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Summary: AU. A "faerie" tale with elves, vampires, and reincarnation. Draco's a transfer student who arrives at Hogwarts during Harry's seventh year, trying to fulfill a promise made nearly a hundred years ago. But what is this promise and does it have to do with Harry? D/H!

Last Enchantment

Once upon a time long ago, there lived those called the Sidhe faeries. The faeries were known for their close connection to the earth, for being able to summon nature to help them in dire times. Most faeries had no wings- and they weren't the size of your palm. In fact, most faeries didn't look anything like muggle stories, for they were only slightly smaller than humans and did not even have the pointed ears. Faeries were known by the sun-kissed skin, their small stature, and their affinity to all living things.

There were two races of Sidhe faeries: the Seelie, and the Unseelie. Seelie faeries were intensely loyal to their king and queen, and loved the untamed wonders of natures. Unseelie faeries were loyal to their royal family, yes, but they believed that nature could be cultivated. At first the two races had lived together peacefully, but then disagreements began to arise, and the Unseelie royalty grew bitter seeing how loved the Seelie were.

The Unseelie prince killed the Seelie Crown Prince in a fit of rage one day, and from that time on was banished from the kingdom. When the Unseelie king and queen heard of this, the grew outraged- how dare the Seelie banish their son? What gave them that right?

They staged an attempt to overthrow the Seelie royalty, but was found out at the last minute. They were then banished as well, and all Unseelie faeries followed their king and queen to a land where there was no light, where they grew more bitter and angry by the year. But the royal family of the Unseelie soon died when they could not adapt to the land of no light. The throne of the Unseelie was taken by a distant relative, who ceased all attacks on the Seelie so that they could learn to survive in such a different land first.

It was thousands of years later that the last king and queen of the Seelie faeries had been cursed. The curse that fell upon them made the queen barren, ensuring that she could not have children. Sidhe faeries were well known for large families, as they drew pride in their offspring. The curse could only have been issued by the royal family of the Unseelie faeries- the enemies of the Seelie, who had been banned from the light. The Unseelie family denied it vehemently, stating that the Seelie had not proof.

Both sides had been on edge for many years already, both ready to fight each other. The royal family of the Unseelie had thin blood, for their direct royal line had died out long ago. It was no secret that they hated the Seelie especially for having royal blood still, and they wished to make their enemies as weak as they were themselves.

It almost took a war between the two faeries races before the Seelie king relented, despairing over ever having an heir with his queen. The people of the kingdom were heartbroken, as they loved their king and queen dearly, and knew that this curse would mean the end of the lineage of Seelie royalty, as the king had no brothers and sisters, his own parents having died too young. Distant relations could not control the mighty throne of the Seelie faeries, as their blood was not strong enough to bear the burden of the throne.

The kingdom had been in mourning for nearly a year before they realized- their queen was pregnant! She had been pregnant before the curse had been cast on her, so that this child had come into being. A faerie's gestation period being nearly 24 months, she had not realized that she was pregnant until the middle of her pregnancy. She was ecstatic and happily informed her husband, whom cried tears of happiness and promised then and there that his child would never want for anything.

When the faerie prince was finally born, all of the Seelie kingdom came to give him blessings, all of them falling in love with the smiling, gurgling babe and taking it upon themselves to assure that no harm would ever befall their prince. They gave him many gifts, and showered him with offerings. Each faerie took it upon his or herself to offer the king and queen their time, learning, and skill to teach to the young babe- so that the child would not only grow up to be a great leader, but have a respect for his people- those who will teach him everything he knows.

* * *

Harry rushed into the classroom frantically, wondering if he had been late due to the Slytherins tripping him in the hallway and making him drop all his books. It hadn't helped that he couldn't find his glasses that morning, only to realize that he had left it with Neville (who had already gone off to breakfast) the day before during their study sessions for Potions. It was only the first class in the morning, but Harry already felt miserable enough to last a week.

Breathing a relieved sigh when he realized that the Professor wasn't there yet, Harry slid himself into a seat next to Hermione, seeing that the seat next to Ron was already taken by Seamus. Hermione sent a worried look his way when he kneaded his temples harshly.

"You weren't at breakfast this morning." She said to him quietly, nudging him under the table with a muffin. "You really shouldn't be missing meals, Harry. Especially breakfast."

Harry took the muffin graciously under the table. "Thanks. But I was looking for something this morning."

"Yes, your glasses." Hermione seemed amused. "Neville remembered it at breakfast, so he gave it to me." She leaned over to go through her schoolbag, pulling out a pair of round, black framed glasses. "You should have just asked about it."

Harry looked slightly abashed, but took the glasses anyway, giving her a polite thanks. He barely had time to put them on before their Defense Against Dark Arts teacher came in, flustered and nearly bouncing with anticipation.

"Sorry about the delay, class!" The professor was saying excitedly, but I was just escorting a guest speaker for today's lesson." He waved towards the door, where there was a figure shrouded in white. "We're studying the Faerie race today! Particularly, the Sidhe faeries- the Seelie!"

"A guest speaker for faeries?" Harry turned towards Hermione, quite curious.

The girl in question shrugged. "I heard they all died off about a hundred years ago. I don't know why we have a guest speaker for a subject like this…"

The guest speaker in question made its way up to where the Professor was standing quite gracefully, her face still cloaked in white. The long thing that could be seen was long, dirty blonde flowing from under the hood. The settled herself quite comfortably in a seat in front of the room with the help of the professor, and pulled back her hood with elegant hands.

A gasp when over the room when they saw her pointed ears and amused expression.

"She's an elf!"

The seventh year Gryffindor and Slytherin DADA class had been studying elves and faeries for the last few weeks already, but had never thought that they would get an actual representative to talk to them. They had been going over the ways of defending themselves against Unseelie faerie magics and how some elven magics would apply to them.

The elf in particular looked rather… well, dreamy was a way of saying it. She looked quite dazed, as if she was half daydreaming. Harry wasn't sure what to make of her, with the pale skin and blonde hair. She looked rather like any other human being he had seen with the exception of her ears and the way she was dressed. Weren't elves supposed to glow with their luminescent skin? Be beautiful and wise with an affinity with the trees?

She was beautiful… rather plain, actually. And she didn't look wise at all- she looked like a teenager about to fall asleep in class!

Harry sneaked a look to the right of him where the new transfer student was sitting. He looked like what Harry imaged elves would be. Grey eyes that were tinged with blue, white-blonde hair that was slicked back so not to fall in his face and obscure his vision. Pale, pale skin and a posture that spoke of aristocracy and elegance.

A hard yank on his robes brought Harry's focus to the front of class again, and he didn't catch the curious gaze of the boy whom he had been examining earlier. Hermione was glaring at him, telling him not so subtly to pay attention. Their guest speaker was talking to them.

"Hello, friends." She had a faint smile on her lips. When she smiled, it certain made her look a lot more mythical than she had before, but Harry still had the nagging feeling that she looked mythical like a fortune teller would look mythical… instead of a magical creature.

"Our speak today is Princess Luna Lovegood, a representative from a land that is very close to where the Seelie faeries once resided!" the professor was practically beaming with delight. "And since for the last week, we've been going over the Unseelie and how to defend against their magic, I thought the all of you would be glad to hear the story about the Seelie faeries."

Harry wasn't much surprised when Hermione's hand went up in the air.

"Yes, Miss Granger?"

"But haven't all the Seelie faeries died out already, professor? You told us that they died when the last Prince of the Seelie died."

The professor looked slightly flustered. "Well, yes, but-"

"The Seelie faeries are not dead, of that I can assure you."

The elven princess had a bemused look. "The history books have gotten it all wrong."

There was a quick moment where Harry heard Ron's quiet snort to know that the books had gotten something like that wrong, and Hermione's answering twitch of tension. He almost missed when the elf's eyes flicker over to the boy on the right of him, softening her expression just a bit and giving a faint nod.

Harry stole a glance at the new boy suspiciously.

"The Seelie faeries are not dead as history would have informed you. They are merely waiting, all of them deep in sleep due to grieving and a promise made long ago."

"Waiting?" Hermione asked. "Waiting for what?"

Luna cast a speculative look, as if trying to remember something deep in her thoughts. "Waiting for the rebirth of their prince, of course. They made a promise to the last King of Queen of the Sidhe that each faerie warrior would fight and die for their prince. The last prince of the Seelie- I'm sure that a inquisitive girl like you would have already known about that."

The Gryffindor girl straightened up a little at the compliment, now even more curious.

Lavender raised her hand from behind their table. "But wasn't the last Seelie prince killed by the Unseelie? They cursed him to die before he could be old enough for his coronation, didn't they?"

"No doubt she read that in a romance novel." Hermione muttered under her breath. Harry only snorted in agreement. The tale of the last Sidhe prince had been romanticized that even the boys in Hogwarts had heard several versions of stories that the girls have read- of heroines who found the magical kingdom and fell in love with the prince before he died. It was romantic, yes, but to a point where it was also sickening.

"They cursed him to die before his coronation, yes." The elvish princess was saying. "And yes, the last prince of the Seelie did die. Nearly a hundred years ago, I'd say. Very, very sad. Had to be one of the most tragic romances I know."

"So he was in love!" Lavender proclaimed, sounding quite satisfied with herself. "Was it a human girl like they said in most of the tales?"

"Oh, goodness, no!" The princess almost sounded horrified. "Is that what they write in those rubbish nowadays? I can't believe I used to read things like that…"

Harry rested his head in the palm of his hand, leaning slightly to one side and waiting for the conversation to drone on. Gah. He hadn't thought that they would be talking about such girlish topics. Weren't faeries supposed to be interesting due to the strong earth magic and connection to nature they had? The thing that had stuck to Harry's mind the most over the last week was how faeries were supposed to be able to control nature to an extent.

Now wouldn't that be great to use against Voldemort?

Harry envisioned a stick-figure thought of the Dark Lord trapped by trees and earth, cursing and growling as he was attacked by all sides by leaves and moss... and maybe pink flowers. His stick-figure Voldemort raised a stick-figure fist to shake at him.

Harry chuckled.

"The faerie prince fell in love with a vampire."

There was an immediate cacophony of hushed whispers that broke Harry out of his daydreaming. Luna didn't even seem to notice the reaction that she had provoked. Instead, she got a dreamy smile on her face as she clapped her hands together, clearly enthused about something.

"Yes, yes… I remember the story completely. The Seelie Prince had fallen in love with a vampire before his parents had died. That was before the war between the Seelie and Unseelie faeries had reached its apex. The Royal family had been quite distraught at first- not to blame them, of course. I mean- vampire blood in the pureblooded fey line? It was unthinkable! But of course, the fey race loved their prince too much to deny him anything."

"A vampire, then…" came the hushed tones of the girls who say behind Harry. Even the boys were talking now, as they hadn't heard that before. "She must have been extremely beautiful, to catch the eye of a faerie prince…"

The elvish princess's smile faltered. "He. He was extremely charming, yes. Of course, vampires are known to be charming, but he was much more wonderful and doting than could have been expected."

There was a sudden silence as the information was digested.

"It's not any less romantic!" Luna protested, seeing the disbelief on the students' faces. "In fact, I've met with him quite a few times."

"Oh, have you?" Parvati exclaimed excitedly, as she seemed to be the first to recover, voice brimming with curiosity. "How do you know that he was the one, though? Couldn't he have just been lying to you?"

The elf looked quite smug. "He wasn't lying to me because I've actually seen the two of them together. I have visited the faerie land before, with it was still thriving."

With that comment, the dam was loose with an entourage of questions.

* * *

"Well… that was interesting."

It was just after class and right before lunch. Double Defense Against Dark Arts had sounded interesting to Harry at first, but now he was really dreading that class. He and Ron were lounging outside nearby the lake, trying to shake off all the girly 'oooh's and 'ahhh's and giggling during the last class. Hermione already had her homework out, ready to finish an assignment even before it was 'time' (according to Harry and Ron, that is) to do homework.

"Interesting is the wrong word to use." Ron groaned and rolled over on the grass, propping his head up on his arms. "Hermione! I thought we agreed not to do work on homework until after dinner- in the library?"

"You agreed to it. I didn't." she answered back, not even taking her eyes off the book that she was referencing out of. "But the class was certainly interesting. I thought I read all about the faeries last week, but there's actually more to that. Fascinating, really!"

"Maybe to you."

Harry was sitting leaned against a tree next to wear Hermione was sitting on one of the roots. He seemed pensive for a moment. "It sounds almost unbelievable."

"Doesn't it?" Hermione prompted. "I almost wonder if she were telling the truth had I not read that elves couldn't lie…"

"But it sounds like something either Parvati or Lavender would read!" Ron protested. "All that about true love and whatnots. The two fall in love, one gets cursed, dies, and now the other spends eternity looking for him?"

"I think it's romantic." Hermione's reply fell on deaf ears.

"But you can't say that she's lying." Harry protested weakly. He really didn't want to participate in this conversation, but he didn't want to get dragged into it either, which he knew he would be if he had stayed silent. "Like 'Mione said- elves don't lie."

"Maybe she didn't know. Maybe she, like every other girl, is stuck on this 'romantic' concept and can't see that it's just a fairy tale."

"Maybe you're just stuck on the notion that you don't have a girlfriend." Hermione replied bitterly.

Ron shut up. He gave her a weak glare that she didn't even bother to reply to.

"I don't understand why the two of you are going on about this. It's just history." Harry had focused his eyes on the pale blonde boy that had stepped out into the sunlight as well, shading his eyes with his hand. The dark haired boy really didn't want to think on the tale any more. It unnerved him, for some reason, when they talked of the curse that ended the faerie lineage.

"Well, yes…" Hermione followed where Harry was looking, then goggled. "What is he doing?"

The blonde in question had climbed up a tree to the highest point that he could get to, and then sat with one leg dangling over the edge of a branch, and taking out a small pocketbook, stared straight at the three of them.

Harry shuddered. It was unnerving, to say the least. The blonde Slytherin was a transfer student from Beauxbatons who had arrived nigh a week ago. The trio hadn't known what to expect from him at first, so had left him alone, but had been weirded out when he didn't do anything that the other Slytherins did, instead preferring to sit in a dark corner and study people.

"Why does he always stare at us?" Was Ron's unnerved murmurs, as the previous conversation was forgotten. The redhead shifted uncomfortably, and drew his robes closer to himself in the spring air. "Merlin knows why he transferred schools in the middle of his seventh year… maybe he was expelled for staring at people."

"You can't expel someone for that." Hermione amended. "Not unless someone was cursed."

"Maybe he's cursing us now." Ron nearly whispered it, and Hermione twitched before hitting him over the head with her book. "Ow! Geez- what was that for?!"

"You should stop gossiping, Ron. Spreading tales about a fellow student when they've done nothing wrong to you! You're a prefect, you should act like one!"

Harry only shook his head with amusement as Ron pouted unsuccessfully to try and gain Hermione's sympathy. He then turned his focus to cool, grey orbs that stared at him from beneath the canopy of the leaves. There was something about the boy that seemed… old. But not old as in age. The Slytherin, Draco Malfoy, seemed timeless. He certainly looked a bit older than seventeen… but who was Harry to judge on appearances? He himself looked like he belonged in fifth year at the most.

Harry pushed his glasses up to rub at his eyes. His vision had been all whacked up the last few weeks, and his eyes ached from staring through his glasses. Maybe I need a new prescription, Harry thought randomly. I should talk to Professor McGonagall about going to Hogsmede to get new glasses.

He took off the said frames, and opened his eyes only to see the blurry earth below him.

Yup. Definitely need a new prescription. I can barely see three feet in front of myself!

He frowned at the blurriness of his vision. Certainly his eyesight had never been that terrible before, had it? Looking up into the sky, the vast horizon of blue looked the same as before… but the sky could hardly blur in his eyes when it was endless blue, anyway.


The dark haired Gryffindor turned towards Ron.

"C'mon. It's time to go to lunch." There was a bemused tone in Ron's voice, and Harry blinked when he realized he'd been staring at the sky for a while now.

Getting up quickly, he hurried after his two best friends, completely missing the stare that followed him into the castle.

* * *

There was something about green eyes that always got to him. Not greenish-yellow, nor diluted with any other colors. Just green. Green like nature, like evergreen trees, like the soft moss that covered the Enchanted Forest layer upon layer… like emeralds.

He shook his head to clear the painful memories. All the students should be at lunch by now, but he didn't want to join them in that noisy, festering crowd of children. He knew that there was someone seeking to talk with him, someone who wasn't a bumbling girl from the younger years, wanting to ask him questions about himself and blushing all the while.

No, this was a bumbling older girl who wouldn't blush while speaking to him, instead choosing to drag him around and talk nonstop.

He had barely step a foot back into the castle when-

"Ah! I was just looking for you!" The girl he had been thinking about rushed up to him, beaming all the while. "I haven't talked to you for ages, Draco!"

The blonde Slytherin stifled an inward sigh. "Two years. We haven't talked in two years."

She latched onto his arm, smiling at his discomfort. "That's a long time to me."

"It shouldn't be." He grumbled, allowing himself to be dragged down the corridor. "Not when you're bloody older than me."

"Tsk tsk. You shouldn't speak that way about a lady's age. You never know when you'd get slapped."

He rolled his eyes heavenward. "Then what is it milady wants?"

"Just to catch up, of course!" She glanced over at him with a grin that wasn't befitting of her station. "What did you think of this morning, huh? Huh? Didn't I sound wise and mature?"

It was hard to think of Luna Lovegood as still being a child by elvish standards- especially when she was easily over two thousand years old. Young when thinking of how long elves lived, of course. But she was still ancient to him, and he wouldn't let her forget it.

"You sounded like you were trying to imitate someone. It seemed very fake."

Luna pouted at him, drawing him to a stop. "I was trying to sound like my aunt Sybil. She always sounds so wise and all-knowing."

Oh no. Not her again.

"Luna- she doesn't exist."

"She does too! Just because she's invisible and isn't tangible doesn't mean that she's not there. I mean- everyone believes in ghosts, so why don't you believe in Sybil?"

How long have they had this argument again? She really was a child!

"Ghosts can be seen. Hogwarts is full of ghosts. Whereas, your invisible friend does not exist. All those little trinkets and gadgets that you wanted me to find so long ago doesn't exist either. I should have know better than to listen to you before I read actual facts about them being fictional."

Luna huffed. "You're just a non-believer, that's all."

Amazing as it were, seeing that childish glare and arguing with her made him relax just a bit. Arguing with her was familiar. And it was a lot less tense than being around hundreds of children whom had the most confusing and projective thoughts.

Draco took the opportunity to lean against a window they had stopped by, absently making sure that there was no one there to overhear them. "And you're the same as always. Should I inquire as to why you're here? I know that the elves wouldn't send someone to the wizarding world unless you actually volunteered for it."

Luna beamed at him under her fall of dirty blond hair. "Well, I wanted to visit an old friend and see what he was up to."

"And what is he up to?"

"Well, I don't know. I was just about to ask."

Draco gave a nostalgic smile. Talking with Luna really brought him back to old times. She was a sweet child, if a little ditzy and spoiled. After all, elves don't often have children- so she was more than adored for quite a while. He had always felt like the older of the two, even though that was obviously not true.

He relaxed just slightly. "Same as I'm always up to, Luna. Trying to catch up with the modern world."

"You haven't heard from him for a while?"

She didn't have to state who he was. He was the reason that they had first met, after all.

"Not really. He was the one who wanted me to come here, but who's to know what his motives are? It's been quite a while since I've met with him. He could have changed."

Him, him, him. Draco didn't want to talk about him.

Luna studied him closely, quite contemplative. "Alright, then. How's your search going? Are you okay?"

"Fine." Draco replied tersely. "Everything's going fine, I'm fine… surely this wasn't the question you wanted to ask me. You should have already known the answer that I would give you."

"Well, it's what Emerald would have wanted me to ask-"

"Emerald isn't here."

"And that's why I'm asking for him!" Luna was beginning to sound irritated. "You know that I promised him I would check up on you."

"And you know as well as I do that I don't like people checking up on me." Draco didn't like anyone mentioning that name. He didn't want to be reminded of what happened so long ago. Yes, Draco was still searching, but after so long- he just wanted some rest. He would continue to search, but he didn't want to be reminded everything minute, every day, every year. It was too painful. He didn't want to remember until the time came.

Luna sighed. "Well, if it helps… there's a boy here who looks like him."

Didn't she think he already knew that? "There are many boys who look like him."

Luna glared. "Now you're just being difficult."

"So I'm being difficult when I'm stating the truth?"

"No, you're being difficult when you purposely try to evade my trying to help you."

Draco pushed himself off the window that he had been leaning on. "Look, Luna." He started. "I appreciate it. God knows I appreciate all your help, and you trying to keep me out of trouble. I know that you also want to help me look for him. But it's just not possible. I can't have anyone's help in this. I know that you try and point things out for me, but… I would like to continue this search alone."

Luna took a moment to survey her friend, then nodded while making a face. The wording should have bothered her, but she was already used to harsher comments than that coming from him. "Fine. I can't stay long anyway. I'm leaving in two days to go back. I just came to tell you that you're more than welcome back into the elven havens. This search can't be easy on you, and if you want to rest for a few years… well, you know where to find us."

He breathed out a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Milady."

He had already turned and was about to leave when she called out again.

"And Draco? Just remember… we wouldn't hesitate to help you. You or Emerald."

He didn't acknowledge those words.

continued in chapter 2

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