They were married in mid-spring. The town was stunned to see them wedded so soon, as their meetings had been so secretive. The ceremony was beautiful, as was Karen in her flowing wedding dress. Zack had never seen Jack as happy as he was that day, and he was glad that he had finally found her. After the wedding was over, Jack carried Karen all the way to his farm, explaining that the groom always carried his bride over the threshold. She said it was ridiculous, but Jack could tell in her eyes that she enjoyed the attention. When they were home, Jack told her to wait in the house for just a moment while he watered his crops.

"What kind of man postpones his wedding night to water plants?" she teased, flashing that devilish grin that always made him melt.

He blushed. "A patient one," he said, giving her a peck on the lips, and running out the front door.

Karen looked around at the little log cabin that would be her new home. It wasn't anything special, but she didn't care. Jack and her living there together was special enough. She tossed herself onto the bed and stared up at the ceiling. She continued to look around the room, and when she peered over at his night stand, she saw a piece of paper falling out of the drawer. She reached for it out of curiosity and pulled it out of the drawer. Jack burst through the door at that precise moment.

"All done," he said eagerly, then saw Karen holding the piece of paper.

Her eyes twinkled. "You still have this?" she asked in wonder.

He went over and sat down beside her, and she handed the piece of paper over. It was the mysterious letter from so long ago. "You wrote this?" he asked.

She closed her eyes, and lay back on the bed. "Yep. It was the nicest thing I had ever done to someone I didn't know. I was too embarrassed to even sign it."

He smiled, tossed the letter behind him, not caring where it landed, and settled next to his wife.

Jack had come such a long way in one year. He had been up and down, and tossed around, but he finally felt stable now. In his city days, he had no idea girls like Karen existed, or that he would marry one. All he knew then was that he had no feelings, therefore he didn't have to miss his mother, or wish that he and his father were closer. But then Jack loved Karen, a feeling worthy of having, and his love for her opened his heart to finally miss his mother and repair his and his father's relationship. It would seem that this was a perfect ending to a bad time, but for Jack and Karen, it was merely the beginning…


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