~* Chapter one *~

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"Inu-Yasha, can't we stop and rest? Pleassse?" A girl with black hair and cloudy blue eyes whined. Inu-Yasha snorted.

"We just started walking a few hours ago. Don't tell me you're tired already! Jeez, humans are so weak!" The dog-demon stated as he kept on walking, that is, until a huge boomerangs came crashing on his head not to mention a fist and a staff and a 'sit' after that. All three 'humans' glared. The little fox demon just shook his head.

"What the hell do you mean a 'few hours ago'? We've been walking since yesterday!" Kagome yelled.

"Yes Inu-Yasha, you may be a demon, but you forget we are humans. We can't keep walking like this! We'll collapse! Then you'll be the only one to defend yourself if we run into a demon. Then whose fault will it be?" Miroku stated.

"Keh, you should be used to this! Stupid weak humans." Inu-Yasha ranted. Sango, Miroku, and Kagome's eyes twitched. Sango and Miroku looked at Kagome.

"Well?" stated Sango.

"Gladly, Inu-Yasha?"

What!?" Inu-Yasha turned to Kagome and turned pale. The look she was giving him could burn down a house, literally. Her hair was twisted, her eyes were on fire and heavy, and her hands shook. Anyone who looked at her would get a clear message. Do-what-I-Say-or-face-the-wrath-of-lady-Kagome- and her-twisted-'little'-games.

Inu-Yasha gulped. The last time she played her 'little games' was the day he almost got killed. If someone could compare Kagome and Naraku Kagome would defiantly win. Ten times more if she was in a bad mood. Inu-Yasha was simple-minded but he knew when to quit when he was ahead, especially dealing with Kagome.

"Fine, we'll rest." He rushed.

Kagome's battle aura flattened and she smiled and rested on a rock with Shippo on her lap.

About then is where the demon attacked. They got out their weapons and started to battle. Little did they know, this demon was about to change their lives forever.

~~~~~*YYH Group *~~~~~~

"What the hell do you want now toddler!?!" yelled a very annoyed Yusuke.You see Yusuke finally went to school without skipping when he got dragged out by Botan.

"I told you not to call me that!" He yelled in his small little voice as he fumed.

"Whatever," was the reply he got.

Koenma cleared his throat.

"Do you want to be." Koenma took his big fat hands and acted like he was slicing his head off. Yusuke paled and promptly shut up.

"Anyways Koenma," Kurama started since it looked like the main focus got out, "Would you please tell us why you brought us hear?"

"Well yes, there's a unidentified demon near you're school and-"

"And you would like us to kill it for you right?" Hiei said while appearing from the shadows.

"Yup, Basically, but ." he trailed off.

"But?" Kuwabara said speaking for the first time.

"This demon is not an ordinary demon," he pressed a button and on the screen appeared a demon with purple skin and a large cross on his eye. It was huge too.

"People can't see that. People must be getting' pretty blind not to see it."Kuwabara said.

"Yeswell back to the point look," he said while pushing the play button. A boy came and his eyes suddenly glowed purple then it stopped. The boy looked around, then looked at himself and started running everywhere till the demon ate him.

"He made it seem as if he never saw himself before." Yusuke stated as he wore a disgusted look at all the blood and guts everywhere on the screen. "Didn't his mother ever teach him how to eat his food properly(I don't think you should be talking ,Yusuke. Kurama thought.) ? Anyways what did he do to him?"

Koenma heavily sighed.

"To be perfectly honest we don't know."

" So, then were going up against a demon we don't even know about until it could be too late!?" Yusuke shouted.

"Don't worry Urameshi, this will be a breeze, then when we have it on the floor we can ask it or force it out!" burst Kuwabara.

Everyone looked his way in surprise.

"You actually understand all that?" Yusuke asked.


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