Standard Disclaimer - The characters and universe mainly belong to George Lucas. Something I know that we all are very sad about. However, I do claim this particular take on Revan and the events that happened next.

Remnants - Prolog: In the Garden

It was warm. The air was a mixture of freshly cut grass and sweet flowers. Nearby a fountain cascaded water in an endless act of giving. Life to pour itself into a white marble basin, never reaching fulfillment but forever trapped in the moment of release. The sky was blue, dotted with clouds that were appropriately fluffy and gave plenty of room for imagination to categorize them. This one was a speeder, that one was a woman brushing her hair . . .

And it was nearly silent. A few treasured birds chirped, the water babbled, but there was no wind to ruffle the grass nor clothing.

The temple walls were still visible, just beyond a few of the trees. The garden was protected, sacrosanct, but the walls were still there. Just as the scent of industrialization, the slight hint of burnt ozone, of fuel spent and lingering, could not be totally hidden. Others walked, softly talking about deep things or politics unfolding. Robes rustled, friends smiled, jokes were given and laughed about.

In more secretive places, where trees bent to conceal and decorative walls gave sanctuary, others sat. Quiet, passive, feeling and reflecting, their countenances were as still as stone and just as peaceful. Air was inhaled, savored, taken in and revered, and then exhaled. Life was felt and it swallowed them whole with its quiet power.

Children ran, but only a very few, too young and too filled with wonder yet to control themselves. They animatedly spoke, leapt, mock fought and shared both tears and ambitions without restraint. They'd learn soon.

And she stood among them all. Her hand rested on the fountain, the prickling of water droplets hitting the fine hairs on her arm preternaturally sharp. It would not be long before she was required indoors again. Master Donhal would wish to have her practice her meditation, to watch in order to give feedback and gently instruct her in what she was doing wrong.

It never stopped.

She swallowed and began to walk, slowly. Grass bent and broke under her feet. She passed by the Jedi, speaking to each other and smiling. They glanced her way, nodded, but did not speak to her. A young boy, hair cut short and long braid proclaiming his rank even as hers did, gleefully swung a stick in practice. He stopped as she came into her view and stared.

Peace and tranquility skittered along the air. But she could not help but smell the city outside the walls, hear the laughter of the children that they quickly repressed as being inappropriate for this solemn place of reflection, and remember, ever so faintly, the taste of Juhiban rum.

She walked, pace sedate and aristocratic, aloof and controlled, and wondered exactly how long it was going to take her to go mad.


Akasha15 - *glazed look* I will continue this someday. *grins* Couldn't hold out against the chocolate! And, honestly, can't quite leave it this way. After all, I'm a sucker for a happy ending. Well. After much misunderstanding, torment, torture, well done angst and smooching.

AnimeNinja - I'd really been trying to stay away from having Revan's other name given :P Simply cause I think it puts it too much in the realm of the game that I played, and not the story we know. Ya know? But. there's no way Carth wouldn't make that gesture. So, its done. And, don't worry. It can't rain all the time.

Nima Onasi - Oh, no! Punishment wasn't the idea. But I'm glad you found it interesting. By the way, loving the take on An Admiral's Tale.. Keep up the writing!