"On this page, I write my last confession. Read it well, when I at last am sleeping. It's a story, of

those who always loved you...your mother gave her life for you and gave you to my keeping. Take

my hand and lead me to salvation. Take my love, fore love is everlasting. And remember, the truth

that once was spoken, to love another person is to see the face of god!" Oh Inari I love that song!

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"Cost us our lives ya say? Well it wouldn't be bein' the first time we be hearin' that now

would it Touya?!" The red headed demon said with a mischievous grin.

Sazuka gave the youkai an annoyed frown. "No my dear friend, I said it would cost YOU

YOUR life. Meaning, YOU must do this alone."

"Alone ya say? But why? Me and Touya were always doin' things together. Why do ya

wanna go and change it now?"

"Touya cannot go with you because this quest is one that will truly test your devotion to the

ice demon. If you really want to help your....friend, then you must go on without him. But I must

tell now, that after examining him, he has something far worse than just a lack of sight."

"Huh? Whatcha mean?"

"The sockets of his eyes have become infected and it is possible that, without proper

treatment, it will become fatal. It is my recommendation that Touya stay with me, but I cannot

make any promises as to whether or not the infection will get better. If I were you, I'd leave as soon

as possible."

"Well were is it that I be goin' off to! Ya haven't explained a lick of it!"

"Clearly you are not aware that patience is a virtue." He reached into his pocket and

extracted from it a map and a miniature version of the book he had read in the back room. He

handed both these items to the wind master. "If you turn to page 32, chapter 4, paragraph 2, you'll

find the layout of your quest. Follow the instructions completely and do not stray from them. If you

do.....then I am not sure what will happen to you or your friend."

The youkai took the items and held them lightly in his hands. He had absolutely NO idea

what Sazuka was talking about, but if Touya was in danger, then he was willing to do anything.

"All right then, I'll be leavin' first thing in the mornin'. That'll at least be givin' me a chance ta

read this."

"So it's settled then. You may stay here for the night if you wish, BUT NO LOUD

NOISES! After all, I have to get my beauty sleep."


It was late in the evening, almost dusk, and Touya could not help asking the Beautiful

Sazuka why he had told Jin what he had. "Beautiful Sazuka?"

"Yes Touya?"

"Why did you tell Jin I had an infection even before you told me? Why did you not tell me

of it when we were alone? It would have been easier if I had told him...but you did not even give me

the chance!"

The clown youkai began to chuckle. "My dear ice demon did you really think I was being

serious when I told that story?"


"You have no infection Touya, no illness what so ever."

"Then why..."

"It was necessary for me to tell him that in order for the mission to be completed


"I still don't understand."

"Look, the task laid before Jin is one that is filled with many dangers. If he were to go on

without anything to keep him motivated, then he would just as soon turn back. But, if he thinks that

you may die if he does not do this, then he will not only complete it, but complete it faster for the


"It's still wrong. What if something should happen to him? If I am not really sick, then I do

not wish for him to risk his life. I'd just as rather stay without my eyes than be without him."

"I told him that lie for another reason as well."

"And what was that?"

"You told me yourself Touya, that you are not sure if he shares your feelings."

"I never said that."

"You didn't have to. Jin wanted his wind back and in order to get it, he denounced his love

for you. Because of this, you fear that his love may have no foundations. Let him complete this

quest....and you shall have your answer."

"But what is this quest?"

"Perhaps that is something you should ask him...."


Touya found Jin a few streets away from Sazuka's shop, looking out from Daisuki's

massive front gate. He was looking straight ahead, eyes unmoving, even when he felt the ice demon

come upon him. "Jin? What are you doing out here? You should be inside resting."

The wind master was silent for a moment, as though he were carefully choosing his next

words. "I.......I was plannin' on leavin'."

"Without saying good-bye....?"

"It wasn't like that Touya....It's just.....it's just that I couldn't be standin' the idea a sayin'

my farewell ta ya. I just don't think I could a handled it." He turned his head back to look at the

city. Though it lacked the lights of Gandara, Daisuki had its own charm and beauty in the falling

light. "Ya know.....I'm really gonna be missin' this place. I know we were only bein' here for a

short time.....but I can feel the power in this place." He looked forward again. "Touya?"

"Yes Jin?"

"I remember."

"Remember what?"

"Everythin', everythin' that we went through." The wind master's voice became shaky and

his eyes began to sting with the pain of tears that crept slowly through him. "I know I wasn't sayin'


his friend and, though Touya couldn't see it, he knew that he was crying.

"Jin it's..." But his sentence was left unfinished, fore he was taken suddenly into a harsh and

yet loving embrace.

"Touya, I'm so sorry! I just was thinkin' that if I didn't say anythin' about it, then it would

be like it never happened!"

"Jin, the ordeal with Risho is long since over. We can truly place that behind us now."

"It's not just bein' that."

"Then what is it?"

"Touya.....I remember Kinno, I be rememberin' the yami! I never forgot. I knew what had

happened when we were wakin' up after ya made yer wish. I knew it just the same as you did!"

Jin's crying became stronger, and the fabric of Touya's shirt was beginning to become damp with

the flow of many tears. "And now look what's happened ta ya! Ya may die 'cause a me!"

"Jin, this wasn't your fault. You had no control over your own emotions when the yami

took you. I do not blame you for your actions."

"But I blame myself! I knew what it was I was doin' when I asked for me wind back. I let

ya down then.....but I won't be lettin' that happen again! I'm gonna do what it says in that book!

I'm gonna save ya and then be with ya like I should a done in the first place!"

Touya thought for a moment about the lie Sazuka had told Jin. Even if it was just so the

wind youkai would complete the task, the ice master still thought it wrong. Jin was truly upset over

this, and Touya could see now that Jin was sorry for what he had done. But he couldn't just take it

all back now. No. Sazuka was right. He would let his friend go on this journey, let him completely

atone for the wrongs he had done. It was the only way to really know.....how the wind master truly


Jin raised his head from Touya's shoulder and wiped his eyes roughly with his hand. "I'm

gonna be leavin' now Touya, tell Sazuka I said thanks for what he's done." He stroked the blue

haired youkai's pale cheek with his finger. "Keep yer head up Touya, remember what I was always

tellin' ya: 'ya should NEVER be able ta tell me the color of the ground beneath yer feet.'. I'll be

back soon, and with the cure ta boot! I promise ya that...."

The wind master turned and began to walk down the path out of the city. Over his shoulder

he feel Touya watching him, and everything about him cried out that he should turn around and go

back, be together with the youkai he so adored! But that, at least for the moment, could not be. He

had made a promise, and to that promise he would keep.

Ahead of him, the road seemed to stretch out forever. It was indeed going to take some time

to travel to where it was he needed to go. But that was alright. He was doing this for Touya. That's

when the wind demon remembered something else from his past, a song that he used to sing to the

ice youkai when they went on long journeys together. He had never been able to remember the end,

but it never really mattered. And now was just the same. It was merely a song to help pass the time,

and now, one to honor the memory of the friend he was leaving behind:

"Roads go ever, ever on

Over rock and under tree.

By caves where never sun has shone,

By streams which never find the sea.

Over snow by winter sown,

And through the merry flowers of June.

Over grass and over stone!

Under the mountains in the moon!"

And so he was on his way, his unfinished melody reaching the ears of any who cared to

listen. And as Touya heard the last bits of sound become lost over the barren hills, he suddenly

wondered if he would indeed ever get to hear the end of the song that had been sung to him......so

many time before........


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