Click, click, click, click.

Fox Mulder was channel surfing. It had become a pastime of his when he had adopted insomnia as his own. No wonder insomniacs were so agitated, there was nothing on this late at night.

Suddenly, he passed over Bravo and heard a voice he recognized. It was Scully! He stopped, and sat up, shaking the lethargy that had settled in his body.

He was surprised, Scully looked good on television. Really good. He got caught up in his thoughts for a moment but dismissed him when he came into the shot.

Damn, he looked good. The jeans that he was wearing made his butt look... he looked better than Scully. He admired himself for a moment and remembered that he had indeed undergone a transformation after that. He wondered how he would look after the makeover and perked up a bit.

Mulder was attentive as the five gay men proceeded to make fun of him and his way of life and became a bit dismal. He wasn't quite sure what was wrong with his life before... but he was grateful for anything that got Scully into his bed. Or... on this floor more specifically.

He laughed at some antics, cringed at others, but applauded himself on his choices of furniture.

On commercial he went into his newly renovated kitchen and got himself a glass of orange juice. Orange juice that, for once, hadn't gone bad. He felt smug for a moment as he poured the juice into a glass, rather than drinking from the carton. He was a reformed man.

Mighty, he walked back into the living room and plopped himself back down on the couch. Even with his new, comfy bed, he still slept on the couch. His bed felt big and lonely without his partner in it, so he only used it when she was over.

The show came back on and Mulder caught his first of the transformed... him. And damn he knew he looked good, but that good? He choked on his orange juice a bit and thought that it was no wonder that Scully would want to get with him after all of that. He looked hot, hotter than he thought he could look. He wondered if he looked like that every day, and if so, why more women weren't throwing themselves at him. He pushed the thought aside when he realized that it was rude of him to think like that when he was thoroughly in love and had the one person he needed throwing herself at him.

He smiled. He was happy, in love... and getting some. Yes, after The Fab Five had worked their magic on him, he had begun to get thoroughly laid. He was very appreciative to them, and wondered if he should perhaps send them a thank you card of some sort.

The show ended and Mulder found the clicker (which he was of course, sitting on) and sent the room back into the darkness once more. A bit more relaxed than he was before, he laid back down on the new posturepedic couch. He sighed and blinked and attempted to sleep.

Suddenly, in the dark once more, he realized the blinking red light on his answering machine and got up once more. Moving over to it slowly, he pressed the 'play' button and listened. For a few seconds there was nothing but clicking, and Mulder's paranoia kicked in a bit.

Then he heard her voice.

"Mulder... uh... we have a problem... you see... uh, Bill he..."