By Sweet Shuichi

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Note. Baka - Idiot in Japanese for those who didn't know yet

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After Kyoto, Tsuzuki made an effort to be in high spirits but he just couldn't. That's because of a lot of things. For you see, things around the Judgment Bureau had drastically changed and even became tainted. First, one of the Gushoshin brothers divulged the scandalous affair with his twin brother. The other brother tried to refute the entire thing but further examination, by Watari, proved that their fluffy feathers had been mixin' together. Watari also succeeded in making useful items for everyone such as a plush Tsuzuki for Tatsumi and a purple trench coat for Hisoka. Yet, he didn't create anything for Tsuzuki so he felt severely left out.

But the prevalent thing that occurred was Tsuzuki was sick of putting up with Hisoka's continuous verbal maltreatment. He was just damn sick of being called a baka. Therefore, he decided to go to a gay bar. Yes, those owls were a terrible influence. The bar was crowded that night and many filthy guys made passes at him. He didn't care for any of them so he mainly just stuck to drinking.

Just as he started feeling the effects of the alcohol he also felt a cold chill that slowly climbed up his spine. He shivered but unwisely chose to ignore it. He consumed another shot and leaned back in his unsteady chair. He just loved the feel of the liquid's texture as it flowed down his throat and into his body. Tsuzuki was so relaxed that he couldn't resist lying his head down on the bar's unclean surface. He then closed his eyes instantly.

He had been enjoying a dream about a gigantic cake when cold fingers made their way through his strands of dark hair. His upper body jerked up quickly and he saw two demented eyes staring at him. It somehow seemed they were analyzing him. And those eyes, my readers, belonged to none other than our totally awesome Dr. Muraki! Yes, I know you want to scream with joy.

He gave Tsuzuki one of his sexy I'm an evil sadistic hottie looks and asked, "Were you having a dream Mr. Tsuzuki?"

"Muraki! What are you doing here? If you've taken Hisoka hostage so you can molest him and then make me tense up so you can casually touch my body and get me to go on a date with you it won't work!" Muraki started to reply but Tsuzuki continued to speak.

"I couldn't take it anymore! He just kept calling me a baka and I even think he wanted to dump me and have one of the Gushoshin brothers as his new partner! Am I really that childish that he'd prefere that?" he shouted right at Muraki's face.

"How impertinent of you to interrupt!" he said while an eye twitched. "However, I didn't come here because of you." He paused then and lit a cigarette. He slowly inhaled the toxic chemicals. "I'm here simply because I want to murder that boy!" He went into a fit of insane laughter and pointed towards a scrawny kid with brown hair.

Tsuzuki noticed that the boy kept mumbling to himself. He listened more closely and figured out that he was mumbling, "I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away!"

"I won't allow you to make another sacrifice for your twisted plans Muraki!"

"Now, now, you shouldn't jump so quickly to false conclusions Mr. Tsuzuki. That's a very bad habit and there is no sinister plan involved here."

"Then why?" he asked in disbelief.

At that moment, Muraki decided to take advantage of the situation and Tsuzuki. You knew he would right? "If you really want to know," he said slyly. "You must do something for me."

"What! Damn you and your stupid games!"

Muraki remembered that time when Tsuzuki had changed into a sickening cute puppy on the Queen Camellia. "Oh it's nothing really, I just desire to see you in your puppy form," he explained as his eyes twinkled with mischief.

"Is that really it Muraki?"

"Why yes it is Mr. Tsuzuki. I really took pleasure in seeing you like that."

Tsuzuki sighed and used his left hand to brush back his hair for his attractive violet eyes. "But I can only do it when I'm really excited, anxious, or uncomfortable."

"Oh, I see. Well that's no setback at all." He gave him a small smile.

Just as Tsuzuki was about to reply Muraki started to do his for sure get aroused action. He began by outlining the op of Tsuzuki's shot glass with his index finger. He started out slowly and gradually progressed to a faster pace. After just a few seconds, he decided to use his thumb and index finger to pinch the middle of the glass. He moved his hand up and down seductively while looking Tsuzuki straight in the eye.

He knew Tsuzuki reacted to this the last time he used this technique on the ship so why wouldn't he now? Especially considering the atmosphere they were in. He even found it a bit amusing that Tsuzuki became so flustered back then. A smile appeared on his face because of that thought.

And guess what? Our Muraki was right. Tsuzuki was addicted to the precise movements of Muraki's hand. His eyes uncontrollably followed every tantalizing motion made.

"Stop it!" he shouted trying to act disgusted.

Of course he didn't. Poor Tsuzuki, because of that he soon felt a throbbing in-between his muscular legs. He became overwhelmed with excitement, for a better word, and transformed into the Magical Puppy Pretty.I mean the adorable puppy we all know and love. All the men and transvestites in the bar turned their heads to glance at the delightful creature. There were some "Awws" that could be heard and of course the irritating faltering of that scrawny boy as well. Nevertheless, their attention was gained by another. Who the hell could be better than Puppy Tsuzuki you ask? Well some porno music, sounding closely like Poison from the Utena series, came on and another brown haired kid strutted in. He was different from the other boy though. He had on peculiar circular glasses and was wearing a black tuxedo.

"Oh, look yo!" someone announced. "There's our stripper Tuxedo Melvin!" All of the men in the bar, except Muraki and Puppy Tsuzuki, screamed with joy and gathered around the stripper.

Muraki whispered softly into Puppy Tsuzuki's ear, "Well, you do look cute Mr. Tsuzuki." He couldn't contain himself any longer and gently placed him on his lap. "Yes, very cute indeed."

"Hey, what the.." Puppy Tsuzuki tried to protest but Muraki wouldn't allow that sort of behavior now. He wanted the puppy to be tame. He petted him roughly, allowing his fingers to stroke the puppy's skin. Needless to say, Puppy Tsuzuki loved it.

Now Dr. Muraki could initiate THE PLAN. Yes you ignorant people, he lied, so get over it. And what exactly is THE PLAN? Well it's called OPERATION STALKER PERVERT. That should be all the information you need.

So our Muraki continued his advances on the puppy. He petted him all over. Everywhere you could imagine. Ok, well not really. He petted his puffy tail and his soft furry ears. He would have petted him everywhere but figured that would be going too far at least at this particular moment anyway.

Puppy Tsuzuki couldn't believe how tired he was feeling. He didn't want to fall asleep in this current position. But he was so damn tired and Muraki was making him feel so good and peaceful unlike Hisoka.

"Baka! Baka! Baka!" he heard inside his head. He didn't want to hear that damn word anymore. He hid his face in Muraki's lap and closed his eyes. He couldn't resist any longer and allowed sleep to take over his small body.

Muraki acted promptly. He carried the puppy in his arms and walked out the door. He realized that if he had been carrying a man, people on the street may get suspicious. So he reasoned that carrying a half puppy and half man creature would be absolutely logical and normal. He's so uncanny!


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