It was Christmas Eve and Ijuin Enzan was working on his computer.

"Enzan-sama, you have e-mail." Came a soft voice from his PET.

"Ignore it, Blues. It's probably from Netto. Tomorrow is a big holiday in the western world and with the stunt he pulled for that ha-ha."

"Halloween, Enzan-sama?"

"Yes. My point being he is probably coming up with another harebrained scheme."

"Yes, Enzan-sama."

Blues waited untill Enzan went to bed that night and checked to see if the e-mail was indeed from Netto. To his surprise he saw the e-mail labeled "to: Blues-kun."

"Why, would I get an e-mail?" he mused. He accessed the file and was surprised to see a small girl appear on the screen.

"Dear Blues. I hope you take a moment out of you busy day to read this but my navi whishes to have a word with you."

The girl's image faded and was replaced by that of a small girl navi. Blues gave a start to recognize her as the girl he had saved from Gospel, right before he was deleted. Blues shuddered at the memory.

"Thank-you Blues for saving me. I-I don't know if you celebrate Christmas but I am from America where it is a big holiday. When you saved my life my operator Linda and I were visiting her cousin. I made a song for you. You might want to put on your translator as it's in English."

Blues obliged and a few seconds later a beautiful, crystal voice came out of the PET. Blues smiled as the translation was scrawled on the bottom of his screen.

I'll have a blue Christmas with out Blues I'll be so blue thinking about Blues For the sacrifice you made For the time of my pain I'll never think Of you in the same way

I'll have a blue Christmas with out Blues I'll be so blue, knowing the fate you... Had accepted for me To keep me from delete So I'll have a blue Christmas

Blues smiled as the last chords faded. He watched the girl give a bow and say her good byes. Then he saved the file to permanent memory in the PET and got ready for sleep mode.

'You know, maybe Christmas isn't such a bad thing.' He thought.