Title: The Perfect Girl

Author: slytherin-nette

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of these characters but I own the plot and the concept of the 'Hunting Season'. Everything else belongs to JK Rowling.

Pairings: Draco/girl!Harry, Blaise/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Ron/OC

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Chapter 35 –Almost Perfect (Epilogue)

Two of the most wonderful years of his life had passed by in a blur.

Draco Malfoy, newly succeeded Head of the Illustrious Malfoy family, smiled as he watched his fiancée sigh softly to herself from where she stood by one of the balconies of the luxurious Malfoy estate in England. She stood in the exact same balcony Draco had been standing on the night before they left for Romania.

The scene she made looked so surreal that it made his breath hitch in his throat.

Her back was turned to him and she was staring down at the picturesque gardens below, the cool night breeze blowing through her long dark hair and making the black tresses flow gracefully behind her. The simple black dress she wore showed off enough of her back that Draco was itching to run his fingers down the pale, creamy skin and kiss her nape.

Instead, he settled for the equally satisfying treat of watching her, his eyes softening as she smiled to herself in thought before taking a deep breath of the night air. Her bright green eyes were staring so far ahead that Draco finally spoke up from behind her, reaching out to wrap his arms around her waist from behind and pull her against his chest.

"You've been standing there the whole time, Malfoy." Jaimee accused lightly, turning around and pretending to raise an eyebrow in suspicion as Draco grinned and gave her a pointed look.

"After being tortured by Ashford's bloody program for two years, I should hope you knew I was." He quipped with a laugh, watching as Jaimee smiled back at the memory.

"I still can't believe you refused the position and still got to keep every skill you learned in that entire program." She thought out loud with a small scowl.

She, Draco and Byron had initially been the three selected participants who had qualified to join the Unspeakables Department in the Ministry after the program but since Draco had forfeited his position, Spencer Addison had been chosen instead. The Durmstrang graduate had been the fourth ranking participant after Byron.

Catching the slight irritation in her voice, Draco sniggered and planted a lingering kiss on her cheek. "It's called familial connections, Potter. Besides, the entire program wasn't a waste on my part. I couldn't very well have my wife be a bloody hell of a fighter and not learn to be one myself. It's insulting and degrading to my masculinity." He mock complained and he would have earned an earful from Harry had he not continued to speak.

"Besides, it was fun sneaking in as much sex as possible under Ashford's watchful eye. I never knew there were so many little nooks and corners around Romania to shag in." He wondered out loud, smirking when his fiancée's face burned a bright red and she punched him hard on the arm.

Forcing herself to laugh to hide her embarrassment, she shrugged and gave him a pointed smirk of her own. "It doesn't matter what you say, Draco. What matters is that I placed first and you placed second. I ranked higher than you! Ha!" She stuck her tongue out childishly at him and immediately squealed in laughter when he growled and grabbed her by her waist, hoisting her up from the floor and sitting her onto the balcony railing.

Feigning a look of anger, he positioned himself between her long legs and pressed their foreheads together. "Well…If I hadn't backed out, Addison wouldn't have gotten in would he? Though I think Byron kind of hated me for that…Now he'll have to stomach his constant groping every day at work." He smirked when Harry gave him a glare.

"Spencer isn't that bad—"

"He tried to grope my arse, Harry. Among other things…" Draco looked slightly disturbed and shook his head to clear the memory away. Laughing, she slid her arms around his neck and pulled herself closer against him – wrapping her legs seductively around his waist.

"You mean…like this…?" She teased coyly as she snaked her hands down and daringly grabbed at his arse, causing Draco's eyes to snap open in shock. He pretended to give her a scandalous glare and fought to keep himself from laughing.

"Why, Mistress Malfoy! I am appalled that you would resort to such unladylike advances! I'll have you know – this is not the way I want my future wife to act!" He scolded her teasingly, smirking wider when she unwrapped one of her legs around his waist and very suggestively trailed it up along his inner thigh.

"Oh really…? Tell me, Draco…How do you want your future wife to act like…?"

Her voice dropped to a sultry drawl and her lips quirked into a seductive smile. She looked up at him through long, teasingly lowered eyelashes, smirking when she saw the all-too-familiar lust burning in his gray eyes. The orbs darkened into a near-black shade when she finally kicked off both her shoes and slid her feet right up between his legs, inciting his immediate arousal.

Draco's breath came in ragged gasps as his hands traveled down and slipped under the hem of her dress, squeezing her arse tightly and lifting her from the balcony railing. Jaimee chuckled at his reaction and leaned down to meet his lips, moaning softly when his tongue slipped into her mouth.

She kissed him back for several minutes, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling their faces closer together. Once Draco had pulled back and fought to regain his composure with deep, breathless pants, Harry smirked at him and shook her head in amusement.

"That whole 'female seduction' workshop I learned in Romania really works." She mused out loud, earning herself a snarl from her still very much aroused fiancé. "Damn you, Potter! You know my grandfather's rules about shagging the night before the wedding! You did that on purpose!" He snapped irritably but Jaimee laughed again as he set her back down on her feet.

"It's not my fault! How was I supposed to know I had to learn 'seduction' to become an undercover Auror?" Smiling innocently, she wrapped her arms around his neck again and looked up into his narrowed eyes.

He scoffed at her words and raised a single eyebrow. "Strange enough as it was, that program actually taught you how to be a woman." He agreed, causing both of them to chuckle when they recalled the many failures and theatrics Harry had undergone in those two years.

Evidently – as Ashford had explained to them – one needed more than plain fighting skills to become an Unspeakable. The difference between an Auror and an Unspeakable was that the latter had to be undercover. This meant learning a whole lot more social maneuvers and skills to support your disguise. In Jaimee's case, it meant being able to utilize her newly acquired female charms and appearance as efficiently as her fighting skills.

In truth, unspeakable Camp had turned out nothing like both of them had ever expected.

Harry had expected purely fighting, training and physical activity but apparently, these were only half the skills needed for her to become an Unspeakable.

I feel like a bloody con artist. I can practically pretend to be anyone now. Harry thought to herself in mild amusement but despite the exciting, hectic life they had both led those past two years, she knew that it wouldn't nearly had been as fun had she not been with Draco.

The last two years they had spent in Romania together had been incredible.

Given that no one in Romania practically knew who they were; Harry had felt more liberated and more carefree than she ever felt in her life. She and Draco had done nothing else but bask in the other's company, growing closer in those two years than they ever thought was possible.

Draco had grown to be so much more than her fiancé now. He had also become her closest best friend and she knew that the amount of time they had both decided to postpone their wedding for had been completely worth it – it had brought their relationship to a new level of trust and intimacy.

She had also gotten closer to Byron more than she had initially expected and the two of them had quickly become very good friends. The metamorphagus had spent most of the two years in Romania trying to get as close to Vincent Ashford as much as possible. Unfortunately, Ashford was either clueless or simply not that interested and had ignored all of Byron's advances – much to the Malfoy's irritation.

Spencer Addison, on the other hand, had been quite an amusing personality to be around. Not only had the Durmstrang graduate spent the entire two years constantly flirting with nearly all the male Unspeakable participants – most especially the two Malfoys – he had also managed to irritate Ashford enough with his advances that the Head Unspeakable had knocked him unconscious with a powerful spell for nearly five days.

Needless to say, Addison certainly learned to stay away from Ashford after that experience.

Harry was startled out of her thoughts when Draco pulled her to him again, turning her around so that her back rested comfortably against his chest and his arms were wrapped securely around her waist. He rested his chin on her shoulder and took in a deep breath of air, his eyes staring up at the clear night sky above them.

"What were you thinking about just now…?" He asked her curiously, nuzzling her neck and inhaling a whiff of her sweet, familiar scent. She smiled and leaned back comfortably against him, caressing the strong hands he had around her waist with her own.

"Nothing, I was just… I was just thinking about how everything happened exactly the way it's supposed to." She paused and tilted her head slightly to look up at him, blushing when she was met with his intense, piercing gaze.

"I'm just really…happy. And…" She paused again and bit her lip, her cheeks reddening even more as she carefully chose the next words to say. Draco took her silence as something negative and frowned slightly, turning her around in his arms and tilting her chin up to meet his face.

He gave her a weak, teasing smirk and raised a questioning eyebrow. "You're not getting second thoughts now are you…? Because I have to be honest…After two years of putting up with your PMS fits and all those 'womanly' skills you learned, I'm not buying the whole 'I need to learn more about being a woman' excuse anymore." He kidded, eliciting an easy laugh from Harry.

She shook her head and gave him a weak scowl before answering. "I did not have PMS fits, Malfoy! There were simply times that I was cranky—"

"You screamed at me for being 'insensitive' when all I did was ask you what time it was! You kicked me out of the bed when I fell asleep after we did it FIVE TIMES STRAIGHT and you wanted more! You nearly tore my head off when I woke you up—"

"Alright, alright! You made your point!" Harry interrupted irritably, glaring at him as he sniggered and gave her an amused smirk.

"So maybe I still have to get used to all that estrogen circulating inside me every month. Give me a break, you try swallowing a bucketful of emotions every day. Women are so bloody complicated." She complained, earning a laugh from Draco as he bent down and gave her a sweet kiss.

When he pulled back, his eyes were twinkling with mirth and he pulled her closer, one of his hands moving up to cradle her soft cheek. "So you're not planning on dumping me at the altar tomorrow…?" He asked softly, smiling roguishly and giving her a clear view of his left dimple.

She grinned back mischievously and leaned up to drop a kiss on his dimple before answering.

"Well…There may be certain things I need you to promise me before we get married. Think of it as a pre-nuptial agreement of some sort…" She began with a thoughtful expression her face, failing to see Draco's jaw clench slightly in anxiousness.

"What kind of agreement?" He asked tersely, trying to keep the biting anger from his voice as he looked down and watched a playful smile light up her face.

She grinned at him again and cocked an eyebrow, pretending to mull her thoughts over. "Well…I need you to promise me that you won't try to control me or try to keep me on a leash like you did before…" She began and Draco tensed up even more, his eyes hardening in anticipation.

"Go on."

"Hmm…And…I need you to promise me that you won't get mad whenever I have to work late certain nights. Or when I hang out with my other guy friends…" She continued, her eyes looking up at the sky and purposely ignoring the fact that Draco was now gritting his teeth.

"…What else?"

"Well there are the three most important things, of course."

Sensing that the arms he had wrapped around her waist had grown noticeably tense, Harry finally turned back and met his angry glare with a light, playful wink, finally allowing him to realize that she had merely been teasing him.

"…I want – no – demand sex every night at least thrice. No exceptions to that rule, no matter how tired you are." She quipped sternly with a suggestive grin, instantly causing the anger to extinguish from Draco's eyes until it was replaced by a shocked, speechless hilarity.

He raised an incredulous eyebrow and held back a round of affectionate laughter as she continued to speak. "Also…I demand you be at least civil to my friends. You don't have to like them but I want you to respect them. Especially since Ron is your cousin's husband and Hermione is your best friend's wife—" She pointed out and at this, Draco feigned an irritated sigh.

"If I must, Potter."

"—LASTLY…" She continued, interrupting his comment and causing the smirking blonde to give her an expectant look. Her cheeks tinted lightly with a rosy shade of pink and her eyes dropped down to the floor as she mumbled out her last request. Draco had to lean closer to hear her.

"…I want to have two of your wonderful children…soon…" She mumbled shyly, earning herself a loving smile from her fiancé as he reached out and tilted her chin up to meet his face.

"Just two?"

The smile on his face turned into such a perverted smirk that Harry let out a growl and raised a hand to punch him again.

"Malfoy, you are such a sex-starved pervert! I ought to—HEY!" She screamed with laughter as Draco dodged her punch easily, hoisted her up into his arms and slung her over his shoulder like a weightless sack of feathers.

"Let's go fulfill the last part of that pre-nuptial agreement right now, shall we?" Draco smirked impishly to himself as he began carrying her back inside the manor to his bedroom, ignoring her loud, laughing protests and wild struggling.


The blonde ignored her and walked calmly through the long, elegant corridors of the manor – whistling and ignoring the confused, scandalized stares they were receiving from some of the house-elves when they saw Harry struggling wildly against him.

His perpetual handsome smirk still in place, he answered her yelping laughter with a single, arrogant phrase he had only started to use since they had gotten back from Romania.

"I'm the Head of the Malfoy family, Potter. I can do what I want."

"I now pronounce you man and wife…"

Hundreds of their friends and relatives had gathered in the London church that day and smiled as a strikingly handsome Draco, dressed in his newly tailored wedding tux, turned to smile at his beautiful bride. The former Gryffindor had decided to choose her own wedding dress instead of the extravagant gown Narcissa had picked for her and Draco was glad she did for he hadn't been able to stop smiling like an idiot and take his eyes off her the minute she had entered that church on Sirius' arm during the wedding march.

Only Jaimee could manage to look so astonishingly stunning and exquisite yet so self-effacing and modest at the same time. She wore a simple yet elegant strapless wedding dress that ended in a flowing white skirt above her ankles, her hair loose and flowing down her back in seductive waves and curls – exactly the way Draco liked it.

She wore only three pieces of jewelry that day– only the silver diamond pendant Draco had given her, a pair of beautiful matching earrings and the engagement ring she hadn't take off for two years. Her wedding veil ended several inches above her waist and complimented her dress perfectly, making her look like an image that had stepped directly out of his dream.

"You may kiss the bride…"

Harry cringed at the word 'bride' and stuck her tongue out playfully at Draco as he turned to face her, laughing when Draco returned the favor and poked her playfully on her scar.

"You are such a girl, Potter."

The minister in front of them smiled at the scene as Draco's smirk transformed into a handsome smile and he wrapped his arms around his new wife's slim waist, leaning down and capturing those teasingly smiling lips into a deep, passionate kiss.

Jaimee didn't hear the crowd of watching guests behind them rising from their seats and bursting into loud cheers and applause as she wrapped her arms around Draco's neck and pulled him closer, her entire body melting easily against his frame.

Standing at the altar, Blaise looked up and met his own wife's teary eyes from just behind Jaimee. Hermione was sniffing and clapping along with everyone else but the minute she saw him smirking at her, she glared at him and huffed, causing the Slytherin to snigger to himself. His amusement didn't last long, however, when the dark-haired, one-year-old baby he carried in his arms squirmed and began to whine loudly, causing him to wince and look up helplessly at his smirking wife.

When Draco had pulled back, he kept his arms around Harry's waist and pressed his forehead against hers, smiling and looking deep into her bright green eyes as the minister behind them spoke up loudly again to signal the end of the ceremony.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the British Wizarding Elite…Master and Mistress Malfoy!"

This time, Harry really did cringe involuntarily at her new name, causing Sirius, Ron and several more of her watching friends to laugh at the look of utter dismay on the bride's face. When she turned to face her new husband, Draco was grinning at her and watching her reaction with amusement dancing in his eyes.

He finally turned them both around to face their family and friends, smiling as Jaimee easily linked her arms through his and took her rightful place – exactly where she belonged – by his side.

Looking into the faces of their guests, Draco smiled and nodded respectfully to his father and mother by the front, both of which smiled back proudly at him and began to clap as well. Lawrence was smirking at Draco but the young Malfoy head easily recognized the hidden softness in those older silver eyes that usually went unseen by everyone else except him.

His grandmother was crying tearfully into her handkerchief – much like the rest of his female cousins who were all clapping and smiling along with the crowd. Seated with the Weasleys near the front of the church, a very pregnant Lorraine was seated beside Ron and was also crying into her handkerchief, causing Draco to roll his eyes and give her a teasing smirk.

Just beside the Weasleys, Anton grinned at them when they met his eyes. He gave them a conspiratorial wink, which Draco returned easily with a smirk and nod. The blonde half-veela was seated beside Ginny Weasley but the redhead looked absolutely irritated with him, moving further away from him when Anton had attempted to turn imploringly towards her.

Byron was seated near the front with the other Malfoys and was one of the loudest cheering and clapping guests, his gaze flicking every now and then to a certain Head Unspeakable who sat with several other Ministry invited guests at the end of the church.

A couple of seats away from him, Sirius Black nervously checked to make sure Regina wasn't having difficulty standing up with her hulking 9-month baby bump. Harry smiled when she saw her godfather and apparently new godmother, laughing when a seven-year-old Keira jumped up onto her seat so she could wave higher.


"You guys made it!"

"You look so beautiful, Jaimee!"

Harry barely heard any of their comments as she turned back around to face Draco's beaming face, chuckling when she was met with his sparkling silver eyes. A rampaging pack of eager photographers were squealing and rushing up to the front of the church as Draco took his new bride into his arms once more, reaching up to brush away her veil from her face.

"I love you so much…Will you have me?"

She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck again, oblivious to the horde of photographers that were flashing furiously away at the beautiful, romantic scene they made.

"…If I must, Malfoy."

As always, Draco found himself laughing and trying to kiss his new wife at the same time – earning themselves more teasing cheers and catcalls from their watching friends. When the couple had pulled away and were about to make their way down the aisle, one of their official photographers spoke up as he walked over to them, gesturing briefly to wizarding camera he held up in his hands.

"I'd just like take several shots of you both with your family and friends, if you don't mind." He paused and waited until Jaimee smiled hesitantly and Draco nodded before he continued. "It's for the society section of the newspapers. I'll be taking just a few shots so I promise it won't take long." He turned and gestured to the first row of guests behind them.

"First, I'd like to take a picture of the bride and groom with their parents. Master and Mistress Malfoy...If you both would please stand here…" The photographer positioned Draco and Jaimee at the very center of the altar, waiting until Lucius, Narcissa, Sirius and Regina had stood up and placed themselves on either sides of the newly wedded couple.

Lucius and Narcissa both stood regally beside their son, flashing perfect, sophisticated smiles that easily matched Draco's while Sirius stood on Harry's left, slung an arm around his goddaughter's shoulders and pointed out two fingers above her head like a pair of bunny ears.

Jaimee rolled her eyes and attempted to shrug his arm off. Unfortunately, the camera had flashed at the exact same time she had raised her hand up to block his hands away.


Realizing she had just ruined her first wedding picture, Harry growled angrily and punched her laughing godfather hard on the shoulder.


"With the Best Man and Maid of Honor, please." The photographer followed up, indicating for both Hermione and Blaise to take their corresponding positions beside Jaimee and Draco. Draco smirked as Blaise slung an arm around his shoulder while Hermione looped her arm around Harry's before smiling into the camera.


Both former Slytherins were smirking arrogantly while both former Gryffindors had warm smiles on their faces.

"With the bride's…erm…adoptive family?" The photographer shrugged either way and readied his camera just as the entire Weasley family rushed onto the altar, causing all the blood to drain out of Draco's face.

"Bloody hell…Help me! I'm surrounded by Weasleys!"

Harry chose to ignore Draco's horrified whisper, grinning as Ron stood next to her and smiled widely at the camera. His arm was wrapped around Lorraine next to him, the newest Weasley giggling when both Fred and George stood on Draco's other side and slung their arms a little too comfortably around the Malfoy Head's shoulders.

Draco cringed and tried to move away but Fred saw this coming and decidedly mussed up his perfectly styled hair, immediately causing the blonde's face to flush in raging anger. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley laughed at this just before Draco exploded in a loud growl.



The rest of the Weasley family – Bill, Fleur, Percy, Penelope, Charlie and Ginny — began to laugh as well as they continued to watch Harry literally holding Draco back from lunging wildly at the Weasley twins in utmost fury – the former Slytherin's immaculate hair successfully messed up in wild, messy spikes on his head.


"Draco! Calm down! You can fix it again with a simple spell!"

"Okay…This one is with the groom's school friends."

Harry tried not to groan out loud at the photographer's request and watched as all of Draco's former Slytherin friends – Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Millicent Bulstrode Goyle, Theodore Nott, Daphne Greengrass Nott, and Pansy Parkinson Cunningham and Malcolm Pellerin positioned themselves around them. Blaise had risen up from his seat and joined them again, giving Harry a consoling pat on the shoulder as he stood on her other side.

Pansy, as usual, opted to stand beside Draco but the Malfoy Head barely saw her, his eyes lingering admiringly on Harry's face beside him. She smiled at him though the minute the photographer raised his camera, Draco slowly turned and matched the looks of all his housemates around them – a haughty, well-practiced Slytherin smirk.


Harry was the only one who had been smiling – albeit hesitantly – at the camera.

"Okay, next! The bride's school friends!"

This time, Draco flinched and grumbled loudly as both Hermione and Ron stood up again – followed by Seamus Finnegan, Dean Thomas, Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood Longbottom, Ginny Weasley, Parvati Patil Goldstein and Lavender Brown Boot. They positioned themselves around the couple, oblivious to Draco's scowl as they matched the warm smile Jaimee directed at the camera.


Draco was the only one sneering – rather unhappily – at the camera.

"This one with the groom's grandparents."

Harry smiled nervously as Lawrence and Genevieve made their way toward them, the elder Malfoy standing beside Draco and Genevieve standing easily beside her. The older woman gave her a comforting smile and leaned down to whisper something into her ear.

"It took me awhile to get used to heels too, my dear. And I was originally a woman!"


The look on Harry's face was one of choking, laughing surprise when the camera flashed – Draco and Lawrence smiling cordially into the camera while both Genevieve and Harry were laughing in amusement to themselves.

"Alright, we're almost done! Last two shots!"

Jaimee tried not to let the relief show on her face as she looked up at the photographer's grinning face. Beside her, Draco saw this and chuckled, reaching his hand down and intertwining their fingers together.

"Hungry, love?"

A soft rumbling sound coming from her stomach answered his question for her and blushing in embarrassment, she bit her lip and hid her face against his chest. Draco laughed affectionately and wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace.

"I'd like a photograph of the bride and groom with all the Malfoy sons! Over here please!"

Harry suddenly grinned mischievously as she looked up and met the equally twinkling, amused eyes of Byron, Anton, William and Reggie. All four Malfoys positioned themselves around them – Byron and Reggie beside Harry and Anton and William beside Draco.

Draco was completely oblivious to this and flashed a perfect, charming smile into the camera as the photographer in front of them began to count to three.


Harry met Byron and Anton's eyes, giving them a wink and a nod.


Reggie and William both grinned and nodded at Harry's smile in silent agreement.


Just three seconds before the camera flashed, Harry, Byron, Anton, Reggie and William all looked directly into the camera and made their own unique silly face – Harry sticking her tongue out and crossing her eyes, Byron lengthening his nose and turning his hair bright orange, Anton reaching up and pretending to gag and choke himself, Reggie stuck in a silent screaming face and William pursing his lips with his eyes rolled up to the ceiling.


Belatedly realizing that he had been duped, Draco sputtered in absolute horror as Harry, Byron, Anton, Reggie and William all burst out into hysterical laughter after the shot had been taken. His cheeks red with both anger and dismay, Draco whipped around and glared at his so-called wife as his laughing cousins quickly snuck away back to their seats.

"You've corrupted my entire family!"

Jaimee simply gave him a beautiful, teasing smile and tilted her head up to silence his further angry protests with a sweet, chaste kiss.

"Alright, final shot with the groom and bride alone…"

The photographer smiled as Draco pulled Jaimee against him so that her back rested against his chest. He wrapped his arms snugly around his wife's waist and leaned his head down so that his cheek was pressing affectionately against hers.

"Beautiful! Hold that pose…One…Two…"

Draco grinned and tilted his head slightly to place a sweet kiss on Jaimee's cheek.


"Beautiful! Wonderful! These pictures will make the front page—"

Jaimee didn't hear the photographer's excited praise as she turned and leaned up to catch Draco's lips in another passionate kiss, laughing when he tightened his arms around her waist and dipped her slightly backwards so that he could kiss her deeper.



Harry turned a confused, disgruntled look to Ron a couple of hours later that night during the wedding reception inside the huge ballroom of Malfoy Manor. She held up the bridal bouquet in her hand in curious inspection.

"You know, I just don't understand why women are so crazy about catching this thing. I mean, it's just a bunch of flowers!" She thought out loud but Ron just snorted and shrugged in response.

"I wouldn't know, mate. My cousins went crazy trying to catch Lorraine's bouquet at my wedding too. I don't understand it either – Merlin, you really went all out for this reception!" He told her in amazement, taking a sip of his drink as he turned around and inspected their surroundings.

The entire ballroom was decorated with extravagant white ribbon and satin while there were practically people everywhere – turning every now and then to congratulate Jaimee on her beautiful wedding. Draco was off at the far side of the room conversing with some of his business associates while the rest of the Malfoys were situated at different corners of the ballroom entertaining guests.

Harry gave him a teasing grin and gestured her head towards Draco and his other business partners. "I hear from Draco's associates that you're one mean financial consultant these days. They all practically want me to put in good word for them to you so you wouldn't be so harsh on their company financial practices." She told him in amusement, causing Ron to smirk smugly to himself.

He shook his head and took another satisfying sip of his drink. "Harry, you may be my best friend and all…But I can't do that for you. You see, it's about time those bastards cowered before my position now." He laughed when Harry made a face at him and shook her head.

"Ugh…Don't do that again, Ron. You sounded like Draco for a minute there and trust me…One of him is enough for me." She kidded, causing Ron to look horrified for a moment before he rolled his eyes and gave her a meaningful smile.

"All that aside, I've been promoted twice since you've been away." He began, earning himself a beaming smile from Jaimee before he continued. "About two more promotions and I'll be making enough serious money to start planning my business!" He told her, causing Harry to smile at his enthusiasm.

"That's wonderful, mate. I'm happy for you, I really am." She slung an arm around his shoulders and gestured briefly to Lorraine across the room where the pregnant blonde was talking and laughing by the refreshment table with Hermione.

"So…How's the missus? She looks like Christmas came early – she's blooming, mate! You must have some marriage going on there!" Harry teased with a wink, nudging Ron lightly in the ribs and causing the redhead to give her an embarrassed grin.

"She's been spending a lot of time with my family these days. She and Fleur have been getting along tremendously and she's hardly shown any signs of mood swings at all! I think it's because Fred and George keep her laughing all the time." He told her, shaking his head in disbelief.

Before Harry could ask him any more questions, Ron finally turned to look at her and gave her a teasing grin. "So…Mrs. Draco Malfoy…How does it feel to be married to the world's most big-headed jerk?" He kidded lightly, causing his best friend to laugh at his words.

"It feels wonderful."

Ron made a face at her response and the both of them ended up laughing at the same time just as Lorraine and Hermione approached them, both women smiling and pausing to give Harry a kiss on her cheek."Harry! You look so gorgeous! That dress is perfect for you!" Lorraine exclaimed happily while Hermione reached over and pulled Harry into a tight, warm hug.

"Congratulations, Harry! The service was simply beautiful!" Hermione added, causing the black-haired bride to laugh and turn to give Lorraine a teasing smile. Seeing the former Malfoy daughter, Jaimee smiled and pulled her into a tight embrace as well.

"Mrs. Ron Weasley, you are absolutely glowing. Though I certainly hope this pregnancy is real this time." She teased, earning a light laugh from the blonde. "How far long are you?" Harry asked curiously, causing Lorraine to smile happily and place a hand over her bulging stomach. "About a month, I suppose. Regina will definitely be having hers before me, I'm hoping to learn something from her experience." She added, laughing at Harry's startled expression.

Before any of them could say anything, the female half-veela's eyes suddenly snapped wide open and a sharp gasp escaped her lips. Ron and Harry were looking at her in alertness in an instant, turning bulging, worried eyes to the pregnant woman.

"What?! What's wrong?"

Hermione laughed as Lorraine looked up at them and gave them all a bright, ecstatic smile. "The baby kicked! It kicked me! Here!" She grabbed Harry and Hermione's hands and placed it over her belly, giggling again when they all felt the definite kicking coming from inside her.

Ron watched this with a quirky grin, hiding an amused laugh when he saw Harry's face absolutely pale in dismay and horror.

"G—good god…Th—there's something growing inside you!" She blurted out, causing both Lorraine and Hermione look up and blink at her in confusion when they heard the cracking in her voice. They hid a smirk when they saw Harry's face change from pale to a definite shade of green.

Visibly shaking, she tore her hand away from Lorraine's stomach and took a couple of steps backward, only to bump clumsily against several of the guests behind them. "Th—there's something growing inside you and kicking you! H—holy Merlin, c-can it eat you up from the inside too or something cause if it can—"

"Harry!" Hermione cut her off with a giggle as she rushed forward and pulled her best friend towards them again, rubbing the other girl's back in comfort. "Relax, Harry…Pregnancy is one of the most profound and wonderful things a woman can experience." She ignored both the glare Harry gave her and the snort of laughter that had come from Ron.

"You should feel lucky that you're going to be able to experience the feeling of carrying your child inside you. Trust me, Harry…It's the most surreal feeling in the world—"

"How can it be surreal when I'll have an evil smirking, 7-pound MALFOY—"

"Can babies actually SMIRK?!" Ron asked out loud to Hermione but Harry continued before either of them could answer.

"—intent on world domination and destruction kicking my bloody uterus from the inside?!" Harry blurted out loudly, causing all three adults to blink and burst out laughing again when they saw the horror and panic on her face.

Ron was trying hard to breathe through his laughter as he slung an arm around Harry's shaking shoulders. "Mate, Hermione's right. It won't be so bad, you'll grow much closer to the baby—"

"How would YOU know?! You'll never have to worry about that, you're a BLOODY MALE! You don't have to grow something in your non-existent UTERUS!"

He winced at the hissed anger in her voice and instantly backed away, his eyes darting nervously between his giggling wife and his two best friends. "Erm…Yeah, you're right. Why don't I just leave this pregnancy talk to the three of you…?" He hastily made his exit and walked off towards their former Gryffindor housemates before any of them could say anything else.

As soon as her husband had left, Lorraine turned to Harry again and couldn't resist teasing the newest Malfoy some more.

"Actually, Harry…It's been known that a Malfoy is usually around 8 pounds or more when he or she is born. 8 pounds if she's a girl and around 9 if he's a boy. I was 8.5 pounds when I came out. I think Draco was nearly 10 pounds when Aunt Narcissa gave birth to him."

Jaimee felt the entire ballroom spinning around her and she would have fainted to the floor had Hermione not met Lorraine's smirk with a quelling glare. "Harry, relax…It's going to be fine. Don't think about that yet." She said calmly, reaching over to take a glass of water from the nearby refreshment table and handing it to her pale best friend.

Watching the bride down the whole glass in a couple of seconds, she and Lorraine both exchanged smiles before they turned back to Harry's nervous face. "Harry, being able to feel your child growing inside you is the most wonderful and fulfilling experience a woman has in her life. Trust me, I know." Hermione smiled as she looked up across the ballroom to where Blaise was standing with their one-year-old baby son cradled in his arms.

The Zabini Head was talking to Draco while swaying every now and then to make sure his son was still asleep, oblivious to the fact that he was now the object of all three girls' stares. At this scene, Jaimee smiled reluctantly and looked up to meet Hermione's smile.

"How does it feel to be a mother, Hermione…?" She asked curiously and this time, Lorraine matched her curiosity and looked intently at Hermione as well. They waited for the brunette to answer in hushed silence, their eyes flicking every now and then to the baby in Blaise's arms.

Hermione simply smiled at them, her brown eyes filled with an unfamiliar sense of love, pride and fierce protectiveness that Harry had never seen before.

"Once you're staring into your newly-born's beautiful face, Harry, you'll know the answer to that." Was all she said. Her words brought a smile to Harry's face and a pool of tears to Lorraine's eyes. "TH—that was so beautiful, Hermione!" She sobbed and without warning, Harry flinched away from her as she began to cry loudly into her handkerchief.

"Whoa! Hormone alert! Hormone alert! Ron, your pregnant wife is crying!"

Ron heard Harry's panicked voice and rushed back to gather his sobbing wife into his arms, ushering her away towards the far corner of the ballroom. Hermione also nodded to Harry and went off to talk to Blaise's parents behind them. Just as Harry was going to look for Byron among the crowd of guests, the former Gryffindor felt a light tapping on her shoulder.

Turning around, she was met with Sirius' boyish grin before the marauder enveloped her in a bone-crushing hug. Harry laughed at his antics and hugged him back tightly, waiting until he released her and set her back down on her feet before exclaiming.

"Sirius! You're going to be a father! I'm so happy for you!" She blurted out loud but Sirius ignored her and made an exclamation of his own.

"You're MARRIED! You're a Malfoy! I don't know if I should be saying 'congratulations' or 'condolence'!" He joked, earning another laugh and light punch from his goddaughter. Laughing, he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Actually, it's funny you should mention that. I've got a small favor to ask you…" He paused and waited for her to quirk an eyebrow in query before he continued. Biting his lip, he managed an uncertain smile before turning and gesturing to a waving Regina across the ballroom.

The pregnant red-head was talking to Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy while trying to keep a close watch on Keira – who was running around and playing with Isabella and Cherry-Lyn around the room. When he turned back to meet Harry's gaze, he offered her a helpless smile.

"I was wondering if you'd be willing to be the godmother of my son…If that's alright with you, I mean. I'm planning to name him 'James' after your father. I already talked to Regina about it and she's more than agreed with me—"

"YES! Of course, I will!" Harry instantly exclaimed, laughing as she threw her arms around her godfather in a tight, warm hug. The marauder grinned in relief and hugged her back, both former Gryffindors' faces beaming in absolute happiness.

"Great! Ha! I knew you couldn't say no to me! Although, I have to tell you Harry, you'd better spoil my son like crazy! I expect the best presents, the best advice, I expect you to be the one to talk to him about awkward stuff like sex —" Sirius' readily prepared tirade was cut off when Harry rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at him in response.

"I'll see you later, Sirius." She punched his shoulder again, laughing once more as she waved him off back to Regina and began to walk towards Byron. The metamorphagus was talking to several other purebloods near the end of the ballroom.

As she walked towards him, she bumped into the disgruntled figure of Anton Malfoy – who was, at that moment, glaring irritably at the back of a certain red-headed woman's head. When he realized Harry was staring at him in confusion, he blinked hastily and turned to give her a pointed glare.

"Harry, can I ask you a question?!It's rather personal but I'd appreciate it all the same if you answered." He drawled loudly, the anger in his voice barely restrained. He spoke up again before she could even blink or utter a proper response.

"When you were going out with Ginny…Was she always so…BLOODY DIFFICULT?!"

Harry opened her mouth to answer him but Anton went on, running a hand furiously through his sleek, silver hair.

"I mean, we were just FINE yesterday! And we aren't even an official couple yet, we've just been going out a couple of times! She sees me talking and laughing around with this really cute blonde from Sapientia's and she goes all BALLISTIC on me!" He raged angrily, causing Harry to hide her smirk behind her hand as he continued.

"I don't understand that bloody woman! She's so goddamn FRUSTRATING that she makes me want to TEAR MY HAIR OUT! She scares away or even mauls EVERY SINGLE GIRL I talk to! She's so cranky and jealous and bossy and high maintenance and—"

Harry finally burst out laughing and shook her head right in the middle of Anton's enraged speech, causing the half-veela's eyes to narrow and glare at her in impatience. He waited until her laughter had subsided before he continued.

"Was there something amusing about what I said—"

"Oh relax, Anton!" She laughed again and slung an easy arm around his shoulders, gesturing discreetly to where Ginny was still pointedly ignoring Anton's very existence from across the ballroom.

"Ginny Weasley is one of the strongest female personalities I have ever met but that's precisely the allure she gives off. She's insanely jealous and perhaps you should think more about your libertine ways if you expect anything from her." She told him but her words caused Anton's eyes to widen even more in dismay.

"She can't honestly expect a purely monogamous relationship from me, right?! I don't know anything about that! I mean , I've never done that before! I can't—" The blonde half-veela was cut off from his panicked speech when an all-too-familiar arm slung itself around his shoulders.

He and Harry both looked up but it was the latter who groaned loudly when they were met with a dark-haired, handsome face smiling flirtatiously at Anton's confused expression.

"I don't believe we've met before…My name is Spencer Addison, I'm one of Byron and Harry's coworkers at the Ministry—"

"He's straight, Spence! Why don't you go hit on some of my actual gay friends like Dean and Seamus over there?" Harry interrupted him sharply before Anton could realize what was happening, causing Spencer to give her a disgruntled glare.

"You're no fun, Harry." He complained loudly, giving a blinking, bewildered Anton a wistful look from head to toe before he rolled his eyes and walked away. As soon as he was gone, Anton turned a questioning grimace to Harry but she simply grinned at him and shook her head.

"Nope, you didn't have your veela charm on. He really was just gay."

She left the blonde staring after her retreating form in gaping, speechless silence, flicking her eyes around again until she caught sight of Byron laughing loudly with some of his other friends from Sapientia's Academy. When he saw her approaching him, he excused himself from them and turned to give her a friendly grin.

"Well, well, well…If it isn't the new gorgeous and deliciously sexy Mistress Malfoy." She laughed when he gave her a gallant kiss on the back of her palm. "What can I do for you, Harry? Are you as excited about doing work next week as I am?" He asked her with a wink but Harry shook her head and indicated to the far corner of the ballroom.

"I'm excited about starting work not doing work…Or should I say, the boss." She teased with a smirk, sniggering to herself when Byron's cheeks flushed red and he gave her a vicious snarl.

"You hardly have any right to tease me yet! I haven't done a thing on that gorgeous body!" A suggestive smirk crossed his lips as he turned to stare at Vincent Ashford's incredibly toned physique across the room, letting his eyes linger on every one of the Head Unspeakable's muscles.

Harry snorted at this and rolled her eyes at Byron's words. "Why don't you ask him to dance? You're at a wedding, it's the perfect opportunity to ask your boss for a 'friendly' dance." She told him but Byron paled at her words and shook his head hastily.

"Are you mad?! Did you see what he did to Addison when the idiot hit on him?! He knocked the bloody git unconscious for FIVE days!" He snapped at her but Jaimee shook her head and gave him a pointed look.

"Spencer didn't just hit on him, he grabbed his arse! Of course, Ashford knocked him out! I would have done the same thing had he did that to Draco." She laughed at the image her words made and Byron was about to offer a retort then they both froze dead in their tracks.

"I realize this conversation is about me. What can I do for you both?"

Harry and Byron both gulped loudly and looked up to meet Ashford's handsome, otherwise blank face. The Head Unspeakable's lips were lifted in a lazy grin and one of his eyebrows was raised in sheer, noticeable arrogance.

Snapping out of her nervousness first, Harry managed a laugh and nudged Byron sharply beside her. "H—hey, boss! U—um…We were just talking about how Byron here wanted to ask you to dance! He r—really thinks you're a great dancer and he was hoping to pick up some of your moves—"

Byron turned sharp, glaring daggers to Harry but she ignored it and kept her attention on Ashford's decidedly amused smirk. He stared at the metamorphagus for several seconds before he shrugged one of his shoulders and offered him a sexy grin.

"…Care to dance then, Malfoy?"

The dark-haired Malfoy sputtered incoherently for several moments, blinking at the handsome man in shock before finally recovering and managing to give Ashford an equally teasing grin.

"Well…Is that allowedsir…?" He asked briefly in a low drawl, pointedly choosing to ignore the fact that Harry had clamped a hand over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

Ashford's grin suddenly transformed into an easily seductive smirk that even Harry couldn't help staring at for several minutes. He raised another eyebrow and easily supplied the metamorphagus a simple, blunt answer.

"It's not."

Byron's cheeks flushed slightly pink at this but he managed a nervous laugh and offered his hand anyway to the older man.

"Then I'm all up for breaking some of the rules if you are...sir."

Again, Harry had to bite her tongue to keep from laughing as Ashford looked amused at Byron's response and began to lead the metamorphagus to the side of the dance floor. As soon as he had managed to meet her eyes again, Bryon offered her a thankful wink which she easily returned, smiling and waving at him with a wide smile.

"How old is Elliot…?" Draco asked as he watched Blaise shift the sleeping, dark-haired infant carefully in his arms. He looked up and offered the blonde a grin. "He's a little over a year…He can't do much yet." He told him, his eyes flicking back on his son's adorably sleeping features.

Draco rolled his eyes at the pure happiness he heard in his best friend's voice but smiled anyway and took a sip of his champagne. "So…You and Granger, huh? How's the married life, Zabini? I never knew you to be the whipped, indulgent husband type." He teased but Blaise merely smirked at him and raised an eyebrow.

"It's going really well, Draco. Hermione's the assistant Head to the CISO Department already. She's incredible. My family's company has also been booming well this year under my management so everything is just perfect." He answered, much to Draco's amusement.

Watching as Blaise adjusted Elliot in his arms again, his attention was drawn back to the baby once more and he asked another question that was forming in his head. "So how does it feel…? To have a son, I mean…It must be wonderful." Draco sounded wistful when he asked this and earned himself a smirk from his best friend.

Blaise chose his next words carefully, keeping his eyes trained on his son. "Well…I feel as if I'm pushed to be more responsible with my actions now…Like I have standards to uphold that I owe to my son when he grows up." He paused and watched as Draco's face suddenly paled in nervousness.

Nevertheless, he continued to talk. "I know now that it's never me I have to think about first. It will always be my wife…my son…my family. They come first before anything else and for me, that's a very serious responsibility." He told him, causing Draco to mull the meaning of his words silently.

After a long moment of silence, Blaise turned to him and spoke up again with a grin. "So…You have it all, Draco. You're married to the girl of your dreams! You're the CEO of MMC! What's next for you? What do you want to do?" He asked in a low whisper so as not to wake up his son, watching as Draco looked up and answered him with a suggestive smirk.

"My utterly shaggable wife."

He and Blaise both burst into muffled, boyish laughter and turned to look at the new Mistress Malfoy. Jaimee was now talking animatedly with her old Gryffindor housemates – drawing just about every single male's attention in the room with her exquisite beauty and perfectly slender figure.

Turning back to smirk at his best friend, Draco shook his head at him in disbelief.

"Did you honestly think I was going to blurt out some sappy comment for you like that, Zabini? We are Slytherin men! We do not talk to each other about our sappy, romantic lives and don't you forget it!" He snapped causing Blaise to laugh again and nod in amusement.

"Forgive me, Oh holy Prince of Slytherin."

Neither of them were able to say any more as Anton suddenly joined them at that very moment, downing the glass of champagne he held in his hand. Draco gave him an easy smirk and offered him a friendly handshake which the other Malfoy easily returned.

"Anton, I hope you have all those detailed progress reports about MMC for the two years I've been away ready for me. I'll be going through them soon as soon as I get back from my honeymoon." He told him, watching as Anton nodded and gave Blaise a nod of acknowledgment as well.

"They're already prepared and waiting in your office, Drac. Which reminds me, I came here to tell you that…Well…" He leaned in closer to the two men and spoke in a softer drawl. "I have that property you wanted ready like you asked. It should be done by the time you and Harry get back." He told him, to which Draco answered him with a thankful grin.

"I'm in your debt, cousin. I appreciate it." He told him but Anton merely scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Debt, my arse…Nothing is free, Draco. You know the Malfoy code. I'll give you the price for all these favors I've been doing for you later." He retorted and instead of getting angry, Draco merely smirked in agreement and inclined his head.

Blaise looked at the two of them in confusion. "What are you guys talking about? Why did you buy new property, Draco?" He asked and Draco winked at him, gesturing with his half-empty wine glass to his laughing wife across the room before he answered.

"It's a little surprise I prepared for the bride."

They were interrupted at that very moment when around them, all the single women started squealing and screaming loudly before rushing to the very center of the dance floor where Jaimee was waiting with a bemused smirk on her face.


Anton smirked when he heard Hermione's announcement and shook his head to himself, leaning over to whisper something to the two equally smirking Slytherins beside him.

"Ah…The throwing of the bride's bouquet. This is the part I find most entertaining in weddings. A hundred women clawing at one another like a pack of animals for a mere bunch of flowers." Draco and Blaise both sniggered in amusement and flicked their eyes back over to the scene.

Harry certainly didn't look any better off than they did about the whole tradition and held her beautiful bridal bouquet up in the air with a look of exasperation on her face. She heard about a dozen women screaming for her to throw it already, causing her to roll her eyes and toss it up high into the air amidst the outbursts of more screaming and squealing behind her.

The minute it had left her hands, she whirled around and watched with a smirk of amusement on her face as the crowd of women behind her went absolutely crazy – tearing and shoving at each other to grab the lost bouquet somewhere in the mixture of limbs and gowns.

Laughing, Jaimee eventually began to cheer and clap her hands when Ginny Weasley emerged victorious from the entire struggle – jumping up from the middle of the crowd and holding the bouquet up high in the air while squealing and laughing her success.

Finally tearing his eyes away from the scene, Draco smirked and spoke up in another amused drawl to his cousin beside him. "Well, it looks like Weasley's caught this one…"

He and Blaise looked at each other in confusion when they were met with cold silence and turning around, both Slytherins ended up laughing again when they saw that Anton Malfoy had, in fact, dropped unconscious in a dead, horrified faint onto the ground.

From the very center of the ballroom dance floor, Hermione, the Maid of Honor, had chosen that exact same moment to hold her wand up to her throat and shout out one last loud announcement with a beaming, affectionate smile on her face.


Setting his drink onto a nearby table, Draco silently nodded his leave to a smiling Blaise before grinning and walking slowly through the parting crowd of guests. He saw Harry waiting for him right in the middle of the dance floor – a tender and teasing smile on her beautiful face.

Amidst all of the awed glances and cheering of the entire room of guests, Draco Malfoy swept his blushing bride right up into his arms and the both of them began leading the rest of the dancers in a perfect, graceful dance that spoke of the many more they were to share in their new life together.

"Draco, what is this about…?! Can I open my eyes now…?" Harry complained loudly as she adjusted the blindfold Draco had tied securely around her eyes. Clutching onto her husband's hand, she heard him chuckling as he slowly continued to lead her through what seemed like a patch of grass.

It had been an entire week since their wedding and they had just arrived from their honeymoon that afternoon. They had been all over Europe that past week – from Greece, to Rome, to Milan and Spain. Their last stop had been Paris and though the honeymoon had been absolutely romantic, Harry was more than exhausted and wanted nothing more than to curl up and sleep.

Draco, however, seemed to have other plans in mind and had called her out from the manor, tied a blindfold around her eyes and had apparated them to some unknown location that Harry apparently had yet to find out. The Malfoy Head had been talking her through the entire time, his footsteps laced with obvious excitement.

Harry was about to complain again when Draco chuckled and squeezed her hand, giving her a reassuring kiss on the cheek. "We're almost there, love…Hold on. Let me get you into the right position." He answered her, turning her around gently so that she was facing to her right. At his words, she narrowed her eyes and gave a derisive scoff.

"Right position…? Draco, this better not be another one of your perverted sex ideas because if it is, I'm telling you right now I'm exhausted and I—"

She heard him laughing at her words before he finally reached behind her and slipped the blindfold off her eyes, allowing her to squint into the dark night. For several minutes, she seemed to stare off at the large house in front of her in confusion, turning to raise her eyebrow at Draco.

"Draco, where are we?! Is this another one of your family's estates or something—"

Her words eventually died on her lips as she finally realized where they were.

Blinking away the tears that began to flood her eyes, a sharp gasp escaped her lips as she took a shaky step forward and looked up at the beautifully elegant yet simple house in front of her. An aching feeling of bittersweet nostalgia and recognition began to surge through her chest.

Behind her, Draco smiled softly as he watched her take several more shaky steps forward towards the newly built modest three-story mansion in front of them. He admired the wave of emotions that seemed to be reflected off Jaimee's glistening green eyes.

"W—We're in G—Godric's Hollow…Th—This is my m—my p—parent's house…You had it rebuilt…D—Draco…" Her voice choked up and she covered her trembling lips with her hands, fighting desperately to keep the feminine emotions from her face.

For the first time, however, she wasn't able to win against it and the tears began spilling continuously down her pale cheeks, a soft sob escaping her lips. Laughing gently, Draco walked up to her and pulled her into his arms, allowing her to cry softly against his chest.

"H—hey…Harry, I meant this to be a surprise for you. I didn't want you to cry over it…Come here, you silly woman…" He teased her affectionately, stroking her hair as she trembled and wrapped her arms tightly around him to seek for silent comfort.

Draco obliged easily and wrapped his arms even tighter around her, leaning down and dropping a kiss onto the top of her head. Tears spilling from her eyes, she turned her head and stared at the newly built house in silence, trying – and failing – to form the right words to say to him.

"D—Draco, I—"

"I thought you might want a change of scenery…This wizarding neighborhood is slightly friendlier as opposed to the aristocratic, pureblooded neighborhood around Malfoy Manor." He began uncertainly, unsure of what to make of her silence as she continued to cry against him.

When she didn't answer, he continued to speak anyway and offered an encouraging laugh. "I-It's not furnished yet. I thought you might want to help me with that. Weasley and Lorraine live not too far from here, actually…And Blaise is thinking of purchasing a nearby property here as well." He paused again, watching Harry look up at the house in silence.

The look in her eyes was unreadable that Draco almost panicked, concluding to himself that she may not have appreciated him rebuilding her parent's house because it brought back too many painful memories of the place they were murdered.

"D—don't get me wrong or anything…As the Head of the family, we're still required to live in Malfoy Manor at least thrice a week but I thought it would be nice to live here during the remaining four days. It's homier and you might find it more comfortable as opposed to the Manor. I'm sorry if—"

Harry cut off Draco's nervous explanation by reaching up and yanking his face down to meet her lips in a sweet, passionate kiss. Her eyes were still glistening with tears but she had a beautiful, loving smile on her face as she pulled away and looked up into his warm gray eyes.

"Th—Thank you…I love it here, Draco…Thank you…" Was all she could manage to say at that moment as her lips were still trembling and she was still staring at the beautiful house that she had once lived in with her parents as a baby.

It wasn't nearly as large or as luxurious as Malfoy Manor but it was her home and looking up at it now brought such an overwhelming feeling of both happiness and sadness to her chest. She knew there were still certain memories of pain and loss in that house but more than anything, she intended to fill it completely with the memories of love and laughter that had once reverberated in it back when James and Lily Potter were still alive.

Swallowing the lump forming in her throat, she turned to face Draco beside her and squeezed his hand tightly, finally managing to give him a weak, tender smile. "I love you, you silly Slytherin prat." She teased, causing the blonde to reward her with a quirky grin.

"I love you too…You overemotional woman."

She promptly forgot about crying altogether and protested sharply when Draco hoisted her up easily into his arms, holding her up bridal style as he carried her struggling figure to the front door of the house. Jaimee ended up squealing with laughter as Draco smirked arrogantly and carried her over the door threshold, setting her back down inside the large, empty living room so she could notice the trail of beautiful rose petals along the glossed, wooden floor.

Looking up at him with a knowing smirk and a raised eyebrow, Harry shook her head in amusement at the feigned innocent expression on her husband's face. Playing along with his antics, she turned and slowly began to follow the trail all the way to the master bedroom upstairs.

Once she got there and opened the slightly ajar door, the sight that greeted her caused a light laugh of amusement and surprise to escape her lips.

The room itself was practically empty except for single, luxurious king-sized poster bed and several candles magically floating up in the air that casted a seductive glow around the room. The rose petals were not only scattered around the floor but most were sprinkled on the bed's silk white sheets and a faint scent of jasmine filled the room, causing her to turn around and meet Draco's suggestive smirk with a mock admonishing glare.

"I though you said the house wasn't furnished yet, Draco…"

Instead of answering her, Draco reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a single lily, placing it on the crystal vase sitting atop the small bedside table beside the bed. Looking at the simple flower in confusion, Harry's eyes softened when Draco looked back up and gave her a tender smile.

"You see those roses, Potter…?" He gestured briefly to the scattered petals around the room. "They are a dime a dozen…You, however…" He smirked playfully and tapped her on the nose, causing her to roll her eyes. "You are a rare breed. You're a lily, Harry…So simple yet so beautiful and standing out among the rest. And I love you so much…"

He would have bent down to kiss her had Harry not chuckled softly and pulled away several inches. She looked up at him and gave him a pointed smirk. "What am I, a girl? If you wanted sex, Draco, all you had to do was say so. Only real women need to be romanced first." She quipped out loud, causing Draco to bury his head into her shoulder and burst out laughing.

"Potter, you are such a disrespectful little chit!"

She squealed in laughter again when Draco shoved her backwards onto the bed, watching with a smirk as she crawled backwards several inches on her elbows along the white sheets before raising a seductive eyebrow and curling her finger beckoningly at him with a playful smile.


Utterly and completely spent, he collapsed on top of her and rolled them over so that she was lying cradled against his chest. He was still inside her when he pulled the white blanket over their exhausted, aching bodies.

She sighed contentedly and snuggled against him, closing her eyes as one of Draco's hands gently stroked her hair. Just as he reached over to the bedside table for his wand to cast the anti-pregnancy charm on her, Harry's eyes snapped open and she quickly placed a hand over his, shaking her head at his surprised look.

Draco blinked at her, a small, loving smile suddenly spreading on his face as his wife blushed but gently pushed his hand back down until it rested firmly on the nightstand. Staring nervously at him, she bit her lip and offered him a disarming smile.

"It's okay…Leave it alone…" She whispered, slowly using her fingers to pry his open, allowing him to drop his wand back on the table. Then, taking his hand in hers, she ignored Draco's chuckle and snuggled back against him, smiling when his arms wrapped themselves comfortably against her small waist.

He stared up at the ceiling for a long time, savoring the feel of her warm body against his and the wonderful, peaceful beating of heart against his chest. As though sensing his thoughts, Harry propped herself up on one elbow and peered down at his contented, smirking face. She raised an eyebrow in mild amusement and spoke up in a soft, teasing voice.

"…Perfect, Mr. Malfoy…?"

Looking up into the stunning, beautiful face and the warm, loving green eyes of the woman he knew was perfect for him in every single way imaginable, Draco quirked the corners of his lips into a handsome, lazy grin and shook his head in response.

"No such thing…"

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