I'm doing something a little unfair, here. While I had originally intended to take this story much further, I also recognize that as it is, it's a finished story in itself. Real life, as its wont to do, has suddenly stepped in front of me and pointed me in another direction. I will no longer have the time to dedicate to this story or universe, and it's really only fair that I stop here. This marks the end of my JAG fic career, and that of fanfic itself. (Though I've learned to never say never) A HUGE thanks to everyone who sent me encouragement and shared their thoughts on my writing. I am truly endebted to you.

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And here, my friends, is the rest...



What happened next was this: Nothing. Everything. What happened next was life.

Days and years passed. Minutes, seconds. Sometimes time eked by and sometimes it flew.

We all take our lives for granted and live each day waiting for the next. But here are two people that have seen what most of us do not. Their game plan had changed when fate interceded-a dream helped guide their future when a nightmare stepped in their path.

Here are two people that lead a remarkable life. Forever changed by the unrelenting equipoise of time and the events that mark its passage. By the knowledge that if love is the exponent of breath, life itself is the act of breathing.



Thanks for sharing the ride. In the immortal words of Bill & Ted, be excellent to each other.

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