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Disclaimer: X-Men Evolution belongs to people who aren't me. All of the members of the Phoenix Force belong to themselves, but Chandra is mine, and Joseph and William kinda belong to all of us, as they are random characters.

A/N: Pathetic title, I know. Now, this is an X-Men Evolution, Phoenix Force crossover. Now, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Phoenix Force, here's a short summary. A group of teens, gifted with special powers, bestowed on them through a powerful magic curse, fight against any evil that might threaten. There are 12 in all, after everyone came together, which took about three years. They are divided into two sub-teams, Blue and Gold. Blue is lead by Reflector (Joseph), and Gold by Mist (Mia). There have been slight conflicts of opinion between the two teams, but nothing too major. (For PF people, this takes place before the major separation on the Space Station). More information will be provided throughout the story.

Please note that I am just doing this for fun, and to let loose. Updates will be sporadic, as I still intend to focus most of my creative energies into 'Lesser Of Two Evils'. Also, I very clearly remember giving people permission to hurt me if I ever wrote an X-Men Evo fic. I'm hoping they'll be understanding, as I have been under a lot of pressure, and Evo is the only universe where you don't have to deal with ridiculous amounts of angst. Not that I have anything against angst, heck, I write it all the time, but I need something uplifting and fun. Please don't flame me. If you don't like the story, fine. I'm not doing it for you, I'm writing it for me. Deal with it. And if you do like the story, I *love* reviews!!!!!!!!

Oh, and also note that I am a big fan of Storm, so she will be appearing quite a bit, along with everybody's favorite red-eyed Cajun, and probably a good dose of Kurt and Jubilee. I'm sorry. I hate Rogue. Always have, probably always will. I will still read fics with her in them, even as the main character, I just can't write her well. I'm sorry!!!!

Now, on to the story! Have fun!


Chapter One

Daniela stared out of her window at the landscape, as it flew by at an alarming rate. Being packed into a car with five other people was anything but therapeutic. Mia was driving, while Chandra sat in the passenger seat, working on her laptop. So, that left Daniela stuck in the back with Joseph, William and Sanina.

"Give me the gameboy, now." Came William's voice.

"I'm almost done, don't have a spasm." Sighed Joseph.
"Now!" William grabbed for the little device, but Joseph
swatted him away like some random annoying insect.

"Stop bickering like two immature, spoiled brats!"
exclaimed Sanina, apparently losing patients with the two mails.

"Sorry, mom." They chorused.

"Grrrr." Sanina clenched her fists. Daniela laughed
quietly, but shut up very quickly when Sanina turned her glare
on her.

"It's not funny, Sky Queen." She said between clenched

"Nope, not funny at *all*." Daniela shrank back against
her seat, and thought back on the event that had started all of
this madness.

It had been a nice, quiet Monday night during Christmas
break, and she had decided to go have an innocent little chat
with her friends on the chat program which Chandra had set up
for members of the Phoenix Force.


{Welcome To #Phoenix Chat! The time is currently 10:28 PM.}

Goddess42: Heya

Singing_Angel: yo

Starmaster: back

Singing_Angel: wb

Starmaster: Hi, Goddess

Goddess42: hia, what's up?

Starmaster: n2m, just doing hw

Goddess42: Ooo, fun^

Starmaster: Oh yeah, loads.

Goddess42: (

Singing_Angel: holy crap!

Goddess42: what?

Starmaster: ????

Singing_Angel: Joe just sent me this article about Mutants. It's about this place called Xavier's Institute For The Gifted or something. Apparently, it's a training center for some kinda Mutant taskforce or something to wipe out reg humans.

{JD_Fan has joined #Phoenix.}

Goddess42: Uh ha, and I'm having an affair with Joe.

JD_Fan: You are? *looks shocked*

Singing_Angel: Don't'cha just love it when ppl come in in the middle of a conversation?

Goddess42: lol, and no, Mi, I'm not having an affair with ur bf. Promise.

JD_Fan: Never doubted you for a minute. So, what's everybody talking about?

Starmaster: Danny was just telling us about an article she found about some place for training Mutants to destroy humans.

JD_Fan: *rolls eyes* Umm, ok. That's great. Tell me when the purple doorknobs come to Earth, then I'll believe there's a Mutant training facility.

Goddess42: Look! A purple doorknob! *points*

JD_FAN: *more eye rolling*

Singing_Angel: *pointedly clears throat*, Anyway, this place is in New York, and it apparently is a school for gifted kids. This document says it's a training ground for Mutants, but what if it was a school for them? I mean, they're not exactly welcome in society, so it would make sense for them to go to a separate school.

Goddess42: Careful, Danny. We could be construed as Mutants, too. Ur treading a fine line.

Singing_Angel: Yeah, I guess. We fit the description pretty well. Super- powers.but no physical mutation.

Starmaster: There's a lot of Mutants with no physical mutation.

Goddess42: Yeah.

JD_Fan: Maybe we should go check this place out.

Goddess42: Why, Fearless Leader?

JD_Fan: 'cause if it's a school just for Mutants, we might be able to get some help for the newer members of the Force who can't control their powers as well as us old-timers can. People like Air, and Electron, and maybe Saphira.

Starmaster: Hey! Sapphire doesn't need any help with her power!

Singing_Angel: Awwe, how cute! Amethyst's standing up for his girlfriend!

Goddess42: How absolutely romantical!

Starmaster: shut up. All of you.

JD_Fan: *smirks*

Starmaster: evil, evil people!

Goddess42: And I take pride in that fact.

Starmaster: You would.

Goddess42: Yeppers!

Singing_Angel: hem, hem. So, r we going to NY or not?

JD_Fan: Weeelllll, *ponders*. Um, Danny, you'll have to get Joe up to date with this, you're not on my team. As for everybody else, or at least you two, *points at Goddess42 and Starmaster*, if u wanna go, then start packing!

Goddess42: Yay!

Starmaster: Umm, no.

JD_Fan: huh?

Starmaster: No. I will not sacrifice my Christmas holidays to go on some stupid PF mission.

JD_Fan: Fine. I'm sure someone else will be willing to take your place.

Goddess42: Yeah

{Masked_freak has joined #Phoenix.} {Libitha has joined #Phoenix.}

Goddess42: Heya

JD_Fan: Joe! We were jus' talking about u.

Singing_Angel: hi, guys

Starmaster: hi

Libitha: hi. Goddess, where's your report? If you want me to edit it, you need to actually give it to me.

Goddess42: I know, I know! Don't kill me!

JD_Fan: Who wants to go to New York?

Masked_freak: U were talking about me?

Libitha: NY? Why?

JD_Fan: Yeeesss, and because there's a mission we've been talking about in NY.

Libitha: Oh, goody^

Goddess42: lol

JD_Fan: There's what we think might be a school for Mutants, and we wanna go check it out.

Masked_freak: Sounds fun. Is this an open mission? Both sub-teams?

JD_Fan: yeah

Goddess42: OMG! You ppl are never gonna drop the space station thing, are you?

Libitha: No, probably not.

Masked_freak: get used to it.

Singing_Angel: *nods*

Goddess42: *rolls eyes*

JD_Fan: So? Everybody game?

Libitha: sure, why not?

Masked_freak: Yeah, what could go wrong?

Starmaster: Don't say a word, Goddess.

Goddess42: *pouts*

Starmaster: Ah, why not? I guess I'll come. It's all fairly old-timers, so it might be fun.

Singing_Angel: Yeah, I'm newest, but w/e.

Goddess42: You fit in good, Danny.

Singing_Angel: awwe

Masked_freak: Yeah

Singing_Angel: thanx

{CP1 has entered #Phoenix.}

Goddess42: how'd she get the address for the chat?

JD_Fan: I dunno.

Singing_Angel: I, um, need to go wash dishes.

Starmaster: Homework calls.

Masked_freak: sya tm, ppl.

CP1: do u guys not like me or something?

Goddess42: We like you, CP1, it's just, wherever u go, trouble follows. Later, guys.

{Goddess42 has shut down #Phoenix.}


That had been two days ago. Now Daniela was regretting going along with this wild little jaunt out-of-country and to The Big Apple a *lot*. It was hard enough getting passports, but she now thought that she would much rather spend her time on the phone with the people who got that sort of thing organized, then in this particular car, with this particular group of people.

"Food!" called Mist. Everyone perked up at this proclamation, and Daniela leaned forward between the seats.

"Where?" she asked.

"There's a Tim Horton's up ahead. We may as well enjoy it while we can. They don't have them in the U.S."

"No Tim Horton's?!" Chandra jerked upright, slamming her laptop screen down. "How do they survive? I mean, in Canada, there's one like, every five blocks!"

"No iced-caps!" exclaimed Daniela, just now grasping the concept.

"AAHH!" Chandra went pail. "No iced-caps?"

Mia sighed. "I'm sure there'll be iced-caps in the U.S." she tried to calm the two coffee addicts down.

"Yeah." William nodded wisely. Chandra kicked him. Hard.

"Ouch!" he cried. "What was that for?"

"For existing." Replied the telecoersic.

"Ok, do you guys want to go through the drive-through or just go in?" asked Mia as they approached the restaurant.

"Go in." chorused Chandra and Joseph.

"I need to stretch my legs." Agreed Sanina.

"Ok, 'to stay' it is." Nodded Mia.

"I can't wait til we get to New Yrok!" moaned William.

"When do we get there?" asked Chandra.

"Not for *quite* a while." Sighed Mia, resting her head against the steering wheel when they parked.

"Don't worry, Mia, we'll try not to get on your nerves." Sanina reassured her.

"Yeah." Nodded Joseph, resting a hand on Mia's shoulder.

"Got it!" William leapt from the car, clutching the gameboy.

"You're a dead man!" Joseph was right behind him.

"COOOOOFFFFFFFFEEEEEEE!!!" was all Mia heard from Daniela and Chandra as they made a run for the front door of the restaurant.

"Like I said before," said Sanina. "Don't worry! Only about a week of this!"

Mia began pounding her head into the dashboard. It was going to be a *long* week.

And there ends the first Chapter! Wow! Confused? You have a right to be. I just read through that, and well, I'll give more info in the next chapter, but it's late, and I'm tired. So, gnight! And please review? It doesn't take long. Oh, and if this is really bad, and you absolutely can't stand it, and others agree with you, I'll take it down, delete it and pretend it was all just a bad dream.