"How much delight do you think Snape takes in assigning Gryffindor extra homework?" Parvati grumbled as she dumped her books on a library table.

"Far too much," Seamus sighed as he sat down across from her.  Dean slumped in a chair next to him.  Seamus looked around, a frown on his face.  "Where's Lav?"

"She's studying with Ron," Parvati said, her tone screaming that This Was Significant.

Dean arched an eyebrow.  "Really," he said thoughtfully.  "I guess Ron isn't in love with Hermione after all."

Parvati looked at him for a long moment.  "You've been thinking about this a lot, haven't you?" she laughed.

"I don't want to hear it," Dean threatened.  "This whole thing is your fault anyway."

"Oh, honestly, it's not going to kill you to—oh, hi Hermione!  Hullo, Harry," she quickly said, changing the subject.

"Hey Parvati," Harry greeted, smiling.  "Dean, Seamus," he said, nodding his head at each of them in some sort of male affectionate greeting ritual which Parvati knew she had no hope of understanding.

"Ron not with you?" Parvati asked innocently. 

Hermione shook her head.  "He's with Lavender.  Studying," she said amusedly.  "I'm surprised you didn't know."

"She just yelled something as she ran out of the room.  I didn't really understand her," Parvati lied with a shrug.

Hermione made a sympathetic noise.  She understood the trials of living with Lavender.  "What are you here for?" she inquired.

Seamus grimaced and held up a book.  "Potions."

Harry nodded his head in empathy.  "He seems a little too happy giving us homework, don't you think?"

Hermione sniffed.  "I for one am glad he does."  Everyone else groaned.  "Oh, honestly, not just because of the N.E.W.T.s, although they're very important, of course.  He's taught us loads of practical potions that we can use in fighting and healing."

"Well, yes, but does he have to be so gleeful about it?" Seamus complained.

Hermione rolled her eyes.  "Snape is never gleeful.  Just smug."  She tugged on Harry's arm, seeing Madam Pince advance on the group.  "Come on, then, we have to study," she said, before dragging Harry to another table.  Harry gave an apologetic glance over his shoulder, shrugged and grinned.  He settled down next to Hermione and their heads immediately bent together over a book Hermione had somehow gotten a hold of while walking between the two tables.

Parvati shook her head.  "In love, obviously."

"They're studying," Dean said incredulously.

"Yeah, so are Ron and Lavender," Parvati scoffed.

"But, Hermione and Harry actually are studying," Seamus pointed out.  "They're looking at books."

Parvati waved that off.  "Obviously some sort of foreplay on Hermione's part."

Dean stared at her.  "I said that you were out of your mind before, but this time I mean it.  You really are completely mad."

Parvati leaned over the table.  "Do you see them?"  All three stole a glance over at Harry and Hermione's table.  "Who studies like that?"

Indeed, it did not look as if much studying was being done.  Harry kept looking over at Hermione and Hermione seemed to be intent on touching Harry's arm or hand as many times as possible.

"Maybe he's just distracted by Voldemort and she's trying to keep his attention on the book," Dean said doubtfully.

"I think it's time to retire from the field, mate," Seamus muttered.  "There's even less studying being done over there than here."

Parvati smiled sweetly at him.  "Thank you, Seamus."

"That was a hint for us to start studying," he said dryly. 

Dean looked horrified.  "You want to study?"

"I don't want to face Snape without my homework.  I'm sick of cleaning the dungeons."

"A little work never killed anyone, you know."

"Yeah, I know," Seamus said.  He tapped the book in front of Dean.  "How about working at studying?"

Dean's eyes narrowed.  "Why the sudden interest in studying?"

"Ask him about that boy in Ravenclaw," Parvati answered absently.  "Does Harry seem more cheerful to you?"

"What?" Dean asked, distracted by pondering Seamus' love life.

"Harry.  More cheerful," Parvati repeated.

Dean watched as Harry chuckled at a comment Hermione made, then tugged lightly on a lock of her hair.  "Well, I suppose he's happy.  Why?"

"Just the other day he was moping around.  Now's he's laughing.  What happened?"

Seamus sighed.  "Parvati, that thing in the common room was three days ago.  Why shouldn't he be over it?  The three probably talked to each other later and that was that."

Parvati shook her head.  "He was still moping yesterday.  He was still quiet today until…" she trailed off as her eyes lit up.

Seamus and Dean looked very nervous.  "Until what?" Seamus asked, half dreading the answer.

Parvati was silent, mulling events over in her head.  Suddenly, she let out a squeal that had everyone, including Madam Pince, looking strangely at her.  She leaned forward and whispered in a conspiratorial tone.  "Lavender told me about her 'study session' with Ron in History of Magic class.  Ron didn't tell anyone, because, well, he was asleep.  Harry was still moping then.  But, during Potions, I heard Ron tell Harry about his little date.  And guess what happened?"  She looked expectantly at the two boys.

"Harry got happy?" Dean offered weakly.

"Harry got happy!" she said triumphantly.  "Coincidence?  I think not.  Harry realized that Ron was interested in Lav, not Hermione.  And if Ron wasn't interested in Hermione that way any longer, then I think Harry thought Hermione wasn't interested either and I bet that thought perked him right up.  So now he's in the library, pleased as can be, happily engaging in Hermione's little foreplay activities."

The boys stared at her, dumbfounded. 

"I have no words," Seamus whispered.

"They are in love!" Parvati beamed