred thousand yen (500,000) is ROUGHLY around 5000 dollars...I'm guessing. Anyone know the exact?