Tired of Raven and Beast boy's flirting and arguing, Starfire and Robin decide to end it all by locking the two in the basement of the Tower.
Like Lovers Do
Raven gazed around at the piles of books around her. Which to choose? Everyone of them looked wonderful and worth reading. She gazed over at Beast boy, who made himself comfortable on the floor, looking at the various comic books. She smiled and continued to watch his behavior.

"How about this one?" Beast boy asked as he held out his chosen comic book out into her view.

Raven studied the cover and then lifted an eyebrow upward. "When cows attack?" she asked, repeating the title of the comic book. Beast boy gave a nod. "That is so you to get something that symbolizes dirt."

"Dirt?" he coughed out, trying to sound offended. He gazed down at the thick book in her hands. "I could say the something about that book you have."

She shook her head. "You haven't even read the title!" she muttered under her breath. "Haven't you ever heard the saying 'don't judge a book by its cover'?" she asked.

"Well, isn't that what you did to this?" he asked, motioning to the comic book in his hand. "You judged it by the title! How would you know if it's dirt or not?"

She stared on in shock at his boldness to stand up to her. Suddenly, she smiled and slowly began to laugh. Beast boy dropped his guard and the book in his hands fell to the ground. His eyes widen in shock at the sight of Raven laughing.

"Rae?" he called out to her as he held out his hands to touch her. "Rae? Raven? Are you all right?"

She calmed down, quickly and then rubbed her eyes. "Can you believe that we have only been a couple for an hour and already we are arguing?"

Beast boy continued to stare at his girlfriend has if she had gone completely mad. Suddenly, he smiled and grabbed the book that he dropped. "Well, they do say that those who fight are the closest of friends."

She nodded and then looked at the book in his hands. "Give it to me," she replied as she held out a open hand toward him. "I want to read it."

He studied her for a moment and then placed the comic book into her hand. "Let me see that book of yours," he said finally.

She looked at the book in her other hand and then back at him. "You sure you'd be interested in Poe?" she finally asked him, unsure of his reaction.

Beast boy took the book from her and then flipped through the pages. "If it interests you then it interests me," he proclaimed as he sat down to read the book.

Raven gazed down at him before returning her attention to the comic book. Silently, she sat down beside him and opened the thick comic book to the first page. Before beginning to read, she looked up at the same moment he looked up.

Their gazes met for a brief moment and smiles were exchanged before the two looked back down and began to read.
*** End ***
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