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William woke up with a stomachache. He was hungry. Groaning, he rolled over on his bed to look at the digital clock to check the time, but instead rolled into Remy.

"Aaahhh!" he bounded out of the bed, not really expecting Remy to be sharing his bed. Kind of uncomfortable by the fact, he didn't even to check to see how he had responded to his reaction, and quickly left the room.

Everyone else was up except Scott, Ororo, and Remy. Though, Remy was probably up now. Daniela was sitting at the table, eating some kind of cereal, while the other three sat on the flower-patterned couch, watching some TV program.

"Nice boxers, Will!" Daniela called from the table.

"Shut up Dani..." William warned as he made his way to the three, who were chuckling at something that was happening on the screen.

"You know, this show really isn't that bad!" Joseph told Mia and Sanina, who rolled their eyes at each other.

"Whatcha watchin'?" William rested his elbows on the backrest of the couch.

"Oh, you're up!" Joseph knocked his arms out from under him.

"Do NOT...make me tongue you!" a deep male voice said on the screen.

"On second thought, I don't really want to know..."

The friends chuckled, "It's Farscape, Will," Sanina turned to look at him, and he raised his eyebrows at her.

"Yes. It sounds great, Joe. I'm gonna go eat with Dani --"

"Too late!" Daniela plopped down on the empty love seat and grinned at William, who didn't look impressed.

"Dani, you hate Farscape," Mia smiled at her.

"I know, but it's funnier this way!" she giggled at Will, who rolled his eyes and went into the kitchen.

"You all hate me!" he called back at them.

"YUP!" they called in unison.

Scott yawned and opened his eyes to Ororo's sleeping face. She was so close to him, not more than three inches away. Her hand was resting on his hip. He pushed the thought of affection away. This relationship was wrong. He half smiled at her and brushed a piece of white hair out of her flawless face. He heard laughing outside the door and then someone trying to hush them.

Still fully clothed, Scott gently put Ororo's hand on the bed and quickly checked his hair in the mirror. It stood up in all directions, and when he tried to mould it, it just sprang back. His face was also unshaven. What will a bunch of kids think anyway?

Ororo rolled over and murmured something in her sleep. Scott shook images out of his head that shouldn't have been there. He scratched his stomach and stretched as he made his way over to the door. When he turned the knob, he heard a female squeal. When he pushed it open, the six teenagers were walking around the main room suspiciously.

"Oh, morning, Scott!" Joseph smiled widely.

"We weren't eaves dropping! Nope!" Will shook his head rapidly as Daniela groaned and smacked him over the head.

"That's great, children..." Scott wasn't awake enough to deal with them, "How's Chandra?"

"She's still out of it," Nina said in a monotone sort of way.

"Where is she?" he asked Daniela, who stood still, staring at him for a moment.

"That's you..." Will said flicking her ear.

"Ow! Oh...OH! Haha...yes...um...what?"

"In there," Joseph pointed in the general direction of all the doors.

Scott raised his eyebrows and strained to see where Joe was pointing.

"Idiot! In..." Will grabbed his wrist and pulled him to an open room, "THERE!" and shoved him in.

"Wow," Scott mouthed to himself as he bent over Chandra's unconscious body on the bed. Her hair was sprawled all over her face and the blue flowered pillow. He checked her pulse. It was perfect, "Hmmm..."

"Has anyone tried giving her mouth to mouth?!" he shouted out the doorway. He heard a bunch of laughing.

"No, not really!" Mia called.

"What do you mean 'Not really'??" he ground his teeth together.

"We haven't, you go RIGHT ahead!" Daniela snorted.

Scott rolled his eyes, and left the room and went down three floors to the lobby. Remy had gotten up by the time he was back in the lobby/restaurant part of the hotel. William was sitting on the back of the couch, tapping Daniela's head at random intervals. Scott walked over to the pay phone in the corner, and called the mansion. There was no answer.

'Wonderful,' he thought, slamming the receiver back into its cradle. 'Just wonderful.'

"So, Scott, how'd your night with Ororo go?!" called Daniela, smirking.

Scott groaned, pounding his head hard in to the wall.

He was saved from answering when the manager walked up. "Excuse me?" he said politely to Scott, "But I'm going to have to ask you to check out before ten. We've got another group of guests who want to need the rooms."

"Okay...okay...hold your brains..."

The rest teenagers minus Joseph then came bursting out of the elevator and up to Scott, Ororo, and Remy, with their bags in hand. Will, who was in the lead, tripped over his coat and went flying, his bags, and everyone behind him, landed on his back.

"I'll be with you in a moment," the manager told them, ignoring the pile of teenagers and suitcases. Turning back to Scott, "Your bill is right here."

Scott took the long strip of paper, and turned to his group. "Ok, who has the money?" He asked. Ororo, who had now completed the little party looked at him blankly.

"I thought you had it?"

"You guys suck," William said bluntly. "Do you take cash?" he asked the manager.

"Uh..." he saw him pull out a huge wad of green bills, "YES! Yes we...we do..."

"Okay..." he flipped through the bills.

"Will, where the hell did you get all those bills?" Daniela asked him eyeing the money.

Will frowned at her, "None of your business!"

"I'VE BEEN ROBBED!" Joseph came into the lobby flailing his arms around.

"Oh. Um. That's bad," Will tried to discreetly put his green bundle behind his back.

"GIVE IT BACK YOU LITTLE JERK!!!!" Joseph flung himself at Will, giving him an all out body slam.

"Ow...damn...you..." Will groaned as Joseph pulled the money from his fingers and stood up.

"Psychos..." Daniela rolled her eyes.

"And I'm not using this to pay...it's for...other things..."

"Like...?" Mia asked

"Jewellery?" he blinked. She didn't look convinced; "Okay fine...he thrust most of the bills at the man. "You owe me!" he told Ororo, Scott, and Remy.

"I never said I would pay for this..." Ororo told him plainly.

"Neither did I!" Joseph was getting a little ticked, "Okay, fine...you all owe me..." Mia pouted, "'Cept you." He smiled at her.

The group of them walked out to the front of the hotel, chattering incessantly. Scott muttered something about why he was the one carrying Chandra out to the car.

"Uh uh...I am NOT doing that again!" Daniela declared to the eight others once she got a look at Mia's navy blue 2008 Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

"Yeah...as much as I love that car...really...really love that car, Mia, I really...do not want to squish in there either, especially now that we have Remy" William tried to look empathetic.

Mia sighed and shrugged.

"Don't you little kiddies remember that someone is going to pick us up from the mansion??" Scott told them as though they were about four.

"Oh. Yeah..." Sanina blinked. She didn't remember.

Scott turned to Ororo who smiled weakly.

"Do they know where we are??" Joseph raised his eyebrows and looked from Remy to Ororo. Scott obviously would just answer his question with a retarded...well, question.

"Uh..." Ororo looked as if she had suddenly been hit with a sharp object, "Of COURSE they do, silly!" she grinned a huge, fake grin.

"Hmm. That's good." Mia dropped her head back and looked up at the sky. "Oh...shit!!" she squealed suddenly after a long silence.

"WHAT?!" almost the entire group shouted at her. She stumbled back at their reaction.

"I uh...forgot one minor detail...that I, uh...was supposed to do today...back...back in South Africa." She was over come by a wave of stress.

"Are you serious??" Will asked.

"Yes, Brainless! Remember the new girl?"

"Oh. Yeah...'Shit' is definitely the word for that one," Joseph winced.

"'Tis wrong?" Remy looked rather angry.

"Well...there was this girl that we were thinking of adding to our group...I was supposed to meet her at my house...and sort of interview her..." She looked uncomfortable.

"Does she live in South Africa as well?" Ororo asked.


"Then how—"

"She can transform..." Joseph smiled at Mia.

"...into a dragon. And fly." Mia finished for him.

"Wow...that's...wow..." Scott looked over at Ororo discretely.

"Yeah, I know!" Mia stomped in frustration, and looked to Joseph for an idea.

"I dunno, Mi, I guess you'd better get going?"

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