Sitting on the front porch, Jack admired his days' work. All the grass fields plowed, the plants watered, and half the land cleared of weeds. He looked down at his calloused hands, and wondered if the work was actually worth it. His grandfather had left him the farm and he desperately wanted to bring it back to glory, but he wasn't receiving much revenue. He was afraid of spending his life in debt.

The sun was becoming orange in the sky when he saw two figures enter his farm.

"Hello!" said one. It was a blonde woman wearing overalls. She's attractive, thought Jack as he rose from his seat. Behind her was a brunette woman with big green eyes. He was fixated by her. He had been in the village for five days and had yet to see her stunning beauty. He had a soft spot for green eyes, and the orange sun shone beautifully on her brown hair.

"My name's Ann," the blonde one said as Jack approached. The brunette skulked modestly in the background. Jack wanted to inquire about her, but was interrupted by his own modesty.

"I've come here to offer you a horse," said Ann. "My father owns the Green Farm, and a calf was born last season."

Jack smiled. Ann seemed to be talkative but he was still captivated by the mysterious brunette. "How much would it cost?" he asked, half eyeing the brunette.

"No charge. We just want to see it grow up to be a strong horse. We've no room for another horse," she replied.

Jack looked down at his feet. "I can't accept a horse without some form of payment."

"Of course you can," said Ann. "I'll bring him over tomorrow." Before he could say another word, she and her companion were already gone. The brunette looked over her shoulder before going out of sight, and Jack waved stupidly. He shook his head and walked back up to the porch. Grabbing his dog he went into his house for dinner.

The next morning Ann caught him plowing the fields. Her brunette companion was no where to be seen. Beside Ann was a shoulder high brown horse. Jack walked up to it and petted it on the nose.

"Here you go. He likes to be petted and brushed. When he gets older you can train him to ride," Ann said matter-of-factly.

"And you want nothing in return?" Jack said skeptically.


"Seems too much of a bargain. I feel like I owe you one," he said.

"Well, then, maybe you can repay me sometime," she said with a wink and walked off. Jack stood dumb-founded, but eventually went back to work.