Mind Trip 05-Lone Signal
by Cerridwen

A.N. Standard disclaimers. Lone Signal is by Chabo-sama, and writen for Lain. I have much trouble with my foreign language grammar, I realize I have many errors in my Japanese, so most of what I say I got from my fansubs. Another note, I'm changing Yoru from the DD of Heroics to the DD of Valor. Enjoy!

aisuru koto no imi sae mada
shiranu mama
daredemonai dareka to dokoka de
tsunagarou to shite-iru
atedonai yoru ni kimi wa
okuri-tsudzukeru kodoku no SHIGUNARU

[Not yet knowing
what it means to love,
I try to connect somewhere
with someone, anyone.
On aimless nights, you
keep sending out a signal of loneliness.]

*Sunday Morning*

"Dai-chan, ohayo gozaimasu...Daisuke, okite kudasai, onegai...MOTOMIYA-KUN! GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED!"


Keida's face faulted at this as his sister came to check up on "Operation: Wake Up Call", accompanied by Akai Koun (the DigiDracona of Luck). The girl in orange and red came up behind Yumeko, looked down at her old aquaintance sleeping on the floor a gave a wicked grin.

"Here, lemme try..." Akai pushed her "siblings" out of the way. She put a hand over Daisuke's cheek and gave him a "little" magic shock through his body, iluminating the room a bit more. Slightly looking cooked, the self-seeking boy landed back on the futon, still asleep.

"Mmm...Hikari, you're so agressive...mmm~..."


Yumeko looked at her friend on the futon, disapprovingly. "Hmph...the only ones who can wake him up, I guess are his parents and Hi......Wait! Why didn't I think of it before?! OH MY GOD! HIKARI'S GOT ON-LINE HARDCORE HENTAI OF HERSELF MASTRUBATING!!!"

The boy finally sprung up. "WHAT?!? WHERE, WHERE!?!?"

The two girls slapped him back into reality. "ECCHI YO!!!!!! HENTAI YO!!!!!! BAKA DE YO!!!!!"

"Owww...What'd you two do that for?! I was having really nice dream!" Daisuke chided the two DigiDracona "sisters" (A.N.reincarnated sisters).

Akai gave him her trademark,goofy grin. "Yeah, we heard! *snicker*" She and the twins pulled the sheets off from covering his half-naked body and Daisuke's face went as red as the streaks in Akai's hair.

Yumeko shoke her head as Keida tossed a change of clothes at the tamato-face. "You have to get ready, you've got work in 30 minutes, and you mustn't be late," he told Dai as he pulled on his shirt.

kizutsuku koto no imi nado mada
shiranu mama
daredemonai dareka to nanika de
tsunagarou to shite'ru
samayou yoru ni kimi wa
machi-tsudzukeru kodoku no SHIGUNARU

[Not yet knowing
what it means to be hurt and such,
I try to be connected by something
to someone, anyone
In the wandering night, you
keep waiting; a signal of loneliness.]

First came the convenience store. Sure, Daisuke has been in Miyako's family store a million times, but rather than helping, he'd get in the way. He'd have to try hard not to, now. They were going to put him behind the cash register, but they decided that he should start much smaller, this being his first job. Stocking shelves shouldn't be that hard.

Then again we must be practical. This is Motomiya Daisuke we're talking about.

"Ew. Tussin is disguting, no mater how well it works," Daisuke winced as he stocked the medicine on the shelves.

"Excuse me sir, but do you know where I can find some batteries?" A light, femenine voice, full of an energy that fells like your whole heart is being lit up now asked him. It' sounded so familliar to Daisuke, and he didn't dare look up. He just grabbed the shopper's hand, and took her to the right aisle.

"Here you go!" He then ran trying to hide his face from the girl, but turned his gaze back at her, only to crash into a stack of soda crates. Yoru came in with another crate, absoutely oblivious, and tripped on one of the bottles. He sat up and turned to Daisuke. "Damn. We're lucky that these things are plastic. Other wise, a lot more would come out of our pay check." Daisuke was half under an empty crate. "H-Hai...itai..." And he fell back on the floor.

"Eto...Haruno-san, who's that new boy?" The coustomer who asked for the batteries questioned her school mate.

"My brother's new room mate, I'm afraid. Two peas in a pod, ne?"

Ah nani wo motomete kimi wa soko ni iru no darou ka
Ah nani wo osorete kimi wa soko ni iru no darou ka
Ah donna mirai wo kimi wa hikiukeru no darou ka

[AhI wonder why are you out there searching for something?
AhI wonder why are you out there afraid of something?
AhI wonder what kind of future you'll have?]

"Daisuke, please, try to not repeat what happened at the convenience store?" Yumeko pleaded with the Digidestined leader. "I'm sorry Yumeko, but...she sounded so much like her..." The DigiDracona of Holiness cocked her head. "Ne? You think she sounded like Hikari?" Daisuke bowed his head a little."I just miss her." Yumeko sighed."I know, but honestly, you can't let that interfere with your work. And you left home to find yourself and sort things out with out the distractions of your life there, right? You won't acheive that thinking about how much you miss her. Now, we better get to work before my cousin yells at us."

Daisuke sighed. "Alright." Keida and Yumeko decided to put him behind a desk this time, hoping he won't do much harm. Ok, so math definately wasn't listed amoung his strengths and weaknesses, but the cash register does all that for him. He knew nothing should go wrong.

Yet again, this is Motomiya Daisuke. Welcome to reality.

'So far so good, No missing cash, no complaints, no problems with the cash register...' Daisuke was doing pretty good up until now. A soft faced girl in a pink shell tank held up a large frame. "Do you have this style frame in 10 by 6?" The glare in the glass and the familiar voice deceived Daisuke again, as he relived her hands of the heavy frame to see. "Hi...Hikari-chan!" The frame fell and shattered glass was all over the store floor. When the Harunos came to check on what happened, they saw the mess and the Digidestined leader hugging their struggling class representative, Koiroshu Alice.

"Hikari, I'm so glad too see you!"


"Se---Sempai! Gomen ne!"

Daisuke lossened his grip. "Se...Sempai? He let go and took a good look at the girl he was hugging. She was blonde and green-eyed. Very not Hikari.
"Hai, Koiroshu-sempai."
All three store keepers bowed, "Gomen nasai, sempai."

Aitai aisuru hito ni
Aitai no sa aisubeki hito ni
Aitai no sa
Hito wa daredemo hayaku itsudemo

[I want to find the one I love.
I want to find the one I'm supposed to love.
I want to find her.
Anyone is OK. Quick... Anytime...]

Next up: Time for school!... Wait, Daisuke still has to go to school?
Daisuke: Hey! It's almost summer vacation though! And I'm a run away...kind of. I don't have to go to school. And what about that Alice chick?!
Makoto (DD of Time): You're going whether or not you want to! And you're wearing this! *holds up a uniform*
Daisuke:?! Yata!
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