Disclaimer: Harry Potter is from the creative genius of J.K. Rowling. I am not her. This is merely a fan fiction to tide us over until Book 6.

A/N: This may start off dark, but trust me it gets lighter and fun. This takes place after the final battle. Thanks to my beta twinsofthesky. Enjoy.


Anyone who had lived through a war knew that there was no happily ever after. Every family -- wizard or muggle -- were affected. Families were broken, lives were shattered and picking up the pieces was not possible for some.

Harry Potter, the man that survived, had continued his fight against the dark, along with his best friend Ron Weasley. He had become somewhat desensitized and was called 'young Moody' by some. Hermione had said she thought he was suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome for most his life.

At the Weasley household, Ginny Weasley had struggled to fill the spot left vacant by her mother, the great Molly Weasley. She had died protecting young children in Diagon Alley. Ginny's father and older brothers had been there too. Her father had held her mother as she took her final breath. It was hard on him. Harder than Ginny believed he actually let on to many.

Percy, too was gone. Her uptight brother, who had once turned against the family, was gone, without any time to forgive and forget for petty arguments.

Upon the death of her beloved mother and often picked on older brother, Ginny had tried to run the house. She fixed breakfast, lunch and dinner when she was home from Hogwarts. Upon graduation, she had applied to University to become a spell slicer, or someone who discovers the weaknesses in spells. She had worked part-time at university as a caregiver in the preschool. She had taken classes that let her be home to help her father and had insisted that the family breakfast held on Sunday would continue, despite her mother's death.

This is how things had gone for a semester, until finally Arthur Weasley sat his daughter down. He had insisted she get her own flat and move out. He was fine, he had said. He could handle things for himself. He was an old man and she had her own life ahead of her. He wouldn't take no for an answer.

So that is how Ginny Weasley found herself in a flat, with the promise that the Sunday dinners would continue at her father's house. Of course, her job at the university didn't pay that much, so the flat was in an area that Ron had termed 'beer row.' With taverns all around her, Ginny let her family and friends know that if for some reason or another they needed a place to sleep it off, they could stay at her flat.

That is what began this whole mess.

It was 2:30 in the morning. Ginny had just fallen asleep a few minutes ago after studying for an exam the next day. She stumble a bit before saying a lighting charm. The noise from the tavern downstairs had calmed down and she really wasn't expecting anyone.

Thump, thump, thump.

Who is at the bloody door thought Ginny groggily, as she made her way from her bedroom to the door. Wearing her normal long shirt to sleep in, she hoped it wasn't anyone important and that nothing was wrong.

"Who is it?" she asked anxiously.

"Ginny it's me," came Harry's voice.

Quickly, she unlocked the four locks on her door. Only Harry and members of her immediate family and their wives could get by her wards there, so she didn't need to take any of them down. Opening the door, Ginny took a moment to process the sight. Both drunk, with alcohol fumes emitting from them, stood Harry, who was holding up a very drunk Ron.

"Get in a fight with Hermione again?" Ginny asked, helping Harry to get a hold of Ron.

"What else?" Harry asked as he helped usher Ron into the single bed in the only spare room in the house. "Sometimes I wonder how they ever manage to stay married."

A laugh escaped Ginny's lips as her brother sprawled out on the bed.

"Don't worry, he can stay here for tonight," Ginny said. "I'm sure Hermione will be here first thing in the morning looking for him."

"Thanks. I think I'll just try to apper - appertate?," Harry stuttered in his tipsy state. "Ah, hell I'm going home."

"Oh, no you don't," Ginny said. "You're pissed. You're staying here tonight. I'm not having you splice yourself."

"Yes ma'am," he said meekly.

"Good," she said, taking him in her room. "You can take my bed. I'll sleep in the chair."

Harry took a look around Ginny's apartment from the doorway to her room. Ginny really didn't have that much. There was just an old beat up chair, small table and a telly in the living room. Her room just had a queen bed and a dresser.

"I'm not kicking you out of your bed," he said turning to face Ginny.

"Nonsense, Harry. You just got back from an assignment. Merlin knows what you were sleeping on."

"Rocks and bugs and I think what Snape used to put in his hair," he muttered.

Ginny snickered. "See you need something soft to sleep on. I'll take the chair."

Harry looked back into the living room. He knew how uncomfortable that chair was. It should really be in a trash bin somewhere instead of Ginny's flat. She really needed some more furniture in here.

"No couch yet?"

"Well if you flat crashers ever get around to it you can buy me one," she said before putting one of her fingers to her chin as if she was thinking something. " Maybe I'll charge rent."

"I'm not letting you sleep on the chair, Gin. I don't even know how anyone can sit in it. Can't we just share the bed?"

Ginny's heart dropped to her knees. What in the world was he suggesting? Surely not. Harry wouldn't suggest that and she wouldn't do that.

"I won't take no for an answer, Gin."

"Fine," Ginny relented. Thinking to herself that she would stay up a while and wait. Harry would go to sleep and she would sleep in the chair. "But I have something to do in the kitchen first. You go lay down."

Harry nodded as Ginny made her way to the kitchen. She made herself a cup of hot chocolate, sipping it slowly. After a while she didn't hear anything in the house (other than Ron's snores), and decided Harry was asleep. She made her way over to the chair and grabbed the throw over it. Snuggling up, she tried to make herself comfortable. After a few moments, she drifted off to sleep.

She was awoken sometime later as a loud booming voice echoed in her ears and a pair of arms picked her up and dashed into the other room.

"Damn it woman, get into bed!" came Harry's voice as he literally threw Ginny on the bed. Ginny was shocked for a moment as she saw Harry clad in only a pair of boxers and an undershirt. Harry had always slept in his boxers and a shirt, but she hadn't seen him in them for a long time.

Promptly, Harry climbed into bed and Ginny found herself lying between him and the wall. Then Harry just wrapped an arm around her waist and was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Ginny tried to move for a minute, but Harry had a death grip around her.

"Oh well," she thought, as her mind began to get groggy and turned to sleep instead of the fact she was sleeping next to a scarcely clad Harry.

The next morning Ginny woke up to hear a voice asking where she was. Slowly, she forced her eyes open. A few rays of sunshine broke through the curtain hitting the foot of her bed. Merlin, she was glad her first class wasn't until this afternoon. Then she heard a voice from the living room called out.

"Ginny? Is Ron here?"

Ginny went to get up and found she couldn't. Her legs and Harry's were tangled up and he was still sleeping soundly. Merlin, she had never been in this situation before.

As quickly and as quietly she could, she managed to get herself out of bed. She had just managed to untangle herself from Harry, and get out of bed when a knock sounded on the bedroom door.


Ginny opened the door to see Hermione looking back at her.

"He's in the spare room," Ginny said, rubbing her eyes.

"Oh," Hermione said. Then she looked over Ginny's shoulder. A blush rushed over Hermione's face as she started speaking rapidly. "Oh, well, I'll just take Ron and go."

"Huh?" Ginny turned around with a confused expression on her face to see Harry was already out of bed and was putting on his trousers over his boxers. Ginny turned back to Hermione who was starting to walk away. "It's not what it looks like. You see -"

"I'm just going to get Ron," Hermione said rushing to the spare bedroom.

"No, you see," Ginny started, but Hermione had already disappeared into the spare room.

"I'm going to go too, Gin," Harry said, grabbing his jacket to leave. "Thanks for a place to crash and the good night sleep."

"Anytime," Ginny sighed and got ready for the day.

Little did she know that 'anytime' would be that night.