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As they awoke from their dreary sleep, Toni and Mika were plain out nervous about

Going back to school. After all, Chris and Jackson had been calling persistent to make

Sure their friends (or girlfriends. ) were okay. Mika and Toni ate their Corn Flakes ©

wearily and nervously. After putting up the chicken box, they sighed and trudged out the

door with their books under their arms.

"Mika! Toni!" Chris and Jackson exclaimed, running towards them,

"You'll never believe it!"

Toni smiled sweetly, Mika let out a small sigh. "What is it?" Toni asked.

"Mr.X...he..." they trailed off and exchanged glances.

Chris shook his head. Mika and Toni stared at them waiting.

"Oh...never mind...its nothing." Jackson said, he hugged Toni and held her close.

"I'm so glad your back!" he said softly and Toni nodded and smiled, "I'm glad your not

mad at me, I acted like a major doof." She said, a tad-bit sadly.

Jackson shook his head and held her close.

As Chris took a step toward Mika, Mika shook a little, only a little, a tiny cringe, but

Chris picked it up, "Mika? Mika what's wrong?"

Jackson turned back to look at Toni, she had cringed too.

They fell over, in the school's dandelions clutching and ripping at their clothes, tearing at

their hair, screaming and shouting. Chris and Jackson looked around, nobody else seemed

to notice. With a flash of pink and purple, Toni and Mika's body's seemed to flicker, like

a candle threatening to extinguish. Chris lunged for Mika's body, clinging to the air, as

Mika disappeared, Jackson grasped at the air where Toni had been.



But before their words even hit the air, the last trace of them was gone.

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