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Summary: All is not well in the Kaiba Mansion. Tensions run high as a healthy sibling relationship turns awry.

Note: Hello all! I love Mokuba, and thought that maybe, you know, he deserves a story written with my own two fingers, while listening to U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday. ^^

'Text' - Indicates Mokuba is thinking to himself.

"Text" - indicates talking

"TEXT"- indicates strong emphasis on a word.


They say in chess, you gotta' kill the queen,

and then you mate it.

Oh I, do you?

A funny thing, the king who gets himself assassinated.

Hey now, every time I lose


You took a town by storm,

the mess you made was nominated.

Oh I, do you?

Now put away your welcome, soon you'll find you've overstayed it.

Hey now, every time I lose




Mokuba Kaiba sat, slightly slumped, in the car seat. He was more then vaguely aware of his brother next to him typing furiously on his keyboard. 'No attention' he thought sadly, 'but at least I see him. Some kids at my school barely see their "parents"' Mokuba sighed, and looked out the window. Everything was passing by quickly. He went to a different school, a private school. Of course Seto's idea, but Mokuba didn't mind. He made plenty of friends already; almost everyone in his 6th grade class likes him, almost. To Brothers and their friends, they hated Mokuba. He didn't know why, but he wished they didn't.

The car stopped and Seto finally stopped typing. He glanced to Mokuba.

"Have a good day at school, Mokuba."

"Yes, Big Brother." was Mokuba's mere answer. Mokuba gave one last look at his brother, knowing that he may not see him until tomorrow. "Bye." He whispered as he got out of the car. Seto most likely didn't hear him, for he was back to typing on his lap-top.

Mokuba walked in. He wasn't late, but wasn't early. For lack of a better term, he was right on time. He hurried to his class but, when he turned a corner, he found himself thrown against a wall. Leo stood there, a smirk plastered onto his face. Leo was generally good looking, just like his brother, considering the fact that they were twins. He had blue hair and blue eyes. Behind him stood Twitch, Frank, everyone calls him Twitch because he twitches every so often. He is kind of short and has brown hair and green eyes. Then, in the way back, was Mikie. Mikie is too nice for his own good. Twitch and Leo are the ones that drag him into doing bad things, most of the time. Mikie is very small, he looks 8 rather then 10 and he has large brown eyes.

"Where do you think your going?" Leo picked Mokuba up by his collar and held him against the wall.

"Well, I believe I was heading for class. That is, until I was rudely interrupted by you and your asses back there." Mokuba could've mentally kicked himself. That was the second time that he got himself in way over his head.

"What!?" Leo pulled back and then slammed Mokuba into the wall again. All the breath seemed to get pulled out of him and he gasped, grabbing Leo's hands and trying to pry them off. He wanted nothing more then to touch the ground and run.

"What Leo?" He spat "did you not hear me, or did you not understand me. If you would like I could dumb that sentence back down a bit" Mokuba winced. 'What is wrong with me!? I am going to get beat up because I can't keep my trap shut!' To Mokuba's surprise, Leo dropped him.

"We'll settle this after school, at the park. If your not there, then I best suggest that you transfer to a different school." He walked off, Twitch and Mikie followed. Mokuba slid down the wall until he was sitting. 'Oh what have I got myself into?'

The rest of the day went by like usual, with the evil glares from Leo and Twitch and Noel constantly sending me notes which would say something like this:

Mokuba, be careful. Leo is tough, he'll kill you if he feels like it. Don't mess with him, leave him alone, or at least tell your brother that he is bothering you!

-Noel ^^

'Tell my brother, yeah right. I barely see him, I think that for the time I do come in contact with him that I shouldn't be bugging him and telling him that this dip-shit in my class is giving me a hard time.' A chill ran down Mokuba's spine and he glanced at Twitch just in time to see him lunch a rubber band right at his face. The rubber band misses, of course, Twitch has no aim what-so-ever. Mokuba stares at him as he silently curses and starts hunting for another rubber band. Sliding down into his chair and sighing Mokuba thinks dejectedly 'This is going to be a long day.' Mokuba flinched visibly. 'Day!? What am I thinking, I meant to say year.'


Mokuba had been dreading this all day, no, not the fight, lunch. Something always happens during lunch, and it is usually to him. He sat contently at his table talking to Noel and Autumn. Every so often he'd glance behind him, just to see if they were planning anything. After about five minutes into lunch, he and Noel were talking about the Planters' Nut when a French fry soared across the room and hit her. Mokuba knew it was most likely aimed at him, but he snapped when it hit Noel.

He stood up and stomped over to their table, already knowing who threw it, for his lack of aim. Stopping only about a foot in front of Twitch, he waited. A small smile curved onto Twitch's face and Mokuba speared him to the ground. It was a mess of fists everywhere. Twitch got in a good punch, causing Mokuba to fall backwards.

Mokuba couldn't tell what was happening around him. He heard shouts, but his head was pounding. Twitch may not be able to aim but he sure could pack a punch. Suddenly, two strong arms grabbed him and pulled him up. It was the administrator, and he didn't look happy. Twitch didn't care, he kicked Mokuba in the side and a deafening crack could be heard. Mokuba yelped and ran at him, but the administrator grabbed him again. The anger only grew and Mokuba spun around and punched him right in the gut. He doubled over and Mokuba turned to Twitch again, but before he could do anything, about 8 teachers pinned him down on the ground. He thrashed about, but couldn't break free. Finally, I gave up, letting his body go limp, and for the first time he realized the terrible pain that throbbed in his side.


The whole trip to the principal's office was a blur; Mokuba was starting to think they just teleported there. He sat there, biting his lip trying to will the pain away. He looked to Twitch and wondered if he looked as bad as Twitch did. Twitch had a black eye and blood was crusted around his nose, blood trickled from his hair line and he was pretty pale.

The sound of the door opening got Mokuba's attention and he looked up to see a pretty mad looking Seto walk in. Mokuba swallowed down the lump that was forming in his throat. Another door opened and the principal called Seto in. Seto walked by Mokuba, not even looking at him once. 'I am doomed'

For the next 10, maybe even 20 minutes the only sound to be heard was the administrator, the Principal, and Seto shouting from the other room. Finally, Seto stormed out, he walked over to Mokuba and not-to-gently took hold of his hand and pulled him up. No words were said between them, that is, until they got into the car. As soon as the car started moving Seto turned towards him.

"What were you thinking!? Mokuba Kaiba, what in God's name possessed you to do that. At first I thought that maybe you were acting out of self defense, but no, everyone saw it. You just went after that kid for no reason."

"No! You're wrong, he threw something at me, but it missed and hit my friend!"

"Then that is your friend's problem, Mokuba, not yours. What about the administrator, you had no right to do that! You are in so much trouble. You will most likely be expelled!" Mokuba tried to stop himself, he could end this argument right now, but his pride was hurt, and so was his side.

"Good! I want to be expelled, I hate that school!"

"You have no good reason to hate it, Mokuba!"

"Well, I have a good reason to hate you!" Mokuba turned and stared out the window, the tears that built up in his eyes all through that argument spilled down his cheeks. He knew he crossed the line with that and Seto's silence spoke to him, telling him that that was not such a good thing to say.

The car stopped and Mokuba ran out and into the mansion. His side ached and it hurt to breath, but he desperately wanted to get to his room. When he got there, he didn't slam the door, but shut it lightly. He walked over to his bed, laid down and cried until he fell asleep.


Seto Kaiba stood outside of Mokuba's room. His thoughts dwelled on what Mokuba had said to him and he wanted to know what this good reason to hate him was. 'Maybe he was just upset, he didn't mean what he said' but deep down, Seto was dreading that it was true. Mokuba hated him.

To Be Continued.


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