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- Some facts might be off a little, as I could not remember the exact scene, and I do add my own bits and pieces to suit the flow, so please forgive me for that.

Moment In Time
written by: da*mouse ®


Everything was completely chaotic as ninjas, soldiers, and armed men appeared to stream into the Tokugawa compound. Yuya grasped the handle of her gun, prepared for battle if she was ever needed to go into it.

Which was probably inescapable.

She could see Yukimura, Benitora and Kyo, all three of them poised to fight. Yukimura was smiling easily, not a ruffled feather, while Benitora gripped his weapon tightly, gaze sweeping over the enemy, his gaze intent.

Kyo, as usual, wore his sadistic grin, as those infamous blood-red eyes flashed. Probably consumed with joy, to have the chance to kill someone, Yuya thought, not without fear. It was difficult not to fear the dangerous man. Each and every time she responded sharply to his backhanded and harsh comments, she found herself consumed with dread, bracing herself with the possibility of being killed, slashed into pieces by that sword of his.

There was no telling what Kyo could do, what he was capable of.

A masked ninja approached her, and she temporarily stopped thinking, pulling out her gun, and releasing the catch. Before she could shoot, though, a sword came down at the ninja's back, and she winced slightly as the ninja fell with a grunt, blood pooling around his body.

"Woman." Kyo's voice was cold. "Get out of the way, you're a disturbance."

Yuya's eyes widened as her temper flared up, almost an automated response to Kyo and everything he uttered. "WHAT!?!  I'll stand anywhere I damn well please, you…"

"Or else…don't leave my side."

The rest of her sentence lost, she stared at him with wide eyes as those words escaped his mouth. His eyes, holding hers for a spilt second, regarded her with no emotion, and he broke the gaze, turning to slash an attacking soldier. Those eyes glittered, as they always did when Kyo was holding his sword.

He stepped away from her, ignoring her completely, while she, still stood stock-still, his words repeating themselves over and over in her head.

Don't leave my side.

What did he mean by those words? Never had anyone spoken to her…not to leave…what…did he mean?

Such words from Onime no Kyo. How was she to interpret it?

She didn't know.

She was snapped back to reality as a sword narrowly missed her. Running towards Kyo, she stood close to him, back to back, her gun drawn, her mind already focused on the battle ahead. She knew that she could not lose concentration, not when they were so obviously outnumbered.

Don't leave my side.

It probably meant nothing, she knew of that possibility. The tone was brash, flat.

But still, those words echoed and lingered.

There was truly no telling what Kyo could, or would, do.

No way at all.


da*mouse ®
posted January 5th, 2004

-scene from SDK manga, volume 3, modified-

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