This is just a little poem from Gene's point of view about Phineas's life, his death, and the love Gene was afraid to show him. I think it's pretty obvious throughout the novel just how much Gene cares for Finny, and that what he feels for his friend is not just friendship. Thoughts like these are expressed in the poem. You have been warned. On a lighter note, if you like it, please review! Later! ~Rachael~

What Made Phineas Cry

A Separate Peace Poem

Narrated by Gene Forrester


In that Summer Session my whole life changed course.

My best friend Phineas coerced us by force

To play all his games, from gambling to blitzball.

But to jump from that tree was the hardest of all.


Finny just loved life, thought it was delicious.

But I didn't believe this show; I was suspicious.

Then one night I showed the true side of me

And shook Phineas from the tree.


Then we all heard a sickening crack

And I knew my life would never change back...


We didn't know our future held such pain.

We didn't know of fear or hurt or shame.

We never suspected that one of us would die.

We never guessed the reason why.

I never knew Finny would cry.

Nobody knew Finny would cry.


I visited him in the hospital bed.

His cheeks were flushed a crimson red

And down them coursed a steady flow

Of tears I didn't want to know.


When I saw my beloved crying,

I realized that it was something

That I could not bear to think about.

It made me scream, it made me shout.


But no matter where I sought,

His accident was the only thought...


Did he know that his friend was filled with shame?

Could he see all my sorrow and my pain?

Did he know about the way he would die?

Did he know the reason why?

Is that what made Phineas cry?

Is that what made my Finny cry?


Who knew that when he fell from the tree

Finny would never come back to me?

I want him so much I can almost hear his voice,

And I wonder if to jounce the limb had been my choice.


I told Phineas, but he didn't care.

He believed, he forgave me, so why this despair?

It's because I'll never see him again.

I can't tell him I loved him as more than a friend.


Though I hear the people sing his praise,

His loss has left me in a daze...


Now my love is underneath the dirt.

Now I feel only hunger and hurt.

Now I know about the way that he died.

I know the reason why.

I know I made Phineas cry.

I know I made my Finny cry.


I won't forget, through all this regret.

It's very painful and yet

I know that I cannot let

Myself forget... That I made Phineas cry.