Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Chapter one Pain



Harry Potter a small boy with unruly black hair and startlingly green eyes awoke. He had sweat pouring off him and was shaking uncontrollably, he had black bags under his eyes and his face was pale.

You see Harry Potter isn't a normal boy he's a wizard and he goes to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry and last year he saw the resurrection of Voldemort, the man who killed his parents and tried to kill him and the death of Cedric Diggory. Voldemort tried to kill Harry the same way he killed his parents with the "Avada Kedavra" curse, the killing curse, but for some reason the curse didn't work and reflected back on Voldemort leaving him as a spirit for 15 years and Harry with a lightening bolt scar on his head.

"BOY, you dare wake up my family after all we've done for you" Uncle Vernon screeched through the door.

Harry moved as fast as he could with a broken leg and 3 cracked ribs to the furthest corner of the room away from the door and rolled into as small a ball as possible wincing as he did this. He knew what was coming, another beating from his Uncle.


As he walked in the door his Uncle slapped him around the head. Harry froze in shock his uncle had never hit him before.

"Boy, you aren't getting away with any more of your freakiness" Uncle Vernon roared.

He grabbed Harry by the collar of his shirt and dragged him up to his room. He beat him none stop for 10 minutes that day leaving Harry with a sprained wrist, two bruised ribs and bruises all over his body.

This continued once a week for 6 weeks, then things stepped up he started beating him every day for the smallest mistakes. By the end of the last beating he had a broken leg, three cracked ribs, belt marks all over his back, bruising on 90% of his body and he was badly malnourished. He didn't have the energy to fight anymore.


His Uncle stepped into the room and started hitting him.

"You freak"

"Think you're better than us, that you can wake us up in the middle of the night with your screaming, I'll teach you" yelled Uncle Vernon.

"S-s-sorry Uncle V-V-Vernon, I d-didn't m-mean to." Replied a Harry in a small trembling voice.

Uncle Vernon stood on Harry's arm breaking it with a "CRACK".

He threw Harry against the wall hard which left a bloody trail down the wall, and then he left locking the door on the way out.

Two beady eyes of a black Raven watched all this through the window.


(Severus' POV)

Severus Snape, Potions Professor of Hogwarts walked along the corridor on his way to Albus' office with his robes billowing behind him, wondering what he was going to get him to do. He always seems to be able to get me to do what he wants.

"I am not going to fall for it again, this is my last month free of the annoying brats, I deserve a holiday" he said out load with out realising it.

Albus had interrupted him in the middle of making a complicated potion he said he had needed to see him in his office right away.

He got to the stone gargoyle and gave the password (Smarties) and walked up the staircase not bothering to wait for it to take him up.

'Bang, Bang'

"Come in Severus, would you like a lemon drop" Albus said

"No thank you Albus" Severus said with a stare that would have made a first year piss themselves. Why does he insist on offering me a damn lemon drop every time I come in his office?

"A cup of tea then?"

"No thank you"

"What is it you wanted to see me about?" Severus said as he dropped into a large comfy chair.

"Ah yes, I need you to go to Privet Drive for me and check on Mr. Potter"

"What has Potter done now" he growled out.

"Now, now, Severus." Albus said in a berating voice. "What has Mr. Potter ever done to you to elicit such hate?"

Severus just sat there with an evil stare on his face.

"Now I'm worried about Mr. Potter he hasn't been answering any of his mail his friends Mr. Weasely and Miss. Granger wrote to me telling me that they have been sending mail almost everyday to Mr. Potter and the owls have just been returning with the letter unopened. The same is for Sirius although he hasn't been sending as many letters none have been received by Harry. It might be nothing but I would like you to go check on him. Your animagus form might be easiest," Albus said with concern in his voice.

Severus stared for what seemed like hours but was really only a minute contemplating what to do. Finally he just sighed and got up to leave.

"Thank you Severus" Albus said with a twinkle in his eyes. As he watched the back of the man he considered a son go down the stairs.


When Harry woke up to a pecking on his window, when he looked around he saw a blurry shape in the window (His glasses had been broken 2 weeks ago when his Uncle had punched him in the face cutting his cheek with the glass.)

He crawled slowly to the window wincing on the way to see what the blurry shape was, and saw that it was a black Raven. When he opened the window the Raven slipped through the bars, that had been refitted from the last time when Ron and his brothers had rescued him in their dads flying car in the middle of the night, and swooped down and landed in front of him on the dark bloody floor.

Because of the energy used to get to the window Harry passed out from exhaustion.

The Raven watched the boy for a few minutes then changed into Professor Snape.