"They are so stubborn!" Elayne puffed. "They want to know the simplest of things and cannot comprehend it but they seem to have trouble understanding the more difficult concepts. I just don't understand them."

"Nobody understands Aes Sedai except Aes Sedai." Nynaeve said as she began rubbing her feat and stifling a yawn or two.

"Even then, most Aes Sedai don't understand each other. Warders have an even more difficult time because they feel the emotions but don't understand what is going on." Birgitte said casually. Neither Elayne or Nynaeve had noticed her enter the room.

"How long have you been here?" Elayne asked.

"Nevermind that! Where were you before?" Nynaeve said, trying to sound angry but not being able to mask her fatigue.

"I was late but I showed up. You left no note or indication of any kind of where you had gone off to. I am the one who has the right to be angry here." Birgitte replied, not looking angry as much as amused at Nynaeve's expression.

"I think we should speak tomorrow anyhow. I am completely exhausted." Nynaeve was unable to control the large yawn that she emitted in the middle what she was saying.

"Would you say no to your man if he asked to share a bed with you?" Birgitte asked, cocking her head slightly to the side.

Nynaeve's face reddened somewhat but it was Elayne who replied, "Really Birgitte. That's not something you go saying to people; it just isn't proper. Besides, we really are very tired."

"Tomorrow then, and no running off this time." Before they could reply she had left.

"That woman has no shame! To think she could ask such a...such a... "

"It was meant to cause offense and you know that. Why you let it get to you, even though you know that, is beyond me." Elayne said, cutting in before Nynaeve could finish.

"What are you two meeting over anyway? You never did tell me."

Nynaeve hesitated somewhat with apprehension at Elayne's reaction. Finally she replied, "We want to discuss Tel'Aran'Rhiod. Only because she thought maybe if she visited the World of Dreams again she could figure out how she was torn from it." She added that last bit in haste.

Elayne saw straight through it and gave her a look that said as much. "If you really want advice that isn't from a sister, then ask Egwene to ask those Aiel Wise Women for you. Egwene may even know."

"I would rather not waste people's time on something that is barely of any importance. I was just curious is all."

"Right now, I think what we need is a night of deep rest to clear our heads." Nynaeve obviously agreed because no sooner than Elayne had finished speaking she had stripped down to her smallclothes and begun to snuff the lights out.


Lan knew he needed to sleep. Even in his training at the tower it had been stressed that any time when rest was available, it should be taken. Though, he could not bring himself to do it. It wasn't that he hadn't enjoyed himself, it was that he had no understanding of how he come to be in the World of Dreams.

Moiraine's last words to him had been vague but they had never haunted him as much as they did now.

"Lan listen to me. I have to do this. We both knew this day would come. There is more though, that you do not know of. You have a great destiny and I know that you will not wish to hurt those who love you. Your bond will be passed but only to guide and aid you until your true task begins to distinguish itself. Always be observant and remember that things aren't what they seem."

He could sense her feelings that night and they were not of fear. There was sadness but it seemed mostly for the fact that she would not be living to help the pattern continue to follow in the way that it needed to. She had always been that way. She had always been bent on the task at hand. She was willing to sacrifice herself for the cause. So was he in some aspects.

He had made himself a spicy stew, which had granted him high stature in his survival studies at Tar Valon and he could still smell the seasonings. Tonight was not as comfortable as the last, but it mattered not. All that mattered was that he reached the Aes Sedai that Moiraine and passed him to. In some ways he thanked Moiraine for that, without this task the boring hole inside of him would have consumed his being. He would have become an empty shell of sorrow. He still could not understand how other Aes Sedai and Warders lived for as long as they did after the one they were connected with was killed.

Finally, his body and mind giving in, he was able to find sleep. It seemed as if he awoke in another reality. The building was dark and yet illuminated all at once. His warder's sense of another's presence was like a horrible itch when he was here.

He had arrived in his home. He barely remembered it and it had been changed quite a lot since the last time he had been here. The furnishings and grown more extravagant and it seemed as if more rooms had been built on to it.

Suddenly he was in the warder's training area at Tar Valon. All old memories rushed back to him as he glanced around him. He had spent a lot of his life in training and would not replace that with any other path. He knew it was what he had been destined to do. He was still on that path. Heading towards his new Aes Sedai, ready to start over.

Again his position shifted. He was now in a small town that looked as if it had been recently inhabited. There were many tents as well as buildings half finished. It looked as if it were a busy town when people occupied it.

By the landscape he would have guessed somewhere near either Amadicia or Altara. He did not feel any pull from an Aes Sedai here, but he also didn't feel any of the pain from Moiraine's death that wasn't normal. It was strange only to be aware of the emotional loss of his Aes Sedai. He had not agreed with her on many things but she and him had shared a connection for many years. Not to mention that they traveled together for as long as he could remember.

Then it was dark, as if he had been pulled from the World of Dreams by some unknown force. He was grateful for some satisfying sleep. Though it didn't excuse the worry that he felt from being there.

He awoke with the sunset with bleary, red eyes that yearned for rest. He entered the void almost immediately to escape the stiffness of his body and to try and focus his thoughts on what was important. He was not far now. It would only take another week or so. He had been tracking his target across the countryside, taking the fastest routes available. He was lucky that he had not encountered many difficulties along the way. He knew that he was south of Lugard and not quite at Illian but he had no idea exactly where he would end up.

He saddled up and decided to make an early start on the day's journey. He needed this to be finished so he could continue on his way with whatever Moiraine had hinted of.

After eating the cold and chewy leftovers of the previous nights stew he leapt swiftly atop his dun. He patted the horse gently, for he had leapt with slightly more force than he had intended. He fed it some dried grass from a pouch and headed steadily on his way.


"So what would you like to ask me? I want to get this over with as quickly as possible so we can enter Tel'Aran'Rhiod." Birgitte said anxiously.

"Calm yourself Birgitte. Have patience." Birgitte gave her an insolent and mocking grin. "First I want to ask you if certain people can enter The World of Dreams for long periods of time. Like Egwene but without training." She said getting to the point.

"Well, I know that there is a type of Dream that certain animals possess. Many years ago there used to be men and women who would run with the wolves. They became somewhat wild and it seemed as if they could sense each other. Their 'Wolf Dream', as they called it, was basically the World of Dreams but seen differently to them. Other than that, only people like me and others with the dreamwalking abilities can enter without a ter'angreal or the ability to channel. As far as I know. Things are changing now though. You never know what strange happenings are taking place now that have never before occurred."

"Is there a lot of the dreamwalking ability in men?" Nynaeve said turning to her last hope for an explaination.

"I have never heard of it before, Nynaeve. The world is changing and with it so do the people." Birgitte replied. She looked away from Nynaeve with a sheen to her eyes that she would never admit to.

"Thank you Birgitte." Nynaeve said with some difficulty.

"Now we can go to Tel'Aran'Rhiod. Here take this." Nynaeve handed her a ter'angreal. "We'll have to wait a minute for Elayne to get -" No sooner did the words leave her mouth than did Elayne storm through the door.

"Alright lets get this over with. I'm to scrub pots for two weeks because I had to tell Romanda I would speak with her another time."

They didn't argue with her. Both laid down in their smallclothes with a wet cloth over their heads. Often when in the World of Dreams you traveled excessively. This could cause your body to overheat in the real world. It was hot enough already and both Birgitte and Nynaeve didn't feel like waking in a pool of sweat.

It took a few minutes but both were tired and fell asleep with no need for any of Nynaeve's concoctions, which had been prepared and stored for nights like these. Elayne made herself comfortable in a chair near to the two and began working with some materials to try and figure out another angreal. Tonight was going to be a long night.