Mind Trip-You'll Be Better Off
by Cerridwen

A.N.I don't own Digimon™ or "Full of Grace". Digimon's owned by Toei and the dub is owned by Fox (die!!!...
but then again, it's all I can really watch for now. Although I know the Japanese names for the humans, I don't
know the Japanese names for the Digimon, and I have to recall the dub for recalling quotes.). "Full of Grace"
was writen by Sarah McLauchlan. Warning Takair nuts; I began to think that there were too many Takari fics
and too much Daisuke bashers. I really like Daisuke, as much as I like Tekeru. So this is a Daikari. I also made
this after a fic I'm still writing; characters and their digimon from this fic will be featured in here alot. This is all
after Ken's resignment from being the Digimon Kaiser/Emperor, some thime around New Year's.

~The winter is cold and bitter.~
It's chiled us to the bone.
We haven't seen the sun for weeks.
Too long, too far from home.
I feel just like I'm sinking
And I claw for solid ground.
I'm pulled down by the undertow.
I never thought I could feel so low.
~Oh darkness, I feel like letting go...~

Daisuke looked at his wall. Random posters and wall scrolls were there, mostly of J-rock bands and soccer stars, and
bolted to it, as well, were two clattered shelves of precious things; or at least to Daisuke, they were. On the bottom shelf were a
bunch of trophies, medals, plaques, other soccer awards, maybe some framed pictures and news articles. But what was on the
shelf above that, Daisuke held as an even greater achievement. Anyone else would have said that it was just a pretty clutter of junk;
trinkets that have collected dust over the long, streched days. To Daisuke, they were bits of proof that she once cared, and
memories of what was. (Cerridwen: In other words, these"trinkets" are the Christmas and birthday gifts that Hikari gave him.)

Hikari Kamiya. His Angel. His Light. Like his idol, Taichi, and his girlfriend Sora, he had he had known Hikari longest
amoung his friends and grew up with her. They met in a playground, practically in diappers. Even back then did he know he loved
her. At one point, Daisuke was almost certain she loved him back.

It all tumbled down in peices a year after that dream. It all had tumbled down when Tekeru Takaishi came to their
school. Hikari had been friends with Tekeru since they were eight, but had never told Daisuke about him. He saw how close they
were; maybe closer than he had ever been with his angel. He had taken Hikari away from him. And when he saw the closeness of
their digimon, the relations of the Crests of Light and Hope, it almost seemed like he would, from then on, be fighting a hopeless
battle for her. They look so perfect together, destined for eachother, even, and what he had for her just a cruel, pretty dream.

Daisuke doesn't hate Tekeru. On the contrary, he admires him and does what he can to be friends with him. But, every
time he sees them together, every time he made him seem like a fool in Hikari's eyes, Daisuke's anger over losing her takes over,
and fights with Tekeru. And it just happens, time and time again. Daisuke wants to be friends with him, but everything's so difficult,
he can nolonger fight within himself. Taichi says that it will bring them closer the more they argue, but Daisuke just sees everyone
else coming together, leaving him behind.

After Ken relized what he's done as Kaiser, Daisuke wanted to give him a second chance and get him to join their
group, while the others still didn't trust him. They didn't see that in order to have the Crest of Kindness, you had to have kind-
ness. Then again, it took him a while to understand what courage and friendship really are. Yet, when he finnal accepted his fate
as one of the Digidestined Kids, they made Ken look higher and more like a leader than Daisuke. He rarely thought he really
was the leader; he wanted so much to actually give Ken that posision. And Ken was his best friend right now, maybe his only true
friend aside from Hikari.

All this ran through his mind, and things that people have said began to seep into those thoughts. "You'll never be any-
thing like me!" "They can be really cool, like Tekeru, or a real jerk like Daisuke!" "Go Tekeru!"......"Argh!!! That's it!" Daisuke
had mad his dicision. "I can't even lead them right! I've gotta escape this...this...nightmare! The only one who still is nice to me, who
remembers I have a heart...I'll give these to him..." He took off Tai's goggles. "...And, I'll have to say good bye to Hikari, somehow..."

~"So it's better this way," I said,~
Having seen this place before,
Where everything we say and do
Hurts us all the more.
It's just that we've stayed too long
In the same lod, sickly skin.
I'm pulled down by the undertow.
I never thought I could feel so low.
~Oh Darkness, I feel like letting go.~

He plugged in the vid-link on his computer and inserted a blank compact disk and began his good byes. "Hikari, when
you get this package, you'll understand my dissappearance. Please show this to Ken alone first, before you share it with the rest of
them... Life here has just become too intense. I try too be a good leader and live up to the crests I bear, but I just fall from all
graces. I'm ridiculed as a jerk, a dummy, a lousy leader...It's unbearable. So, I'm going. I know I can't run from my problems, I
learned that from Yumeko and Keida. But running away will allow me to find who I am and where I belong, so that I may solve my
problems. I promise I will be back, but until then..." Daisuke took out Tai's goggles from his vest pocket and held them out to the
camera. "Give these to Ken. He's been my closest friend over the past few months. You'd be better off this way. Tell Tekeru I have no
hard feelings for him, just my respect. Give Iori and Miyako my best regards and wishes. Good bye, I'll miss you all." Daisuke reach out
to turn off the camera, but stopped to add one more message. "I love you, Hikari." *click*

~If all of the strength and all of the courage~
Come and lift me from this place,
I know I could love you much better than this.
~Full of Grace~

Daisuke took out the disk, and put it in the envalope, along with the goggles. He grabbed his bag and began to pack.
"Daisuke, are you really gonna go through this?" His little blue partner questioned. " I have to Demiveemon. If I don't, I'll be lost in
my thoughts and denials for ever." Demidevimon made a little pout and looked at his partner pensivly (ah, sweet aliteration). "Well, I'm
going with you, right?" Daisuke stoped packing to look at his digimon. " I'm shocked that you'd think I'd have it any other way." "YAY!
...But Daisuke...If we're gonna go some where, why haven't you packed those?" Demiveemon questioned why his D3 and terminal
were still sitting on the bed stand. "We won't be needing them." "Daisuke?" "Hmm?" "You said that you learned that you can't run from
your problems from Yumeko and Keida. They taught you something else, remember? 'Anything will come when unexpected.' We can't
just asume that there won't be any enemies along the way that I'll have to protect you from." Daisuke smilled at the blue digimon and put
the D3 and terminal in his vest pockets.

"That's every thing, Demiveemon. Let's go." Daisuke put on his backpack, picked up Demiveemon
and the envalope and headed for the window, but stopped again, after passing those two shelves. He walked back and looked at two
items on the top shelf; a photo of the whole gang that had pink hearts encircling Hikari and himself and a blue journal with a locket on the
cover and a pendant inside. Hikari had given it to him on that Christmas that she went to Mimi's before she moved. The pendant was of a
silver dagger with dragon wings that said on the other side "May courage take you to wonderous places and friendship bring you home."
A tear ran down Daisukes face. He put on the pendant, stuffed the picture into the journal locket, climbed out the window, and went down
the fire escape.

~I know I could love you much better than this.~
~It's better this way...~

To Be Continued...