A Walk In My Shoes

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Chapter 18: After Math


01976415AATT: December 17, Session 2

TT: Hi.

01: Hello.

TT: Ummm..

01: Just talk; act normal.

TT: Fine.


TT: Do we have to do this?

01: Only if you want to.

TT: Okay, then I won't say anything.


TT: Okay, fine.

01: Go ahead.

TT: Well, what do you want to talk about?

01: Anything you want.

TT: Why does this have to be recorded?

01: Just for records.

TT: Why?

01: Can we please continue?

TT: Oh, sorry.


TT: What do you want to talk about?

01: Whatever you want.

TT: Like what?

01: Friends, family, loves. Just pick one!

TT: Is your patience wearing?

01: YES! Uh, I mean, just talk.

TT: Okay, okay.


TT: All right, let's talk about Dai.

01: And who's this Dai?

TT: Guess.

01: Could you please just tell me?

TT: Well, there's no fun in that!


01: A brother.

TT: See? Isn't this fun?

01: Sure.

TT: By the way, you're wrong. Try again!

01: Friend.

TT: Ooo, you're close.

01: I don't know. Just tell me.

TT: No! You have to guess!

01: But I give up.

TT: Fine. He's my boyfriend!

01: Boyfriend?

TT: Yes. Why? Are you homophobic? That's evil! Injustice! Uncool!

01: No, no! I have nothing against gays!

TT: Gays?! How do you know if I'm gay?! What if I'm bi, huh? You're insulting me!

01: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to-

TT: I won't stand for this! You're insulting me! I'm suing! I'm pressing charges! I'll get a hit man! I'll-

01: No, I didn't mean it! SIT DOWN MR. TAKASHI! Please!

TT: I'm sorry sir! I just get a little, defensive at times.

01: That's quite all right.


TT: I'm not really gonna sue you. Or press charges. It doesn't seem as though you have the money anyways.

01: Pardon?

TT: Oh, my joke! But I'm really leaning on that hit man. I have connections ya know...

01: What?!

TT: Just kidding! Ha! You shoulda seen the look on your face!

01: sighs Maybe you've had enough for today.

TT: So can I go?

01: Yes, have, um, this Mr. Ishida schedule another appointment for you sometime next week, okay?

TT: That Mr. Ishida is my side lover. Did you know that?

01: Excuse me?

TT: HA! Another joke! He's my brother. And I do NOT like him that way.


TT: I'm leaving now. Bye.

01: Goodbye.


TT: Allrightythen. Later.



Matt glared at the two boys who lay laughing on the floor. "It's not funny you two." He hit the eject button on the tape player and took out the small tape.

"TK, did you take this?"

TK calmed down and sat up, nodding. Matt sighed and shook his head.

"Aww, c'mon Matt. Give him a break." The other boy sat up beside TK and wrapped his arms around TK's neck. "Therapists are evil."

The two boys began laughing again. Matt sighed and replied, "No they aren't Davis. They are supposed to help you; not make jokes."

"I'm sorry," TK sincerely said, smiling guiltily at his brother. "Maybe next time we'll talk more. Or maybe I'll get one who isn't so uptight. But you've gotta admit, it was funny!"

Matt began to smile and agreed.



Yea, Matt's got me in therapy. I've been doing all I can to get out, but so far nothing has worked. You'd think that scaring away 8 different therapists would make everyone realize that I hate it, but no.

Matt says that I need a shrink to help me discuss my suicide problems. The thing is, I don't have any suicide problems. At least I don't think I do. Anymore.

All those people say is "how does that make you feel?" and "does that make you feel happy, mad, sad, glad or anxious?" Bull shit.

It's kinda hard to believe that it's been a year since that whole, um, switchy-thing. But it has.

After Dais' dad's trial, which was really quick and final, life got kinda rocky. The only reason why we got our trial bumped to the top was because it was all over the news: Jun's death, me and Dai in the hospital. Those damn media crack-heads.

But after the trial, I had to go back to court, this time for custody. My mom's grip on me was slipping and Matt and my dad fought really hard to win me. The judge read all my suicide letters and crap and decided that my dad could have custody.

It wasn't very hard to leave, but I did feel bad when I took my stuff over to Matt's.

Then the big bomb hit; where would Davis stay? He was orphaned. No living relatives (mom=dead, grandma=dead, grandpa=disappeared), no home (who'd want to go back there) and the fact that he was a minor made him very vulnerable to the social services {a/n: Does Japan have SS? Oh well, they do now}.

Matt decided to take him in along with me. It was another court date. Smaller, but a court date none the less. Since Matt was a legal adult, he was able to claim rights to Daisuke Motomiya. But since he had no job and lived with Dad, the judge gave the rights to my dad till Matt could support himself.

So, after the complicated court shit, the personal problems came. Dad found out about Matt's drug problems.

I think that he knew, but just decided not to pay mind. I mean, how could you not notice?

Matt did a really good job of covering everything up. He made sure that all the papers that were given to the court didn't include anything that I might've written that said that Matt was on drugs. And he lied to the judge, saying that he was responsible and substance free.

But Dad found out (or finally decided to see) and threw him.

And what do you think I did? I threw myself out along with Matt, and Dai followed. Dad didn't try to make me come home, he's bad father anyways.

Next problem: Where would we stay? But that was solved real quick. Tai helped us get a local apartment close to the school and also got Sora to give him a job at her mom's flower shop. Friends to the end.

Then Izzy (although he signed the note anonymous, we all knew the address on the letter) sent Matt a Drug Help For The Young pamphlet, so along with therapy I've been going to that, too. Matt says that in his group (we're distributed by age) he's doing really bad, but I think he's fine.

Kari tells me that I should stop denying the fact that I was addicted.

Who says I was denying anything? I just choose not to mention it.

Dai and I have been through everything for the past year and three months. And I wouldn't have it any other way. He and I are like one, really. Sounds corny, I know, but we did live each other's life if for but a week.

And about the whole switch thing, only Matt, Kari, Ken and Tai know. And I think it's gonna stay that way.

"Keru?" I turned around and found Dai smiling happily at me. "You okay?"

I nodded. He sat don beside me and sighed. "What now?"

I thought for a moment and said, "I dunno. You and me?"

He liked that, and so did I.