Zero walked toward his best friend and crush, smoothly going unnoticed. Stanley looked up to see him as he got closer. Smiling in greeting, he waved his friend over.

"Hey! I was just talkin' to Zig. You know how he is."

"Yeah, I know. I was just talkin' to Magnet."

"Hehe. Funny, we were just talkin' 'bout him."

"Really? We were just talkin' 'bout Zig, too."

Soon, they were silent. Stanley opened his mouth to speak, but Hector spoke first.

"Listen, Stanley, I've been thinking about this a long time, and-

"Yo, Zero, Can I talk to you a minute?" This time, it was Zero being dragged away from a perplexed Stanley.

As soon as they were far enough away, ZigZag whipped Zero around.

"Saw you talking to Mag. Did he say anything about me? Did he say anything about liking me? Did he say anything about me liking him? Did you mention me? Did he blush?" He said this all in one breath. Zero was quite confused.

"Uh... So, wait a minute. You.... Like Mag... That Way....?" He asked, trying to get everything straight.

The blush on Zig's face was evidence enough.

Meanwhile, Stanley was in much the same situation with Magnet.

"Did he talk about me? Did he mention me? Did he say my name? Did YOU say my name? Did he say anything about me liking him? Did he talk about sharing a room with me?" As Magnet was talking, Stanley couldn't help but laugh.


"So, so wait... You.... Like.... ZigZag.... Like That...?" he said between laughter.

The blush on Magnet's face was evidence enough.

Stanley stopped laughing, and turned towards where Zero was talking with ZigZag. Feeling just a twinge of jealousy seeing Zero so close to another guy, but then again, he was standing pretty damn close to Magnet.

Zero felt just a tiny twinge of jealousy seeing Stanley standing so close to Magnet, but he dismissed it, seeing how close he was standing to Zig. He was contemplating whether or not to tell him what he knew or to play with them for awhile. He turned to Stanley, and met his eyes. He smiled slyly. Stanley knew the situation as well... hehehe....

"Well, he mentioned you, sure..." the trick was to be vague, subtle. Never let them know what you know. But let them know you know SOMETHING.

His grandmother had taught him when he was very young. She had learned it from her grandmother, who'd learned it from her grandmother, who was a gypsy. The art of dealing with emotions. The mind was subtly connected to the emotions, and so by playing with the mind a certain way, you could toy with emotions as well.

But that's not what he wanted to do. He wanted bring two people together. And he knew just how to do it.

"What did he SAY?" Asked a frantic ZigZag. Perfect...

The eye contact with Hector Zeroni was all Stanley needed. He felt a surge of excitement run through his body. He knew what to do.

"Well, yeah he talked about you. I mean, I'm not sure if I should tell you what he said..."

"C'mon, man, I gotta know!!! Please?!?!" Magnet was frantic.

"Well, he did say... No. I can't just betray a friend like that."

"Please, man!?! I'm your friend too, you know!!!!"

"Yeah, I know, but still.... Why don't you ask him yourself?"

"Are you crazy, man?!?!?! I can't just ASK him!!!!" if Magnet weren't whispering, it would be considered a scream.

"Sure you can! Just go say 'Hey, Zig man, I like you.' and ask him out. That's it." Stanley said, putting a naïve smile on his face. Yeah. He was that stupid.

Magnet stared at him dumbly. Was he that stupid?

"WHAT?!" Was Zero crazy? Just ASK him?!?!

"No, really. Just ask him. What's the worst he could do without cooling off eventually? You guys live in the same house!" Zero said confidently, putting a naïve smile on his face.

"Uh... sorry Zero, but I highly doubt that would work."

"Sure it will! Watch!" With that, Zero began pushing a frantic ZigZag toward Stanley and Magnet. Magnets eyes went wide as Stanley began pushing him as well. Soon, the two boys were nose to nose and terrified.

"Well?" Zero and Stanley asked at the same time.

Both boys were too terrified to talk. This was frustrating to no end. Finally, Zero and Stanley pushed their faces together, causing them to kiss. The boys stared wide-eyes into each others eyes. Yet, soon their eyes closed as both succumbed to their first kiss.

Stanley and Hector nodded at each other, congratulating each other for their handy work. Soon, every other boy had gathered around and patted Stanley and Zero on the back, thanking them for finally forcing those two to do something about their obsessions with each other. ZigZag and Magnet just kept kissing. A sight that made both Stanley and Zero remember what they had been trying to do all night.