Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

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1: So here's what happened.

It was three days after the final showdown against the first. The mismatched group of heroes had found a hospital and they were all suitably patched up and rested, and they had decided to impose themselves on the Angel Investigations team while they contemplated their net course of action. So now Giles was driving the little yellow school bus towards L.A.

At the moment, the group appeared to be subdued and the atmosphere was heavy with melancholy, quite different to the euphoria of three days ago when the war was won. This quiet reflection was however, predictably interrupted.

"Do you think there'll be enough room for us all? Maybe we should have called first-" Buffy worried, but was cut of by Faith.

"Jeez B, the guy lives in a big ass hotel, I think he'll just about squeeze us in."

"His place is kinda big, Buff," Willow confirmed "and anyway he would't turn us away, would he?"

"Hey, if he does we could just set all the baby slayers on him" Faith smirked, even though she Knew he would happily open his home to them.

"So who is Angel exactly?" Robin asked from next to Faith, and was supported by most of the new slayers in wanting to know about him and the rest of the L.A gang.

"Angel is an ensouled vampire that fights the big bad in the City of." Faith got straight to the point.

"Hold up, you mean there is more than one vampire with soul?" Robin replied.

"Angel had a soul first, he was Spike's grandsire," Willow clarified. Faith doubted that the others would have so readily agreed to go to a vampire's if they hadn't just fought side by side with Spike. And she was surprised that, given his feelings for the late great peroxide champion, Robin wasn't putting up a fight.

Robin. Now there was a situation that confused Faith to no end. Before, Faith had just treated it like her usual 'get some, get gone' philosophy, which is probably she shot him down when she took her turn as leader. But still after that he had acted as though he wanted more, and that was the confusing, and lets not forget, the damn scary thing about it all.

Faith had never ha anything more than one night stands, she had never wanted or needed anything more, and now there as a great guy who was, above anything else, nice. And she didn't know what to do about that. The logical part of her brain, you know the part that she hadn't used so much in the past was screaming at her that he was a good thing and that she should reach out and grab it with two hands, but at the same time she couldn't ignore the little voice nagging her that something wasn't right. And thus the fear and confusion.


They reached L.A at around 8pm, and Willow and Faith gave Giles directions to the Hyperion.

"Okay, everyone just sit tight while Faith and I go and talk to Angel," Buffy yelled down the bus before turning to Faith, who was a little dumfounded at being included.

"He's not gonna say no to both of us. Strength in numbers!" Buffy said, alighting the bus followed by Faith.

In the lobby everything seemed quiet. After a few moments of glancing helplessly around the vast and empty space, the two 'sister' slayers looked at each other.

"You think maybe they went out?" No sooner than the words left Buffy's mouth, when a figure appeared from the office, Buffy was about to ask this new person if he knew where Angel was, when he spoke to Faith.

"So you beat the first then?" he asked with a slight smirk. It wasn't until Buffy heard the accent that she realized who it was.

"Wesley?!" she screeched, startling Faith who frowned at Buffy's outburst before answering Wes.

"Was there every any doubt that we'd kick its incorporeal ass?" she joked, "we'll give you all the gory details later, first we need some where to stay, do you think Angel will mind us borrowing a couple of rooms?"

"I should think that will be all right. How many of you are there?" He soon regretted asking.

"There's the scoobies plus a few, then there's a bunch of teenage girls-explanations later" she added when she noticed him about to ask why they had brought a bunch of teenage girls.

"Buffy!" she shouted, trying to pull her back to the land of the living, "Wes got a new look, get over it!" And with that she turned to usher the troops in.


Wesley leaned against the lobby counter with his arms folded across his chest, observing the scene before him. The hotel lobby was filled with people all trying to do their own organizing whilst Giles was in the centre trying to tell everyone what to do.

Struggling to free herself from the chaos that teenage girls could easily cause, Faith moved away to stand next to her former watcher.

"So where is Angel and the others anyway?"

"They're at our new base of operations-explanations later, remember." He added before she could ask, and although she was way beyond curious, Faith conceded to wait until later.

"I called him and they're on their way here," they stood in almost comfortable silence for a moment before Wesley said, "So you turned them all into slayers?"

It's a good job that the question was rhetorical because all that Faith could do was look at him a little shocked. Then when she tried to say something Wes cut her off again, apparently he knew what she was thinking. "I was a Watcher; I would hope that I could tell the difference between potentials and actual slayers. So who are the ones that I haven't met, besides the slayers, I mean?" he asked referring to Andrew and Robin

"Oh, Andrew used to be an evil genius, but now he's fighting the good fight, and Robin was the principal of Sunnydale High, oh, and his mother was a slayer."

Just then Angel, Gunn, Fred and Lorne walked through the door, and everyone in the lobby whipped round at the sound and stared at the four of them. For no real reason there was complete silence for over a minuet, until the spell was broken when Faith and Wes caught each others eye. The whole scene was so ridicules and unexpected that they burst into a fit of laughter, and thus ended the uncomfortable silence as everyone turned and looked at them like they were crazy.

Whilst it was entirely possible that the two were in fact crazy, the point is that it broke through the tension and allowed Angel to lead his merry men (and woman) down into the lobby, where he asked them why they were laughing. The poor guy looked so confused that they sobered themselves and attempted an explanation.

"Nothing, it just looked funny!" He gave the two a skeptical look but accepted it anyway. Then, in true Giles fashion, he suggested that they recount the past few week's events to each other.

And so the groups gathered in the hotel lobby, spreading out on the various sofas and chairs, or more likely the floor. Faith sat slightly away from the group, perched on top of the counter. From her vantage point she could watch all of the little interactions going on between individuals. She noticed that Angel kept glancing over at Buffy, even when she wasn't talking. She expected that pretty soon those two would be doing some catching up of their own.

The Scoobies were the first to tell their story, starting right from the beginning, Faith sighed, realizing just how long this was going to take. She shifted around on the hard counter trying to get comfortable, until she noticed that Wesley was watching her, eyebrow raised. She paused for a moment and looked at him looking at her, and then she just shrugged at him, smiling when he shook his head and laughed a little at her.

Naturally Giles was the one who spoke the most, but every now and again someone added a little, but Faith only half listened as she continued to watch people's faces.

First she went round the A.I team, Angel Wesley and Fred all seemed to be absorbing everything that was being said, whilst Lorne was also concentrating, Faith guessed that he was probably trying to read people. Gunn looked like he would rather be out patrolling than sitting still, she couldn't blame him either.

The once potential, now fully operational slayers were mostly sat together on the floor, Faith thought idly that they would all need a good kill when this was over, to burn off some of that slayer energy, good knows she did.

She noticed that Robin kept glancing towards her so she caught his eye and they shared a small smile. Wesley noticed this and he more than casually wondered what had conspired between them back in Sunnydale.

Faith snapped out of her observations when her part in the story was reached, and though she acted as though she wasn't listening, she didn't miss a word it seemed to her that this was going on for ever and she started to fidget again, but in reality it didn't go on for that much longer.

"So we left the hospital and drove here." Buffy concluded. Angel and Wes leant back in exactly the same thoughtful way that she had to force herself not to laugh.

"Well," Wes began, "I think we should take a break before we explain what has happened here-" he may have had more to say but Faith cut him off.

"Thank God! Give my ass a chance to wake up," and with that she walked straight out to the courtyard so that she could have a cigarette.