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As You Wish

IX. Denying and Admitting

"And what did the caterpillar say to the butterfly?"

Sango rubbed her temples as Kagome nodded her head enthusiastically, giggling every once in a while and getting up from her seat, before collapsing down to the ground and continuing her giggles. They had left the party when Kagome had started feeling slightly tipsy, and the entire ride home had been a uphill trek for the other girl.

"What?" Sango asked dully.

"You must have drank a lot of Red Bull, because it gave you wings!!" She went off into another bout of giggles, her cheeks red as she forced herself back to what she presumed was her seat in the limo. It was next to Inuyasha and the hanyou was only giving her some raunchy looks as her dress slid further up to bunch around her thighs.

Seeing the rather rude looks thrown at her best friend, Sango got up from her place and went over to Kagome, deliberately sitting right in between the drunk girl and Inuyasha. She sent Inuyasha a dirty look, and growled out, "Why did you let her drink vodka? You should know she isn't a drinker…she gets drunk very, very easily! That's why Miroku and I kept her away from any alcohol in college…Well, I did anyway." She sent Miroku another dirty look.

The man put up his hands in a pacifying manner, as a small mysterious smile appeared on his lips. Sango only ignored it.

"Excuse me? I tried to stop her. But she downed it before I could even realize the smell was alcohol…I don't even know what was wrong with her. She looked like a mess…the alcohol loosened her up anyway." As if to prove his point, Kagome was humming something akin to nursery rhymes as she bobbed her head from side to side, a happy, wide grin on her face.

"You should thank god this was a high-class party without a huge amount of perverts." Sango sent Miroku a dull glare before she continued. "Just don't let her touch alcohol from now on. Next time, we just don't know what might happen. It's hard keeping an eye on a drunk girl."

"You can say that again," Miroku mumbled absentmindedly as he watched Kagome start crawling to his lap. How she had went from one side of the car to the other in a matter of a second was beyond comprehension, but she had definitely managed it. There was a huge, devious smile on Miroku's face again as he allowed her to put her face mere millimeters away from his, watching her narrowing her eyes.

"MIROKU!" two simultaneous angry voices screamed, and Miroku widened his eyes as he watched Sango scramble over to get Kagome off of him. He would have complained otherwise, but the sober girl looked ready to tear his head off as Kagome was pulled back to Inuyasha, who Sango decided would be a much safer person to keep Kagome with for now.

"Inuyasha. Look after her," she ordered and dumped the girl next to Inuyasha, shuffling over to take a seat next to Miroku, her eyes on him like a hawk.

Inuyasha only looked faintly at Kagome as she pulled herself up to his ears, giggling and beginning to fiddle and play with them. If he just twisted his head to the right, he would have a nice view of her chest…damn, Sango was watching.

"Are these real? They're so cute!" Kagome squealed in a high voice, pulling his furry triangular ears to make sure they're authentic. "They're just like Buyo's!"

Buyo…? Inuyasha thought mindlessly as he pulled his ears away from her hold and saved it from further danger. Who knows what would provoke that girl to suddenly pull on his ears like a game of tug-of-war. He just couldn't risk being an earless hanyou.

"Ooo…then what do you have at where my ears are?"

Feeling her face travel down from the top of his head to the side of his face, he could sense her heavy breath breathing against the side of his face. Oh really, was this girl trying to seduce him in her drunk state? Because if she was…

"Nothing's there!"

He pulled her right into his lap after she had finished that sentence, circling his arm around her waist contentedly. Contrary to the usual slap or act of defiance, she only giggled and settled more comfortably against him. This made him smirk slightly, but not before a low, "Inuyasha…" was hissed warningly at him.

"What? I'm just making sure she doesn't move around," he shot back defensively at Sango, who was keeping Miroku obediently in his seat and his eyes out the window while glaring like a watch dog at Inuyasha. It was just so hard trying to keep her eyes on two immature, perverted boys and an intoxicated girl who looked ready to jump up and start dancing to imaginary music.

However, there was a moment of silence as the two stared at each other, before Sango hissed, "It better be just that…go any further and I'm amputating the appendage you use to harass her with."

Inuyasha chuckled and held more tightly onto Kagome, who was making comments about how comfortable he felt. Now, if she really meant those comments about his ears and his lap, he would be happy. But sadly, it was probably just the alcohol speaking. If she was sober at this moment, she might just smash his face against the window out of reflex. Inuyasha had never been one to let opportunities pass by, and frankly, Kagome in her loose state was just too alluring to pass up. If opportunities presented themselves to him, he would take them before anyone else could grab them away from him.

Then as if the devil had possessed her, Kagome suddenly burst out in lyrics to an old song they had heard a long time ago. "I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts!" If it was possible, she pushed Inuyasha's arms away from her, jumped up in the cramped limo, and started twirling around as if she was a ballerina wannabe.

Sango slapped a hand to her forehead and decided that she just didn't have the energy to keep Kagome in check any longer. It was only five minutes before the mansion anyway, and Kagome couldn't get into too much trouble.

"And I'm too sexy for your party, Too sexy for your party, No way I'm disco dancing!" Kagome busted out, doing some disco moves from the American 70s…or were they the 80s? Anyway, Inuyasha smirked subtly when he noticed that she was just shooting out random parts of the song and not the entire part.

"I'm too sexy for my love, too sexy for my love," she practically squealed, extending 'love' in an off-key manner. It was a feat she hadn't already tripped over something, but seeing as she was drunk and oblivious to her actions, she finally accidentally tripped over nothing and fell towards Inuyasha.

Landing right into his lap again, she looked up into his eyes, her own slightly glassy. "Loves going to leave me…" she finished almost sensually, so only Inuyasha could hear those last words.

Maybe it was the way she said it, or the fact that the way he was holding her allowed him to feel her curves, but it undeniably sparked some sort of possessiveness in him. It especially became known to him when she slowly glided her arms around his neck, putting her head contentedly on his shoulder, sighing slightly before giggling again.

"You're warm," she commented.

Now if only Miroku and Sango weren't in the car and watching the entire scene…but no, he wouldn't anyway. He had his morals and Kagome would hang him by the toe and slowly skin him alive if she found out that he had tried to make a move on her. The woman could be aggressive when she was clear-headed.

"We're home," he told the others, nodding out the window to the mansion appearing. "Sango…you can take her up."

"No…you take her up. I can't drag a drunk girl up a flight of stairs without eventually falling down and breaking some limbs. You're strong anyway. I'll go get a cup of orange juice for her…Miroku, you help me get some paper bags in case she doesn't make it to the bathroom in time," Sango ordered, giving the two men a hard glare. "Inuyasha, you just make sure she doesn't choke on her vomit during the night and you might be able to survive tomorrow."

"I doubt it," Inuyasha mumbled, already feeling the pain in his head he would receive the morning after.

"You didn't stop her, so you pay the consequences."

"Sir, we have arrived at the entrance. Would you like the butler to help bring Miss. Kagome up to her room?" the driver, Myouga, said as he rolled down the window separating the driver from the passengers.

"No. I'm fine," Inuyasha mumbled as he slipped a hand around Kagome's back and under her knees, opening the door before Myouga could open it for him. He stepped out, putting Kagome to the ground as she started wiggling around in his hold. "Get on my back," he directed, pointing to his backside as he crouched down a bit.

Perhaps the sudden widening of her eyes should have alerted him, but the next minute, she was screeching like a wild driver and had jumped onto his back like a dead weight, a cheeky smile on her face as she slapped his ass rather sharply. "Giddy up, horsey!"

"Don't slap my ass," he grumbled, only to receive another on his right butt cheek. He groaned as she squirmed on his back, sliding her arms around his neck and nearly choking him.

"But it's so yummy," she said, before running her fingers through his hair. She gasped, as if horrified. "Your hair is silkier than mine! You evil bastard!"

Now this was just getting a little annoying.

As Inuyasha struggled to go up the steps with a fidgeting girl on his back, Miroku ran up to the door and got out his keys. It was better to just open the door instead of waking up the whole household. If he wanted that, all he had to do was wait till Kagome walked through the front door.

"Do you want to walk by yourself!?" Inuyasha snapped when Kagome started bouncing up and down in his hold. "Fine then!" He dropped her at the top of the steps, where her bottom rapidly met the ground. There was silence for just a little while, before an ear-splitting cry ripped through the air, coming from the girl on the ground.

"My butt hurts now!" she screamed at him, as he suddenly panicked at seeing the tears running down her face. "It's numb!"

"Ahh…uhh! Stop crying!" Inuyasha pleaded pathetically as he crouched down next to her, only causing Kagome to burst out in more tears. Sango and Miroku watched for a moment, before shaking their heads and making their way to the kitchen. Inuyasha felt like pulling out his hair as he put a hand to her shoulders, shaking her slightly to stop her from crying. It only caused her voice to waver in pitches as she refused to stop. Damn the mood-swings that come with being drunk! "Umm…I'll give you a whole damn box of Belgian chocolate!"

All at once, the wailing had stopped. "Really?" she whispered suspiciously, narrowing her wet eyes as she eyed him warily.

He sighed in a defeated manner. "Really."


Another sigh was heard from the hanyou as he hooked his arms under her legs and around her back again, deciding that in this way, he had much more control than he would have if she was on his back. She continued staring up at him with those big, innocent eyes of hers as he jumped over to the stairs with his youkai abilities, taking another leap and reaching the top of the staircase. The sooner this burden was off of him, the better.

"Are you taking me to my room?"


"I like that."

The burden was acting like a bitch in heat now when she had been some crazy party animal just before. If it had been anyone else but Kagome, he would have taken advantage of the situation, but sadly, it was Kagome. In addition to being aggressive, she also had a hostile best friend as well. Survival instinct was a first in many youkai senses.

Coming to the door he was almost sure was hers, he opened it and looked at the dark, looming shapes inside. Seeing that both his hands weren't free, he used his shoulders to turn on the lights and shine illumination into the blue and yellow room. She was still staring right at him, almost freakily by now as she traced a finger feather lightly down his throat, stopping at the collar of the white shirt he had thrown on before entering the ballroom.

"I like you," she whispered sultrily, moving her finger along the hem of his collar.

"Yea, yea, I like you too," he muttered as he walked over to her bed, forcing her pink shoes off before putting her down properly. "Next time bitch, don't drink whatever you see," he said absentmindedly as he bent down to brush some stray hair away from her face, almost smiling gently as he felt her hands slide up his shoulders to his neck.

"No…I really like you," she said again, her voice soft and silky as he blinked at her words. She was gazing up at him, as if he himself was some delicious piece of Belgian chocolate, and he almost gulped as he turned away from her fervent stare, prying her hold from him.

Going over to collapse down on the couch, Inuyasha eyed her carefully. "You know, for a moment, I would have thought you actually meant that."

"I'll show you how much I mean it then."

Ahh…should he pass this opportunity up?

Of course not!

Inuyasha had never been one to pass opportunities up, as he often stressed. Getting up to take one step towards her, he was interrupted as Sango suddenly strode through the door with a cup of orange juice, followed by Miroku who was staring rather openly at her ass and holding some paper bags. Inuyasha coughed as he tried to cover up his embarrassment at almost being caught, collapsing back onto the couch and watching as Sango shuffled over to Kagome, who was looking pained.

"Aww…you ruined it," Kagome mumbled as she sunk deeper into her pillow, looking at Inuyasha for a moment before keeping her eyes on Sango. "I was just about to show Inuyasha just how much I liked him…"

Sango slowly, and in calm silence, turned to glare at the hanyou, who was looking innocently at a stain on the ground. Hmm…he would have to tell someone to get rid of that.

"Inuyasha…you weren't about to take up on Kagome's offer right…?" Sango asked, her voice like silk trailing across a knife's edge.

"Of course not. Who do you think I am?" Inuyasha shot out, defensively. Other than a horny bastard who would take up the offer.

"Someone who would," Sango replied dully, before coaxing Kagome up to drink her orange juice. "Come on…just drink the glass and you'll feel much better than you would if you didn't tomorrow morning…"

Kagome took the cup gently, eyeing the content as if it was some disgusting bug, before taking a gulp. She grimaced a bit and put the cup down on the small table next to her, as Miroku put some paper bags next to that. She looked at those and said, "What are those bags for?"

"You---when you empty your stomach," Sango said in what she supposed was a soothing voice, before pulling the covers up to Kagome's chin. "Now sleep," she said more firmly.

"But I don't want to!"



Sango sighed as Kagome closed her eyes and went off to sleep. If Mrs. Higurashi knew what happened to Kagome, the lady wouldn't be that happy to be having her daughter stay with Inuyasha. No matter how lenient Mrs. Higurashi was, every mother had its limit. Sango twirled around to eye the two men staring at her, or one who was staring at the face and the other who was staring at her rear, and coughed to catch Miroku's attention.

"Inuyasha…watch after her, okay? You are not to even step out of this room until she wakes up properly. No breakfast, no girls, whatsoever. If you even try and take advantage of her, you won't like your life after that," Sango stated in an authoritarian voice, sending him a glare that indicated no questions asked. Walking over to Miroku, she grabbed him by the ear. "Miroku, my face is up here, and not down there."

"Who said he was looking at your face…" Inuyasha mumbled quietly. Luckily, the woman missed his comment and pulled Miroku out the door, while the pervert muttered curses and tried to free his abused ear from her vice-like grip.

Shutting the door behind her, Inuyasha was left laid out lazily on the couch, staring at the bundle of flesh beneath the covers. His eyes adopted a lethargic glaze as he eyed the covers slowly rise up and down, in tune with her breaths. He sighed after a while. "You're more trouble than I thought you'd be," he said out loud to the sleeping girl as he dug his way into the comfortable crevices of the couch, ready to catch some winks.

However, his thoughts soon began to wander from their idle state as the silence got to him.

His golden eyes beheld the blue ceiling above him and he felt himself sigh again. The trouble with women was the fact that if he got to slowly know them, it could lead to the potential developing of feelings. He didn't want to feel any emotions for anyone---Not when his mother had committed suicide. The happy family had been having so many internal problems the year his mother died, and he didn't think he could handle jumping into another relationship that could result in the same. The problem with being rich and semi-famous was that privacy was hardly attained.

Inuyasha's eyes drifted over to Kagome, who was looking comfortable there, even though she would have one hell of a hangover the next morning. He didn't like her---of course not---but out of all the females he had met in his life, no one else had intrigued him so. It wasn't news to Inuyasha that he was a pretty piece of flesh, and the fact that somebody actually resisted him was uncommon.

He chuckled slightly. "One day, Higurashi Kagome, one day…just you wait…I'll have you falling heads over heels for me…"

The only answer was a slight unconscious snort from the girl as she switched positions, her face facing him as her mouth hung open slightly. Inuyasha rolled his eyes as he looked away from her.

For now however, tonight was going to be a long, boring night. He closed his eyes.


"Oh kami…" she whispered groggily as she slowly attained sluggish consciousness---and instantly feeling like crap. Throwing the covers off her body, her eyes narrowed when she felt her head pounding palpably. Bringing her hands up to her head, she groaned slightly when she felt her stomach lurch.

"Shit…" she muttered as her eyes fell on the bathroom. Jumping off the bed and swaying dangerously, she quickly made her way as gracefully as she could to the bathroom in her condition.

Her head was spinning---like she had just gotten off a roller coaster---and she dived frantically towards the toilet bowl, grabbing the seat and flipping it up, before emptying her stomach almost painfully. One hand at her stomach and the other holding desperately to the toilet bowl, she didn't even realize that her hair would slowly slip down her face.

However, she was saved from further frustrations as she felt someone kneel next to her, lightly taking the hair away from her face and the other hand patting her back. She spent the next few minutes that way, continuing to throw up everything she had, while the person tried to help relieve her stress.

After the revolting was over, she was still feeling queasy as she collapsed on the person next to her, not pondering just who the person was. Feeling half-dead, she snuggled deeper into the comfortable spaces the person offered and felt her eyes give way to fatigue. "Sango…I feel like shit…" she mumbled, before falling asleep again, not seeing the rolling eyes the person had to offer her.

"Stupid idiot…" Inuyasha muttered resignedly as he picked the dozing girl up and made his way slowly back to her bed.


"You really think leaving Kagome with Inuyasha last night was a good thing, especially in her state?" Ayame asked as she listened to Miroku and Sango talk, while making breakfast from the kitchen. "I mean…Inuyasha isn't controlled by honor most of the time, but by hormones."

Sango looked up with one eyebrow raised while Miroku sighed.

"Sango knows what's best," Miroku said, as he picked at his food in a defeated manner---probably sulking that Sango was keeping her finger on him at all times for some reason unknown to him. "Inuyasha might seem like a shallow idiot, but he can be normal when time calls for it."

"He would never take advantage of Kagome when she's drunk. We're her friends, that's enough to keep him behaving," Sango added as she took a sip of orange juice.

"And what if he doesn't behave?" Ayame questioned skeptically.

"Then the hanyou is going to have two best friends on his tail while he's on the run…that is, if Kagome doesn't make mince meat of him first. Don't worry. All dog demons have survival instinct somewhere---even Inuyasha…somewhere…" Sango trailed off as she too began to ponder just how much survival instinct Inuyasha had. Well, hopefully, it was enough to keep him alive.

"When Kagome wakes up, the roof is coming down…" Ayame mumbled as she went back to her cooking.

Using that distraction, Sango slid Miroku a gaze. The simple little stare said a lot.

I'm still saying your plan is going to backfire on you, Miroku…

Miroku smirked back.

Then I'll wait until it does.


"Hey…wake up…I'm hungry…wake up, damnit…I can't leave till you get your lazy butt out of bed…"

Kagome gradually opened her eyes when she felt someone shaking her shoulders. Feeling her thoughts swim in her head, she dragged herself up from the bed as the covers slid from her body. Everything seemed fuzzy, along with her tongue, and she tried to make sense of her surroundings. Why did she feel like…

"Shit…" she muttered for the second time, although she was only conscious of the second. Opening her heavy eyelids wider, she saw Inuyasha glaring at her from the side of her bed, looking irritated. "What happened?" she whispered instantly, although that question instigated a plethora of actual questions in her mind as she realized everything was a blur in her head.

"Oh kami!" she said as she shot up straighter, her heart pounding. "What happened last night!?" she demanded in a panic.

Inuyasha looked at her like she had just grown another head, before scratching behind his ear in a sheepish manner. "You got drunk," he simply offered.

Kagome's eyes widened as she remembered being at Sesshoumaru's party and…and…hearing…that

Her heart seemed to beat even more painfully against her ribcage as she pushed the memory far into the dark corners of her mind, not feeling ready to confront them in her state. She continued on, remembering bumping into Inuyasha, and then…then, they went back to the ballroom…

And she had instantly shot down something gross…


"Idiot!" she shouted as she snapped her furious gaze over to the hanyou, making him take a step back from the sheer rage he saw shining in her sapphire orbs. "You didn't stop me!" she screamed, as she tried forcing herself to remember something further than that. The only images she got remember was crying, screaming, singing…and something about seducing Inuyasha…

Growing red in the face at the combined forces of embarrassment and anger, Kagome bit her lips as she flung her arms around, getting ready to yell more. "Why didn't you stop me!" she demanded, crawling from the bed and stepping up to Inuyasha, even if the action caused her headache to pulse worse.

"Excuse me? You drank that thing on your own free will," he shot back defensively, crossing his arms across his chest and trying to put distance between the fuming girl and himself.

Kagome sputtered, as she stomped her feet around in irritation. "I'm your slave! You control me, you! You! Youuuu" she yelled, purely a spur of the moment, before she realized her mistake. She had actually admitted that she was his slave and that she followed his orders; Doing the things he ordered and actually admitting them were two completely separate things, and she had actually admitted it.

She didn't miss the smirk that appeared on his face, as he raised an interested eyebrow. "Say that again?"

That---that---he actually had the nerve to tell her to say it again! Kagome screamed as she held her throbbing head, feeling everything aggravate her even more in her foggy condition.

"I hate you, Inuyasha! I hate you so much!" she screamed, as she pivoted on her heels and made for the door, flinging it open with a force that made a dent in the wall. She didn't care if he made her pay for it, because right now, she just absolutely hated that infuriating, conniving, brainless, evil bastard for making her life such a mess.

"Sheesh…you're not a morning person, are you?" Inuyasha asked inside the room.

That only made Kagome feel even worse after a night of disarray.


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