Title: Distant Past Destined Future

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Summary: This is the third installment in a series that began a little over a year ago. This series was inspired by Cynical21's AU, An Untimely Frost. I write with her permission. She is a very generous person to share her universe with me.

The first story was Broken Promises New Beginnings. The second story was Hidden Shadows Seeking Light. Distant Past Destined Future picks up at the end of Hidden Shadows. I promised this sequel to my readers several months ago but life and a writer's block got in the way. I am writing as I go so please be patient. It might take a week or so between updates but I always finish what I start.

If you haven't read the first two stories I suggest you do so, otherwise it might be difficult to follow what is going on. Also if you haven't read Cynical21's Untimely Frost please do. It is amazing and of course directly related to the events in this story.

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/ speaking through a bond/ //private thought//


Chapter 1 Distant Past Destined Future

She sat holding his hand marveling at the strength and power his long fingers possessed and yet at the same time felt amazed as she remembered how soft and gentle they had been running through his hair and caressing her face. She felt him stir and raised her hand to his forehead hesitantly accessing their new bond she quickly infused his bright mind with a bit more sleep suggestion.

"How is he doing?" Mace Windu's voice caused her to rise to her feet in surprise. She turned to face the Master feeling for a moment as though she were a crechling caught out of bed. Mace smiled softly at the beautiful woman standing before him grateful once more that she was still among them. "Adi." He added. He watched her physically relax. It was only then that she realized that she was still holding Obi-Wan's hand.

"Mace." She breathed then returned to her place on the edge of the bed. "He's to rest. Apparently, he beat me out of the bacta but not to recovery."

"I'd hardly consider you fully recovered." Mace raised one eyebrow as he settled himself in a nearby chair and began assessing his friend's condition.

"I'm up." She defended with her characteristic confidence. "I'm not sleeping the day away like some Jedi's I know." She smiled down on the young man who had risked his own life to save hers. "He almost died." Her voice was soft in the sudden stillness of the room. Mace considered the sense of awe he found in her words.

"He obviously felt you were worth the sacrifice." He leaned forward. She glanced away from the serene face of the knight and met the soft warm eyes of the master. She sighed. It was all so much to consider. She remembered very little of her last few moments in Sidious' chamber and even less of the time she'd spent with Obi-Wan buried beneath it.

When she had awoken she'd been immediately aware that something was different. Now she understood what it was that she had sensed and how it had come into being. She only hoped that the knight didn't come to regret it. Obi-Wan had always been one to sacrifice himself for the sake of another. Perhaps this time his selflessness would come back to haunt him.

"It's a life bond." Mace commented reading the young master in the same way he'd always been able to in the past. She nodded her eyes never leaving Kenobi's face. "The Council could recommend that it be removed. They could accomplish it here in the Healer's wing possibly before he wakes again." He had to make the offer. The Council had to know for certain that the bond which had been forged without the young Masters consent was indeed something she would have voluntarily sought.

Adi merely shook her head feeling her eyes fill with tears as she reached deep within her mind and touched the new link to man she had come to love.

"So this is something that you want?" Mace asked his tone no longer that of a friend but more of a representative of the Council.

"More than anything in the universe." She looked up smiling unshed tears still shining in her bright blue eyes. Mace returned the smile and nodded. "But what if he doesn't want it?" She offered her expression suddenly twisting with uncertainty.

Mace glanced down at the man still sleeping peacefully. He wondered if Obi- Wan had any idea he had indeed been forming this bond as he fought for Adi's life? He wondered if Adi was right to have misgivings. In truth no one would know until Obi-Wan woke and had the opportunity to sort out the consequences of his actions.

"The Council will make him the same offer that it extended to you. If he doesn't want the bond to remain, it will be his right to opt for its removal." Adi nodded schooling her emotions. It was important that Obi- Wan choose for himself without feeling any pressure from the one he was now bonded to.

Mace rose and headed for the door. As he past the young master he laid his hand on the young woman's shoulder and squeezed it gently earning him another smile as Adi looked up at him.

"I'm so grateful you are still with us Master Gallia." His voice was thick with emotion.

"I'm grateful your life was spared as well Master Windu. It seems you beat both of us to recovery." She smiled.

"I am still undergoing outpatient treatments and will be for some time, but they are predicting a full recovery." Mace stepped away. It was only then that Adi noted the fatigue in the man.

"You need to rest." She offered.

"I'm off to my quarters to do just that." He replied heading for the door. "If they spring you come by, we can curl up in my living area and watch all the lastest holovids we never get to see." He turned back as she nodded her acceptance of his invitation.

She watched the door close before turning her attention back to the man peacefully oblivious to her presence. She reached down and brushed the hair off of his forehead.

// A Life Bond.// She let her mind run over the smooth edges of this thought while her eyes ran over the features of the man she now shared this connection with. //Would you still have saved me had you known that you'd possibly be stuck with me for life?//

She watched the young Knight shift in his sleep and felt a slight panic at the possibility of facing him now that the link existed. She took a deep breath and schooled her emotions carefully skirting the area of her mind where the new bond lived. It was growing warmer as it gathered strength with each passing moment. She found it hard to resist touching it. She knew if she did that it would feel like him. It would be bright, joyous and alive. It would make her smile as she always did whenever she caught a certain mischievous glint in his playful green eyes.

It was at that moment that those same eyes chose to open and smile up at her.

"So you won the bacta bet but didn't we also have something riding on who would get to their feet first?" She teased. He shook his head as he reached up and cupped her lovely face. His expression melted into elated gratitude as he pulled her down to him and captured her mouth in a passionate kiss. When she finally pulled away she noticed the unshed tears shining in his eyes and knew they were mirrored by her own.

"I thought I'd lost you." His voice was hoarse from disuse and emotion. Not wanting to break down completely, Adi swallowed hard realizing that she could only manage a weak nod. "You scared me." Obi-Wan admitted. "Don't ever do that again." He warned and she realized how badly the thought of losing her had shaken him. She shook her head and smiled at him offering him the best promise that she could. They both realized as Jedi there was only so much danger that they could avoid, but she chose to give him her word anyway.

"You taste like bacta." She finally managed and enjoyed the warm rumble of his laughter. Joining in she allowed him to pull her down next to him in the bed. She curled up against his side and laid her head on his chest. "You are to rest. Mira is very concerned." He knew that she was serious and nodded his accent.

"I feel very tired." He confessed. "I don't think I've ever felt this tired before."

"You've never defeated a Sith Lord before." She offered in defense.

"I didn't defeat him." His words revealed his disappointment and frustration with that fact. "He got away." His alarm was evident. She ran her hand up his side and then rested it on his chest holding him in place.

"Once you're regained your strength I'm sure you will fight another day. Let it go for now." She advised. "You're no good in a fight in your present condition. You must allow yourself to heal." Obi-Wan knew she was right. He knew she was making sense, but still the feeling of urgency persisted. He took a calming breath and released his frustration and defeat into the Force. It was then that he remembered the bond.

"So is it a Life Bond?" He asked his breath warm in her hair. She nodded against his chest. She remained still allowing him the opportunity to deal with its existence without any pressure or interference on her part.

Obi-Wan closed his eyes. He could see it so clearly now. He rushed up to it marveling at its strength. It was beautiful. It was so like Adi. It was strong and bright. It was resourceful and steadfast. He reached out and felt her rush through him. He immediately sat up and stared down at her in amazement.

"It's wonderful. You're wonderful." He declared touching it once more. "It's much stronger than it was." He observed. He noticed her furrowed brow and ran his hand over her forehead smoothing the skin. "I felt it from the first. I knew when it was formed. It was the only way I could channel my life into you." His voice was apologetic. Adi smirked and sat up next to him cupping his face with her hands her eyes searching deeply into his.

"Thank you for saving me." She whispered before kissing him once more. This time when their bodies pulled away there were no jokes of bacta. They were both aware of the weight of this moment and the impact it might have on the rest of their lives.

"Master Windu came by." Adi began and noted Obi-Wan's surprise. "He is much better." She assured him. He smiled brightly then nodded waiting for her to continue. "He wanted us to know that the Council is willing to support the removal of the bond if either of us wishes it." Adi forced her expression and voice to remain neutral. This was something that Obi-Wan had to decide on his own. She wouldn't allow her own feelings to influence him.

She watched as he rolled his lips into his mouth considering her words. "May I ask what your response was?" His sea green eyes piercing her midnight blues, Adi refused to give in to the urge to look away.

"You may ask, but I won't tell you." She replied. "You must state your own feelings on the matter. Mine should be of no consequence." He nodded knowing she was right. He knew what he wanted. He had known it even as the bond had been born into life. Looking up he pushed all his past insecurities aside and met her gaze once more.

"I want this bond more than anything I've ever wanted in my life." Her smile told him everything he needed to know. This time when they kissed they both reached for the bond. It overwhelmed them in its intensity. They felt the merging of each other's emotions bleeding out and over their minds and bodies. They'd neither ever felt so connected to another being in their lives.

It was wonderful and frightening. It was glorious and exposing. Adi could sense the power in the man she was holding. It was so obvious to her now that he was the Chosen One. His grasp of the force intensifying their connection. Just when she felt she was about to be swept away Obi-Wan pulled back leaving her with the breathless anticipation that all young lovers experience.

"Motivation to get well." He whispered against her lips placing yet another soft embrace there.

"You are now under strict order to do nothing but concentrate on getting out of here." She ordered firmly as she pulled him closer to her once more.

"You know I'm sure we could manage to be alone for a few hours here." He ventured playfully.

"You are joking." She pulled back laughing. "There is no way that our first time will be in the healer's wing." She announced firmly. "Just because you grew up here doesn't mean it has any special sentiment for me." He laughed and laid back down taking her with him.

"I guess there will be a ceremony to plan." He ventured. She curled softly into his side. He marveled that a Jedi Master with such strength and power could also be so gentle and vulnerable.

"I guess so." She smiled against his neck, kissing it softly. "How about you concentrate on recovering and I'll concentrate on the ceremony." He nodded and relaxed further into the mattress. The deep weariness of his injuries began pulling on him once more. She sensed the shift in his body and wondered if perhaps he needed to return to the bacta tank for a few days to speed things along.

"Bite your tongue." He replied hearing her thoughts clearly in his mind. She furrowed her brow. She wasn't sure how she felt about having her thoughts so easily heard.

"This is going to take some getting use to." She offered feeling overexposed. He pulled her closer to him as he settled into the beginnings of sleep.

"We'll get use to it." He mumbled sleepily. "We have our whole lives to figure it out."

Something about his words filled her body with joy. He was right. This moment was so different from the last time she had been in his arms. The memory was dark and confusing but even in the midst of her pain Adi had realized that her life was slipping away. In that moment she had silently mourned the loss of what might have been between them.

Now that future would be realized. It felt right. This felt right to be here, safe in his arms, feeling the rise and fall of his chest beneath her with the steady beat of his loving heart pulsing through the bond. That heart reminder her with each beat that they had survived. Sometimes just that alone was enough to count the day as a victory.

She had no idea what the future held for them, but for now lying safely in his arms she was determined to live in this moment.


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