Title: Old and Senile

Author: Snacky

Summary: A parody, song

Authors notes: This was supposed to go like Eminem's song slim shady, but doesn't go that well, better if it's to the same beat! This was done a long time ago but I never got around to posting it up. please tell me what you think, as this was very hard coz I can not rhyme to save my life!

Old and Senile

Will you come to attention please #2

I'm not old and senile so would you please shut up,

I repeat,

I'm not old and senile so would you please shut up

I'm gonna have a hard time here!

y'all act like you've never seen a woman before

jaws all on the floor when Sam Carter comes through the door

S' had Jacks ass whooped first of all

met the new commanding officer'

Twice looking him over

Its the return of the 'Oh wait, now way he's kidding right, he didn't say what I think he did, did he?'

and Dr Jackson says ..... some think about some rock,

its just well, he says that allot!

all the people seem to love O'Neill

"know matof I'm sick o' him, look at him goin around a snake in his head, wearing those clothes so cool 'yeah an we cant call him skits'" DOH!

Yeah, so the SGC got a few snakes up in the base loose,

but no worse than what's goin on in the pentagon

sometimes I just wanna get a P-90 an just let loose

but cant because its those stiffs that choose the rules

"the mother ships attack I go an Break ma back!"

an if ya real lucky Ya might just get the zat!

and the message that the deliver

is that they must come quietly and not scream loudly

(yeah right)

you expect us to listen kick your f**king ass

And the p**sin treaty that we made

Jack had to work so hard

He ain't been to law school,

well he could go an make some faces

The Asgard seem to always seem to need our help

but if we can not say anything when the go an call us dopes

then there's no reason why jack will go an mope

but if you feel how he feels, he got a antidote

call their little grey butts,

every one sing it now

He's going grey there,

yes way at the top there,

you must excuse behaviour,

he's goin senile in old age there

Oh Daniel could you please shut up,

tell carter to lock you up,

then Sam say it ain't a good idea

well maybe but jack, he don't know, he zones

You think he gives a damn about Harry?

most of the time he cant even stomach him let alone stand him

But what, what if he wins,

wouldn't it be weird course,

then you guys could lie to get me here,

an make me lie to the N.I.D and teal'c over there

Then maybe you'd switch my chair

so I could sit next to Daniel

Instead of the general here