Some time a.m.

I cannot tell how long Kate and I have just been sitting here, holding each other, telling one another over and over again how much we loved each other. Now that it's finally out, we feel as if we could stay in this miserable cave forever and a day. But finally we can hardly keep our eyes open. Kate's fever is still burning, and she has been half awake and half asleep in my arms for the past few minutes.

I finally give a sigh and straighten. Kate is leaning against my chest, cuddling in my arms. Her voice is now only a hoarse whisper, but she smiles at me through half-closed eyes.

"Nick, I think I really gotta sleep now," she says. "Will you sing to me?"

I think I've misheard her. "Sing?" I repeat dully.

Kate smiles again. "Yeah, sing. Some song. Any song that comes to your mind. I'd love it."

I feel my face blush. "But why." I start, but she interrupts me.

"Please, Nick, just do it."

"Okay." I shift my position, so that Kate's head is now comfortably resting in my lap. I stroke her hair while I'm racking my brains for some suitable song.

"Nick?" Kate murmurs.

"I'm here, honey," I say softly. "I'm just thinking of a song."

And I'm thinking of tomorrow. When they're finally going to find us. I know they will. I bet that Jonathan is already missing us. And Carl can find us in two hours' time if he really tries. I'm not worried about that. And I'm no longer worried that Kate might die, either. She won't, for now we have finally found each other. And she'll certainly want to get well as soon as possible, so that we can finally do something about these feelings of ours.

I bend over her and place a soft kiss on her cheek, right next to her ear.

Then I start to sing:

Whistle down the wind

Let your voices carry

Drown out all the rain

Light a patch of darkness

Treacherous and scary

Howl at the stars

Whisper when you're sleeping

I'll be there to hold you

I'll be there to stop

The chills and all the weeping

Make it clear and strong

So the whole night long

Every signal that you send

Until the very end

I will not abandon you

My precious friend

So try and stem the tide

Then you'll raise a banner

Send a flare up in the sky

Try to burn a torch

And try to build a bonfire

Every signal that you send

Until the very end

I'm there

So whistle down the wind

For I have always been

Right there

I hear her breath go evenly as she drifts off into sleep. I remain where I am, sitting upright, leaning against the wall, and watch over her sleep.

Until the very end, Kate, I'm there.

And I have always been.

+ The End +

End Note: Well, that's it. I hope you 'shippers liked it. All reviews welcome.

And to the author of "Fall Into Me" - I honestly vow that I did NOT copy from your story. Really; the idea of Nick singing to Kate came to me in a flash even before I had discovered your story. It's funny how similar our stories are (though I like yours better than mine; it has a real plot.)

Cheers and a Happy New Year 2004!