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Moment In Time
written by: da-mouse ®


She was bleeding. Bleeding profusely, there was blood everywhere. Her face was twisted in pain, her mouth in a grimace, as she struggled not to scream or cry, but to manage a small smile. That one movement brought more blood, as she coughed, and it spewed from her mouth, adding to the reddening pool surrounding her feet. Her head dropped, her limbs weakened, as she fell, her blonde hair floating, framing her face, gradually staining crimson as she collapsed onto the ground.

One more cough, a weak, pathetic little sound, and she was still. As still as stone, no, death. As still as death.

He wanted to run forward, to yell at her, to shake her, to slap her senseless, anything, that would make her open her eyes, look at him, and slap him back. But his foot seemed rooted to the ground as he could only watch helplessly as her body seemed to shrink before his eyes, and the pool of blood spread itself.

Damnit, woman! You don't have any fucking permission to die on me! Do you hear that? Stand up and FIGHT!

If she heard him, she gave no indication. She laid still, her face paler than ever against the blood, flaxen, bloodless, complexion.

He still couldn't move. His feet were as heavy as a thousand rocks, and he couldn't move.

NO! I won't let you…won't let you fucking DIE, you…I won't…don't…


He woke up then, panting heavily, a slight rivulet of sweat trickling down his forehead, his heart pumping like mad as his eyes gradually cleared the surroundings around him until they landed on her slight figure.

Her breathing was even, as she slept. She was not bloody, nor was she dying. And he felt a little like a fool, but he always brushed aside any sort of feelings with a snarl.

It was, like all those other times, only a nightmare. He didn't know why the word nightmare might associate itself with his dream. He was no stranger to blood, gore and death.

Because it was her. Shiina Yuya.

He scoffed then, laughing, as he laid back down to a sleeping position. The idea that he might even remotely care for that wench was laughable.

Maybe the notion wasn't very funny after all – as he found himself lying with his eyes wide open for the rest of the night, unable to sleep, not wanting to dream anymore.


damouse ®
posted January 5th, 2004

Bleargh. Someone put me out of my misery of producing sap.