The witches at St. Mungos didn't know what to do. Who did this infant girl belong to? Why had nobody come to claim her?

This was such a beautiful little girl. She had a little bit of blonde hair on top of her head and she had the prettiest green eyes. She never cried or got upset or did any of those things babies normally do. She just lay there and smiled. When she was fed she ate to her little hearts content and then giggled to let everyone know she was done.

"What should we do? It's been a month and not a single person has even taken a look sideways at her. Why isn't she in our records? This doesn't make any sense." The head witch, Zelda Winkle, often worried about why this had happened. She rarely left the infant's side.

"It's okay little one, we'll find you a nice home." Zelda was rocking the baby to sleep when a tall, thin and very old man with bright blue eyes and a long and crocked nose appeared.

"Albus! I'm so glad you could make it. It seems this child had no origin of any kind. Not a single witch knows where she came from or how she got here. We can't think of anybody who would leave this baby." Albus Dumbledore stood there and just listened to the rambling witch for a minute before saying anything. Behind him stood a severe-looking woman who's black hair was tied back into a tight bun and an old young man whose greasy black hair was disheveled.

"I'm sorry Zelda but would you excuse me and my colleagues for a moment?" Zelda bowed graciously, but the baby back into her bassinet and left the room with out any further noise.

"Professor Dumbledore, we cannot very well leave this child in the care of her aunt and uncle. They do not treat the one wizard child with the decency he deserves." Minerva McGonagall had a strong voice and when she spoke she commanded the attention of a room. "Not ever her brother knows she exists."

"Minerva, Severus, we are the only three people in the world, other than Zelda Winkle, who know this child exists. We must find someone who is willing to adopt a child. No one must ever know who this child really is. It would disrupt the balance in the wizard world forever." The panic in Albus' voice was apparent for the first time in his life. Who would they ever find who was willing to adopt a stranger child, especially a child like this?

"Professor? I'll take the child. I could raise her as my own and nobody would ever have to know that she was not." Severus Snape spoke for the very first time since they had entered the hospital.

"Severus, how would you be able to take care of this child? You don't have a job and."

"He does have a job Minerva. He is our new Potions teacher. He will always have a job at Hogwarts."

"Well, then, with a job at school who would take care of her during the school year?" Minerva was intent that Severus Snape was not ready to rear a child.

"Her godparents would. I have two friends who would be more than willing to help raise her while I worked. They have a son just a year older."

"Very well, it's settled. Severus, you will name the child, take her, and raise her as your own." Dumbledore said. "But you cannot tell anyone she is not your child. In time she may get curious about a mother, but when that time comes, we will deal with it then. There is no need for anybody to know anything other than this little girl being your daughter."

"What will you name her Severus? Do you have any names at hand?" Although Minerva didn't agree with Dumbledore's course of ethics, she supported him completely.

"Amalthea was my mother's name. Amalthea Minerva Snape."