A/N: Strong R advisory! This chapter has some very explicit parts to it. Anyways, I haven't seen to many Wheel of Time stories and I thought it would be nice to make on of my own. I always liked the pairing of Lan and Nynaeve so I thought I would go with that. It starts after Moiraine's death, so approximately just after the fifth book. Please R/R!


Lan stepped inside the hut and began removing his armor after a heavy sigh of exhaustion. He removed each piece with a careful grace and even though he wanted to tear the hot, binding, heavy section from his body he took his time and finally, after every piece was put into their proper place on the table he sat down. He lowered himself to the floor and crossed his legs. He closed his eyes rolled his head in slow circles as he tried to free his mind and find his calm, the void. He stopped abruptly as the image of a bare Nynaeve entered his mind, a smooth, perfect figure climbing into a hot bath. He shook his head as he came to his senses and rose from the floor. He sipped some water from his canteen and headed towards the basin in the corner. He had come to the idea that a nice hot bath would suit him quite nicely.

"Where am I?" Lan said apprehensively. He had a pretty good idea of where he was, but hoped beyond hope that his ideas were wrong. The last thing he remembered was fantasizing about Nynaeve while relaxing in the bath.

"Lan? Is that you?" Nyneave said bewildered.

"Yes." He replied simply. There was no way to explain why or how he was here. He would have to either be wearing a ter'angreal, be channeling, or possess a skill that only Ewene and the Aiel possessed, none of which were possible. He noticed Nynaeve was blushing and he soon discovered why. He had been in the bath before coming here, and was still wearing what he had been then, nothing.

She turned away before replying, "How could you possibly be here? Do you even realize where we are?"

"Tel'aran'rhiod," he said pausing for a moment then continued in an almost inaudible whisper, "The World of Dreams."

"Well, I don't know how to explain this, not at all. First of all, if you would prefer some clothing I would suggest that you picture yourself in something appropriate." Lan pictured a dark blue tunic and swordsmen trousers with his sword in hand. Nynaeve turned to face him and began to shout, "Why did you do this to me Lan! You are not going to leave me! Moiraine is gone now, let it be! I would like it -" He cut her off suddenly with a passionate and penetrating kiss. He kissed her deeply, his tongue sweeping her mouth in domination, demanding her surrender. She stayed tense for another moment, surprised, but then she suddenly relaxed, her mouth opening under his invitingly. Her tongue touched his shyly, then more boldly, her hands coming up to frame his face, pushing the damp, clinging strands of black hair back, stroking lightly down his cheeks. Then she pushed against him, trying to overbear him backwards to the ground, so that she could feel the entire length of him against her body.

He felt like he could go on kissing her like that forever, tasting her, exploring her mouth with his, feeling the pounding of his heart, his desire growing with each beat, with every breath. He wanted her so badly, with an almost painful need, that he perceived it like a kind of fever washing over his body.

They parted slowly only to realize that the setting had changed entirely. They were now in the middle of a lush forest with a blanket laid before them and a fire close by. Both looked at each other longingly as all other thoughts were thrown from their minds. Lan began to unbutton Nynaeve's dress achingly slowly and Nynaeve remembered that she could just think herself out of her clothes. She was about to mention this when she decided it would be better if she let Lan continue. Her eyes closed and she let him run his hand over her as he removed every inch of clothing she had on. He drank her image in and felt himself grow even stiffer than before. Nynaeve began removing his clothing as well. They gazed into each other's eyes and Lan ran his fingers up and down Nynaeve's bare back. He ran them slowly across her silk breasts and down her stomach. She shivered with anticipation and he continued to draw out what was inevitable.

Before long, Nynaeve was almost whimpering with desire and finally Lan reached his hands into her fold. She gasped with pleasure and began moaning as he stroked her most sensitive spot back and forth, then faster and more rapidly until Nynaeve was could barely stand it anymore. He inserted his fingers into her and drove her over the edge. She reached the peak of all pleasure and sank into Lan's arms.

They lay down onto the blanket and Lan again kissed Nynaeve passionately. He climbed on top of her and she instinctively spread her legs for him. At first he took it slowly, so as not to cause her pain and then as he noticed her beginning to enjoy it he started to quicken the pace. Before long he was driving himself into her with full force. Nynaeve began to moan louder and shortly after Lan could no longer control himself. He filled her with his hot juices and she was shocked at the amazing experience that he had given her. He collapsed beside her and they fell asleep in each other's arms.

Lan awoke in a basin of freezing cold water with his body shriveled up as if he had aged 30 years in a few hours. "It's a wonder I was able to even do anything with Nynaeve, being in freezing cold water and all shriveled up." He said chuckling to himself. They had shared the most beautiful experience together but he was beginning to regret it. Furthermore, he was puzzled by how it was possible for him to even have been there. It must have just been a regular dream," he thought. He nodded in agreement with himself.


Nynaeve jolted up from her bed. "What the blazes?" She said suddenly.

Elayne stared at her in confusion. "Where on earth did you go? I've been waiting here for ages. I didn't want to wake you, I thought maybe you were doing something important. What is it?" She said noticing Nynaeve's look of shock.

"I...Lan...He was in the World of Dreams."

"But that's impossible, unless he can channel. He can't channel can he Nynaeve?"

"He may have an ter'angreal of some sort. Maybe Moiraine left him one. I have no explanation for it. I tried to ask him but -"

"What happened?" Elayne interrupted excitedly. "Did he change his mind?"

"Honestly Elayne, I don't know. We, I mean, well it's private business anyhow. I need to get some sleep, so if you don't mind." Nynaeve said turning over.

"You know Nynaeve, when you're in the World of Dreams you react the same way here as you are in there. You were sweating and moaning and -"

"Not another word! How dare you!" She said furiously. Elayne knew she had hit just the right thing to let her know exactly what had happened between her and Lan in the World of Dreams. It troubled her though, to know that Lan was even there. The whole matter was quite curious.