The Way Things Turn Out

A.N. My first story, everyone. Please be tolerant of the fact. This takes place ten years after the last episode, I think. Take note, Piotr is also Peter, as he was referred to by both names in the comics. Reviews would be very much appreciated.

Kurt sat at the top of the mansions main stairway, where he could see clearly the events passing in the hall below. It was a favorite position of his.

He had been at the mansion for ten years now, and had seen a great deal pass through that hall. Refugees seeking assistance, new students seeking guidance, dastardly villains seeking the destruction of a race. The X-Men had aided, or thwarted each accordingly, and the Xavier Institute was, after all this time, stronger then ever.

But he had never expected to see Kitty Pryde greeting one of Magneto's damn acolytes with a kiss.

Piotr Rasputin had just entered the mansion, and had been mat by an energetic brunette who threw herself into his arms. He had laughed, something that had once been rare with him, and caught up his beloved girlfriend with one arm. He held her for a moment before catching sight of Kurt, who was looking very pensive .The Russian smiled at the young German man with perfect goodwill, and spoke a few friendly words. Kurt didn't seem inclined to answer Piotr, but when Kitty turned her expectant, slightly anxious eyes towards him, he relented slightly and said hello.

Unaware of the tension in the room, Peter took Kitty by the hand and opened the door. Kitty went, but not before giving Kurt a small wave and a puzzled glance. She didn't understand his new attitude- never had she known the blue man to be serious for so long a period of time.

Kurt sat on the steps for awhile after the couple had left, and thought.

He was twenty-six now, a teacher at the institute. He loved being there- helping a new generation fo misunderstood kids with powers.

Jean and Scott had gotten married, moved downstate, but they always returned to visit, or to help when they were needed. Rogue returned less often- she was in London, and loved it there. Logan and Ororo remained at the mansion.

And Kitty. Kitty remained.

She was a child still- much more so then Kurt, for all his jests and playful attitudes. At work for the biggest Tech company in the nation, she was highly respected and gaining an international reputation. But she hadn't decided to assume adulthood yet.

Her and Kurt were the best of friends- closer then most people could realize. Their names were associated in the mansion, and they took that for granted. Whenever one of them had a problem, the other was there- immediately. When Kurt and Amanda had ended their relationship after high-school, Kitty had half dragged her best friend around so he didn't sit in his room all day. And when Kitty had finally broken up with Lance for good, Kurt had held Kitty for hours on end while she cried in doubt of her decision.

But Piotr had never made Kitty cry. He adored her, treasured her. And she was happy.

But she didn't understand her situation the way Kurt did.

Peter had every intention of marrying Katya- and before much longer, either. Had he remained in Russia, he would have been married and perhaps three or four times a father by now. He had courted the women he loved for almost a year. Matrimony was the next step. was different with Kitty. The simplicity of Peter's love confused her. The sort of love she bore the tall Russian was complicated- and, she knew, less pure then his for her. She had told this to Kurt, sitting in the passenger seat when he would drive her places (Kitty didn't drive much. She'd never had an accident, thanks to her abilities, but without her powers she would have totaled dozens of cars by now. And she realized how much it unnerved people to watch a little pink convertible driving through brick walls and telephone poles, she had consented to Kurt's offer of chauffeuring her about. Most of the time.)

Kurt shook his head as though it would clear his thoughts. The situation was beginning to blur- he couldn't see clearly what he felt or thought. He needed a break. But he remained on the stairs.

Kitty arrived home several hours later. Piotr walked her to the door, kissed her goodnight, and left. Kitty watched him go with a small, odd smile, then closed the door. Turning, she saw Kurt sitting where she had left him, and her smile widened.

"Waiting up for me, Kurt? Have I broken curfew?" She beamed at her best friend, sat down two steps below him, and looked up at him with laughing eyes.

Kurt laughed back, his innate sense of fun surfacing. "Nay, K tzchen. Merely enjoying the view. His glance skimmed her face, but Kitty merely glanced behind her, and agreed that the front hall was rather scenic, to a discriminating eye.

She turned back. "You know Kurt, you don't have to worry about me. I can take care of myself."

Kurt merely smiled. Kitty didn't mean that, and they both knew it.