Did I do something wrong?
By: Nathaniel Eugene Price
Disclaimer: I don't own Jubei Chan.
(300 years ago)
My father, Yagyu Jubei, had a chance for one child.
He wanted a boy but received a girl.
That girl was me, Jubei.
I had no last name; I was mistreated my whole, short life.
I disobeyed my father and became a great sword-handler just like my father.
As a result, I was disowned.
My father crushed the Ryujoji Shikage.
He didn't want the Ryujoji to rule the world, but he wanted to rule it
He got sick and couldn't carry his legacy.
The Yagyu's blamed me for his sickness.
They extracted my soul and destroyed my body.
They took my soul and trapped it in a glass eye-patch.
A girl, Jiyu Nanohana, used the eye-patch; then, I awoke.
Nobody accepted me and rejected me; Koinosuke took me away from them.
Koinosuke took the eye-patch away from the Earth to my father, in the
My father took Koinosuke in and rejected me by throwing the eye-patch back
to the Earth.
I laid cursed in this eye-patch not to be found for eternity.
All alone...
Alone Forever...
I Remember...
300 years ago I had a love.
I left him one day and I said that I would come back.
I swore to him.
I haven't come back yet.
Now he lives in the same body for over 300 years.
He hasn't aged and he won't until the day that he holds me in his arms
I want to see him.
I don't want to be alone.
What did I do to deserve this?
I can't get out.
When people see me, they push me away.
I don't understand what I did to them.
I must be strong.
The only way out is by selling my soul.
I will never do that.
I will stay here alone for eternity if that is my only other option.
There is no definite light where I am.
I am surrounded by a violet fog with absolutely not taste, smell, touch, or
I can only see this fog and myself.
I can only think about myself and cherish what I remember.
This curse will be lifted the day that my father will forgive me.
After that I don't know what will happen.
I hope it is something good.
I hope that I will get to see my love.
For the time being I'll be waiting.
All alone...
Alone Forever...
Don't forget about me my love.
What did I do to deserve this?
I'm Sorry.
Do you know why?
Do you care?
Please Don't Cry...