Chapter VII: Skeletons in the closet and Bats in the Belfry

Meanwhile at Skeletor's headquarters, the former Lord of Snake Mountain,, injured from his fight with the prince, headed to his inner sanctum, when he saw Scareglow standing in front of him. "Skeletor" the Masters of Fears said "I have done as you commanded, now when do I get my reward?" he asked. "Reward, what for" Skeletor replied irate that this being would dare ask him for anything "For killing Adora" the Lord of Phobias answered. "HA, you get nothing" Skeletor said, at that moment Scareglow's eyes blazed orange and he stared at Skeletor and said "YOU DARE TO SEEK MY SERVICES AND OFFER ME NOTHING IN RETURN" Scareglow said, "You don't scare me," Skeletor threatened "We shall see" Scareglow stated as opened a portal and headed back to his own realm. "Good riddance" Skeletor shouted, at that moment the Earth began to quake, the force of which brought Skeletor crashing to the ground. HE walked over to the window to see what was going on. He saw to his surprise portals opening up everywhere and he heard a Voice saying "SKELETOR, SKELETOR, SKELETOR, SKELETOR" "Who's there, you don't frighten me Hordak" The Overlord of Evil shouted. The voice laughed and said "YOU REALLY THINK I'M HORDAK, HORDAK IS NOTHING COMPARED TO ME" Skeletor looked puzzled and said "King Hsss?" the voice replied "HOW DARE YOU MISTAKE FOR THAT COWARDLY SERVANT OF SERPOS!". Soon Skeletor realized who it was "Hor...Hor...Horde Prime?" Skeletor asked, as he feared a response. All the voice was laugh.

Back at Teela's House, The sorceress was trying to console Adam. "I know you are upset but you must remember that as long as you love her you, her memory will live on." She assured the prince, but no avail. "I can't believe it, she's dead," he said weeping. "Sorceress, it feels like Skeletor took apart of me instead of Adora, why is that?" he asked confused at the heartbreak he was feeling, the Sorceress smiled at him and said "it is the Magic of Castle Grayskull, just as it gave you power to become He-Man and Adora to became She-Ra, it also strengthened your psychic bond you had as twins, however, it also makes you feel a hundred times worse when that bond is severed." She explained trying to hide her own emotions, It just isn't fair, I should done away with Skeletor when I had the chance" Adam said as he punched his fist on the table, "Then what Adam, you would go after Hordak, and being who dared to harm a living thing, it would consume you until you became as cold and heartless and Skeletor and Hordak themselves" she explained fully understanding the way Adam felt but at same time warning him of what would happen if he went down that path. The prince looked at the Sorceress understanding that she only meant good, but sympathy wasn't what he needed now "I appreciate your words, but I need to alone" he said and with that The Sorceress transformed into Zoar and teleported back to where she had come from.

Back at Zodak's fortress, the Sorceress finally gave in to emotion and cried. While she was crying Zodak came in and said "I am deeply sorry" the sorceress looked at him and said with a look of contempt for the mystic warrior "How can you say such a thing, sometimes I think you don't even have emotions" Zodak looked at her, unable to understand that comment and said "I know what is like to lose a loved one." "But did you feel sorrow at his loss?" "I turned my sorrow into something that would serve a guide" he replied "I did not ask if you acted upon your emotion, I asked did you feel sorrow" Zodak remained silent "That's what I thought" "Sorceress, I..." he finally said, she looked at him and replied "Zodak, just leave me, I'm in no mood to argue" with that Zodak left her.

Miles away in space, Hordak was meditating in his chamber when a shadow Weaver entered with some interesting news. "Lord Hordak," the mysterious spell caster said, for a moment Hordak remained silent "What is it?" he finally said "My lord, we have news from Earth, She-Ra is dead" Hordak smiled and said "Which one of our men went to Earth to do the deed?" the Weaver was silent and then said "It wasn't a Horde member who killed her" "Then who killed her" Hordak demanded to know, "It was Skeletor." Hordak's eyes grew and glowed with the color of fresh blood "SKELETOR!!! HOW DARE HE SNATCH MY VICTORY!" he screamed. Hordak turned on his Comlink and shouted "GRIZZLOR! SET OUR COURSE FOR EARTH" "Yes, my Lord" Grizzlor replied. "If Skeletor can snatch my victory by killing She-Ra, then I will snatch his" he thought as walked back to his throne "You shall pay for this, Keldor, you WILL pay!" said as he sat on his throne and began to meditate on how would get even with Skeletor"

The End