Exiles 3: Quietus

By: Jeff McKissock

(Disclaimer: This is Fanfiction and written for fun, I do not own the characters He-Man belongs to Mattel, Filmation,and MYP and She-Ra belongs to Mattel and Filmation)

Chapter I: Peace on Earth

Ten years had passed since that fateful day when Hordak nearly claimed victory over of our group of galactic refugees. Glimmer and Bow now live on Earth and are living normal lives, but now a new threat has appeared that could spell doom for our heroes if not stopped.

Miles away, in the coldness of Outer Space, a lone cylindrical object heads for Earth; it is the Horde Cryopod containing Skeletor's body. His former teacher Hordak had punished the Overlord of Evil for his betrayal and condemned to this fate. Ten years ago, when Hordak found out the secret of He-Man and She-Ra, Skeletor woke up from his sleep that was supposed to have lasted for a millennium, but his undying hatred for his enemies, his teacher, and his all-consuming obsession for power allowed him to wake up. "Enjoy your rest while you can He-Man and She-Ra, once I land on Earth, I will destroy you two forever." he thought to himself as he began to think up a plan.

Meanwhile on Earth, Adam and Teela were enjoying a day to themselves, when Duncan, their son, who is now fifteen, came home from school. "Hey, mom, dad, how was your day?" he asked "Oh, just fine" Adam said as he and Teela were already lamenting the fact that their free time was over. "So what did you learn in school today Duncan?" Teela asked him, hoping to get him to talk. However, it was to no avail, Duncan replied in his usual monotone way "the usual", Teela sighed realizing that she could never get him to say to anything but that two word phrase. "What's for dinner tonight?" Duncan asked as he made his way to the fridge for a snack "we're going over to Aunt Adora's tonight, she's been having some troubles lately." Duncan looked his mother and said "Is she sick?" "No, Duncan," Teela said as she got up "Well not sick in the physical sense. Today is the anniversary of your father's near death, she's afraid that Hordak's going to come back and try to get his revenge on us. So you, me, your father, your grandfather, Bow, and Glimmer are going over to her house for dinner, to cheer her up" she explained. "Wow, those events really took a toll on her," Duncan said as looked down thinking about how much anguish she must be going through. "What time are we going over?" he asked so knew when to get dressed "six o'clock" Teela replied, Duncan assured his mom that he would be ready then and went upstairs to do his homework. "Sometimes Duncan reminds me your father, King Randor, in the way he handles himself in harsh times" Teela said as she looked lovingly at her husband "Yeah, I wonder what planet they ended up on?" Adam said thinking about how much he missed them. "I don't know Adam, all I know is they're safe" she said and with that they kissed.