Hi everyone!  While away on the vacation that caused the delay in posting my Christmas/Chanukah songfic, I managed to sneak in some extra writing, which resulted in this.  I present to you, with great pride, my rewriting of the movie Treasure Planet!

            This is my New Year's fic, and as part of my New Year's Resolution, I have decided to update it (hopefully) every week.

            For those of you who have not seen the movie, while I highly recommend it to you, it is not necessary.  Most of the movie is encompassed in my fic.  The rest of you who have seen it, I hope you appreciate my rewriting.  It's very accurate, and the only stuff I omitted was trivial stuff that was really unnecessary to my plotline.

            My fic is, quite simply, a rewriting of Treasure Planet with one extra character.  Now, I love the book Treasure Island and the movie Planet to death, b/c I am a sucker for a good pirate story.  I found Planet to be a wonderful sci-fi adaptation, which was nearly perfect, b/c I also am a huge sci-fi fan.  But I have the same 2 problems with both Island and Planet.

            One, there are almost no female characters.  Consequently, the other problem is the lack of a good romance storyline.

            My idea was to add one female character, who was to be Jim Hawkins' best friend, which not only adds the much sought-after romance, but it adds a third dimension to the Jim and John Silver relationship, beyond the whole surrogate father thing.  This relationship would strain the one between Jim and his best friend, and hopefully add yet another plot twist.

I put a lot of work into this, and I know it's only one chapter right now, but I'm working really hard, and it's coming along really well.  I hope you guys enjoy it.

Disclaimer: Treasure Island longs to Robert Louis Stevenson, dead or not, and Treasure Planet and all characters/concepts belong to Disney.  The one added character is mine.


"James Pleiades Hawkins!"

Sarah Hawkins opened the door to her three year-old son's bedroom, only to find him shutting his motion-picture book, calmly lying on his bed.  She knew he had been reading it; she had heard the noises from outside his room.

"I thought you were asleep an hour ago!  You're going to wake Skye!"

"But Mom, we were just getting to the best part!"

Sarah sighed.  "We?  Don't tell me Skye's in here again."

A small girl's face peered up from behind the bed.  "I'm sorry, Mrs. Hawkins," she said, grinning widely.  "I couldn't sleep.  May I stay?"

"Please?" Jim pleaded, hugging his favorite book tight, and both children begged with wide eyes.

"Oh, can those eyes get any bigger?  Scootch over.  Skye, you can sit right here," Sarah added, picking up the girl.  Ever since Skye's parents had abandoned her at the Benbow Inn several months ago, Sarah had tried to treat her as if she were her own daughter.  Jim, however, was more interested at the prospect of a constant playmate than a new "sister."  Both being completely obsessed with space travel and pirates, they quickly became the best of friends.

Jim opened the book again, and the familiar story of Captain Nathanial Flint and his lost treasure trove was replayed in 3-D for the amazed three-year olds, who "oooh"-ed in wonder.

When the story ended, Skye turned to Sarah and asked, "How do you think Captain Flint did it, Mrs. Hawkins?"

"Yeah!" Jim exclaimed, climbing up on the headboard of the bed.  "How'd he swoop in out of nowhere, and vanish without a trace?"  He leapt off the headboard and fell onto the soft mattress, wriggling around under the covers in a mimic of Flint's "vanishing act."

"I have no idea," Sarah said, then grabbed Jim out from under the covers and proceeded with a tickle war-a clever ruse to sap his excess energy.

"Okay, now these two little spacers have to get to sleep.  Skye, you run off to your room, I'll be there in just a moment."  Skye smiled and skipped out the door and down the hall to the guest room she would occupy until either her parents returned for her, which was unlikely after five months, or the Hawkins could fix up her own permanent room.

"Do you think anybody will ever find Treasure Planet?"  Jim asked his mom hopefully.

"Sweetheart, I think it's more of a legend."

"I know it's real.  Skye thinks it's real too," Jim said, with the ultimate conviction in his voice that toddlers often have about their favorite fantasy.

"You win.  It's real."  Sarah kissed him on the forehead and said goodnight.

"I love you," she whispered, closing his door.

"Love you, too."

Only moments later, the glow under the covers was the only thing to suggest that Jim was still awake, reading his book for the fourth time that evening, convinced that maybe once more would show him just how to get to Treasure Planet.