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5 Sorting Things Out

"Look I know how clich├ęd the whole 'it's not you it's me thing is', but it really is true. You're the nicest guy I've met in a long time and I don't wanna mess you around, you don't deserve it." Taking Buffy's advice, she was ending things with Robin. It was harder than she thought it would be, but she figured that it was what caring about people was about - doing things you don't want to in order to not hurt someone.

"Oh." Robin said, not really the response she was expecting, but then she hadn't ever done this before. In the past all she had had to do was kick them out, not bothering about their feelings. "Can I ask why?"

His question caught her a little off guard. What was she supposed to tell him? That she had screwed her former Watcher last night? That she had feelings for him even though she didn't know what they meant? That she might be falling for a man she once tortured? All these thoughts running through her head, and Robin was just waiting patiently. He really did deserve better.

Well, she thought, might as well start off right and be honest.

"There's someone else. I think."

"You think?" his voice was a little colder now, something that was a little more familiar to her. It was sad that she could relate better to anger, but it was just another one of those things she needed to work on.

"I do care about you Robin, and that's not easy for me to say," He softened a little at that, "but this other guy, it's complicated, and it might never work out but I can't string you along like this, not when you could have someone better."

She watched him nod in acceptance, and she was almost shocked at how relieved she was. It was the first item on her mental to do list, and she had handled it better than she thought she would. Hopefully, that was a sign of things to come.

"Well, I guess that's it then. He's a lucky guy, whoever he is," Faith got the feeling that he was wanting her to tell him who it was, but even she knew that she should talk to Wes before she told anyone, let alone the guy who she was blowing off for him. So instead she just kissed his cheek quickly, said goodbye and left the bedroom.

She knew that the other items on the list were not going to be quite as easy.

Wesley sat behind his desk in the Wolfram and Hart building, various texts out in front of him, but right now they were the furthest thing from his mind. He had being in his office since the early hours of the morning, and as Gunn informed him as he stopped by, he looked like shit.

"Man, have you been here all night?"

"Not quite, no." he told him. Noticing the bruise on his face, Gunn got a little worried.

"How'd you get that shiner, man?" he asked gesturing to Wes's face.

"Ah, slight run in with a Grylaf demon last night, nothing to worry about." Gunn still wasn't convinced, Wesley had been distant and moody for a while now, but this morning, he seemed far worse.

"You wanna talk about what else is on your mind?" Gunn asked, walking up to Wesley's desk.

"Nothing to talk about. I just couldn't sleep, so I thought I might as well as do some work."

"Uh huh." Gunn said disbelievingly, glancing down to the Brit's desk, was soon able to discern the reason for his friend's distress. "Ya know Wes, I can't help but notice Faith's file open on your desk. You two have a fight?"

Wes looked surprised, like he hadn't even realized the file was there.

"No, I, er, just wanted to check something. No fight." Gunn didn't believe him, but he let it go.

"Okay. You know where my office is if you wanna talk." Wes nodded slightly and Gunn left, shaking his head bemusedly at his friend obvious uncertainty.

When Gunn was gone, Wes's eyes returned to the file in front of him. He had found it in the firm's archives; it told him a great number of things, things that he should have known before he was appointed as her Watcher. Some of the things Faith had said last night at the bar had been bothering him, her brother for instance. One phone call had gotten him a name and address, not that he would do anything with it, but he had done it any way. His name was Jack Gale, and he had just enrolled at UCLA. Not for the first time, Wesley marveled at the weird coincidences that life threw at him, or maybe it was fate, either way, after seven years apart, Faith and her brother were in the same city, and neither of them knew it.

There were other things in the file that, to be frank, appalled Wes. Faith's mother had been a drug addict. There was no mention of her father, but it seems that Jack's stuck around for a while, until Jack was five, then he left them. For years faith had to deal with an abusive mother and the scum that she associated with, all the while tacking care of her brother. When their mother OD'd, Jack's father got custody of him, but he refused to take Faith, and so she ended up in foster homes, until her Watcher found her.

Sometimes, Wes really was mystified at the world. How could anyone let children grow up like that? And then split a brother and sister up who were so dependent on each other? It really was no wonder that Faith was as troubled as she was. With a defeated sigh, he set about thinking of what to do next.

Back at the hotel, Faith sat in front of the phone in the office, mentally building herself up. She thought, bitterly, that it shouldn't be this hard to just call your brother. But seven years was so long! A million scenarios were swimming through her mind right now, most of them not good, like Jack had forgotten about her, of was angry at her for not getting in touch sooner. She had being staring at the phone for nearly twenty minuets when Angel walked in. she looked up to find him grinning like a Cheshire cat. It was very disturbing. In fact, for a second she thought that he was Angelus, then she remembered her talk with Buffy last night and she realized that the two of them must have worked some things out. This actually made her wonder if he was Angelus, brought out after a night with his favourite petite blonde. But she knew neither would be that irresponsible again.

"Morning Faith. You know you have to actually dial a number for that to work, right?"

He was rewarded with a deathly glare from the beautiful brunette, unfortunately for her, she was too wound up to hold it for very long.

"Yeah, I'm just working up the guts to do it."


"My brother." Angel looked a little taken aback.

"Oh. I didn't know you had a brother." He said, not sure what else he could say.

"It's a long story." She told him.

"Do you wanna talk about it?"

"Nah. I think I'm just gonna get it over with. Right now." She decided. Angel nodded and told her he would be in his office if she needed him.

Sucking it up, she dialled. 'The number you have dialled no longer exists.' She swore and slammed the phone down. She had only found his number a few months ago, how could it no longer exist? Running a frustrated hand through her hair, she shouted to Angel that she was going for a walk and practically ran out of the hotel.

When Wesley walked to the waterfront, he saw her right away. She was sitting with her back to him, so she didn't know he was there, staring out over the sand and water, with her knees pulled up to her chest. He watched for a moment. He noticed her bring her hand up to her face and he wondered if she was crying. Walking forwards, he moved to the front of the bench.

"Mind if I sit?" he asked, sitting without waiting for an answer.

"How'd you know I was here?" she asked quietly.

"I did a small tracing spell," he admitted, "Are you okay?"

She looked up at him, right into his eyes, and she was really glad he had come. She smiled at him, wiping away her tears.

"I tried to call Jack, my brother, but the number I have is no good." Before he could say anything she was talking again. "I had this list in my head, you know, of things that I had to do, that I had to sort out once and for all. Second thing on it and it goes wrong. Must be fate or something. Karma, even. Weird too, because the first thing I sorted out perfectly, and for a while there I thought things were gonna go right. But if I can't even find my own brother and tell him I'm sorry, how am I supposed to make things right with you!"

"Faith, just calm down, okay?" he said putting a gentle grip on her arm, and carefully moved her head with his other hand, so that once again they were eye to eye. "The reason I came to find you, was to tell you that I know where Jack is. I used the firm's resources to track him down."

She calmed down then, he could feel her muscles relaxing beneath her fingers.

"Really?" she asked him in such a small voice that he almost didn't hear her.

"Yes. Faith," he began, his fingers lightly caressing her cheek, "he's at UCLA. He just started this semester." She seemed to be too shocked to talk, so he decided that he would carry on with everything else he wanted to say.

"And I think I know why you left last night, without saying anything. I think that your terrified of letting people in, you don't want to trust anybody, because you think you'll get hurt if you do, am I right?" She nodded, as she collected her thoughts.

"I'm sorry I ran out, I just freaked out. It felt so good being with you, and that scared me because I've only ever had one night stands, never relationships." She admitted, captivated by his icy blue eyes.

"Do you trust me Faith?" he asked.

"I want to,"she sighed, "but what if I let myself fall in love with you, and then something happens and we break up? I don't think I could handle that, Wes."

"Assuming that we do break up, you mean? But what if we don't? I can't help but feel that we could have something really great here Faith. I would give anything to keep you safe you know. Please, just give me a chance? Give us a chance?" he said, desperation tingeing is voice.

She looked at him, felt his hand on her cheek. She remembered last night, when he had been so gentle and loving. No one had ever made love to her before, not like that. Truth be told, she had never et anyone make love to her, so what was so different about Wes? She already knew, she was falling in love with him. But, could she tell him that?

"I can't promise you a 'flowers and hearts' romance Wes. And chances are, I'm gonna freak out at the smallest thing, can you handle that? We both know that I'm not the most emotionally stable girl you could have fallen for," she told him.

"I wouldn't exactly call myself emotionally stable either, so at least we have that in common," he laughed, "Faith, we can work through all of that stuff. I know we can. I just want to be with you."

She smiled a rare genuine smile, and he instantly knew that she would say yes, one smile and he was the happiest man alive. He reached forward and kissed her lovingly, and she eagerly kissed him back. They both knew that their lives would not be easy, but for the first time ever, Faith was willing to fight to keep the love of a man, and because of that, she knew they stood a chance together.

"So, are you gonna let me buy you lunch, then?" Wesley asked her.

"First date. Sounds like a plan stud." She replied with a smirk.

"Good. I know a great place just across from the UCLA campus."

Faith could only smile at him, if he knew her so well, after such a short amount of time, then maybe this relationship wouldn't be so hard after all.

The End.

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