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Summary: After the events of OOTP, Harry has had enough. He turns in his wand, bids Dumbledore goodbye, and says goodbye to the life he once knew. Six months later, his non-magical peace is disturbed by the appearance of the founders of Hogwarts, who claim Harry is their heir. Harry, however, has had enough of people controlling his life.

The Power Within

Summer before Sixth year:

"So what you're telling me, essentially, is that I have some hidden power that will allow me to defeat Voldemort."

"That is correct."

"And you want me to try and discover what this power is, so that I can use it properly when the time comes."



Albus Dumbledore winced and covered his ears. He should have been expecting this, really, but he hadn't remembered how loud that boy could yell. He sighed and plastered a serene expression on his face, giving the impression that he was completely calm, which would hopefully calm the young man in front of him down. "Not to my knowledge," he said brightly, "Sherbet lemon?"

The boy ignored his offer. His mind was still whirling with the insanity of everything that was going on in his severely messed up life. "I can't stand it anymore, Professor. I just can't." The one thing he'd promised himself he'd never do was be weak in front of his headmaster - he didn't want sympathy - but that was exactly what Harry Potter was doing at this very moment.

Dumbledore put a hand on Harry's shoulder, and pulled the troubled teenager into a hug. "I know it's hard, my boy, but this is a burden you must bear, as much as I wish you didn't have to."

"Sometimes I just wish I could relive my life. Everything happens to me!"

Knowing it was true, Dumbledore didn't respond.

Finally Harry made a decision. "You know what? I'm tired of everything. I can't stand it anymore. I quit." Dumbledore looked up in alarm.

"You quit what?"

Harry sighed. "Everything. I'm tired of being the Boy-Who-Lived. I'm tired of all these adventures I go on. I'm tired of watching EVERY SINGLE PERSON I LOVE DIE BECAUSE OF ME!"

"Harry, I-"

"I'm going now," Harry interrupted coldly, "and I don't want to ever hear from you, or anyone else for that matter, again." He stepped towards the fireplace and retrieved a handful of floo powder from a nearby flowerpot. Turning back to Dumbledore, he whispered sadly, "I'm sorry, but I have to do this. My life just isn't my own, staying here."

Dumbledore watched sadly as Harry reverently placed his wand on Dumbledore's desk, along with his key to Gringotts and his trunk (shrunken, of course). "You truly are leaving then, Harry?"

Harry smiled for the first time in the encounter. "I have to, Professor. There's only one thing I've ever wanted to be. Just me. Just Harry. I can't be that here - only in the muggle world."

"You would rather spend your time with your Aunt and Uncle then here? You have admitted yourself that you dislike them."

"Oh, I hate them, no doubt about that, but at least they don't try to control my life. At least with them, my life won't include or end in murder."

Dumbledore sighed. "No matter where you go, Harry Potter, you will always be the Boy-Who-Lived, the one spoken of in the prophecy. You can't escape your destiny, my boy, you can only run from it."

Harry smiled coldly. "Well, then I'll just have to run, won't I? Farewell, professor. Tell Hermione and Ron . . . tell them that I'll miss them, but that they shouldn't contact me."

Dumbledore could feel the tears welling in his eyes. "Tell them yourself, child."

"If I did that, I might be tempted to stay. Goodbye."

And with a flash of green fire, Harry Potter was gone.


Six months later. . .

"Damn to hell whoever thought up chemistry!" Harry yelled in frustration, swearing as he crumpled up yet another failed attempt at a lab report. This was his sixth so far, and it was due the next day.

As could be expected, Harry's transition from magical to muggle life hadn't been smooth sailing. The Dursleys had been furious, what with having to put up with their nephew for an extra ten months each year, and the school system was beyond frustrated, seeing as Harry hadn't been to muggle school since he was eleven. He'd only recently caught up, through hours and hours of study, with his current grade (11), but to his dismay he still found himself swamped with work. It seemed he'd really underestimated the difficulty of muggle high school, and he'd even been tempted once or twice to give up and go back to Hogwarts. Then he'd remembered the prophecy, and what awaited him if he chose to return to the magical world. Needless to say, Harry chose to remain in muggle high school.

Life wasn't that bad, really. He'd made some friends, passed some assignments, and had only flunked a few tests. Most importantly, though, he was being treated just like everyone else. Like a normal kid, not some wizarding hero destined to save the world for. . . what was it? The sixth time? So yes, Harry was happy with his new life, and was finally discovering the joy of being admired for simply being who you are, and not for the title you are given.

However, we are talking about Harry Potter here, and this means that his life, like it always has, is about to become infinitely more complex.


Harry collapsed on his bed with a sigh. He was FINALLY done that damn chemistry lab report, and now he could finally get the sleep he'd been craving for the past four nights. He should have realized that this would never happen.

As Harry packed up his materials, eyeing his bed longingly, he was momentarily blinded by a golden flash of light that seemed to come out of nowhere. Narrowing his eyes, Harry scanned his completely normal bedroom, but he couldn't find anything out of the ordinary.

Another flash came, this time a green one, and then another came in blue, with the final flash being a bright red. Harry immediately deduced that there was magic at work here, and also knew that he'd had enough. He didn't care why or what these flashes of light were, and as soon as the cause of them revealed themselves to him, Harry would just tell them to F-off, even if it were the founders of Hogwarts. He'd had enough of magic.

One final flash came, a mixture of all four colours, and out of the bright light came four figures, two male, two female. As the light died down, Harry could see that the first man was wearing red, the second wearing green, the first woman wearing blue. . . it didn't take him long to realize that these four where in fact the four founders of Hogwarts. Although all were smiling happily once they'd caught sight of Harry, Harry was fuming. No matter how hard he tried, people always found a way to control his destiny, and he'd had enough.

"Greetings Harry Potter. I am Godric Gryffin-"

"Get out," Harry demanded, eyeing his four intruders with annoyance. He didn't care that he was ordering perhaps the four greatest wizards in two millennia out of his house. He was past caring. "Get out."

Helga Hufflepuff smiled shyly. "Harry dear, I know that you must be fairly shocked at all this-"

"Oh, believe me lady, I'm not shocked. You four are the founders of Hogwarts. Either you or your souls have somehow managed to travel through time, purely for the purpose of meeting me, the great Harry Potter."

"We've come to speak with you-"

"Dammit, does it look like I care?! All four of you can go get stuffed, for all I care! I thought I'd made it perfectly clear that I've left the wizarding world. I'm done with magic! Finished! So, as much as I hate to say it to such fine, meddlesome people as yourselves, WOULD YOU PLEASE GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!"

The four looked shocked beyond belief. After all, they were the founders of Hogwarts, and some of the most respected people in the history of humanity. Rowena Ravenclaw puffed up, her hands on her hips, and snapped, "Young man, you may have had troubles in the past, but that gives you no right to yell at us without provocation!"

Harry glared at the dark haired woman furiously. "Without provocation! You think I wasn't provoked! You barge into my room with no respect at all, and expect me to welcome you with open arms because you are the great four founders! What do you want me to do? Bow down to you? Kiss your shoes? I've already tried respecting people who didn't earn it, and look where that got me! My godfather dead, and an evil dark wizard on the loose who, incidentally, is also out to get me!"

Godric, Helga and Rowena looked very sorrowful, as if pitying Harry for the hardships he'd endured. Salazar, however, didn't seem impressed in the slightest.

"Well, boy, you'll have to excuse our intruding. We wouldn't have bothered to spend five years creating a time travelling device, at the cost of many lives, and then traveled here, braving fire and storm and shadow, if we had known that you didn't want to see us." Slytherin drawled sarcastically, piercing Harry with a dark glare.

Harry, however, simply sighed. "At the cost of many lives, you say? Great. Even more people dead because of little old me."

Slytherin scoffed. "Stop your self pity for one second, boy, and listen to us. We didn't travel through time just for fun, you know."

It was obvious that these obnoxious people wouldn't go away, no matter what Harry did. And Harry definitely wanted them to leave and never come back, because he knew without a doubt that they were here to give him some mysterious power or information that ONLY he could possibly use, because of who he was. How did he know? The answer was rather obvious really - why else would the founders have wasted their time to see him? Harry knew, however, that he didn't have much chance in convincing them to leave, and he certainly couldn't duel all four of them, so with a sigh of defeat Harry plopped down on his bed and turned his eyes to Gryffindor.

"Alright, oh great Founder, tell me whatever you like, and then leave, because you've outstayed your welcome."

Godric smiled sympathetically at him. "Mr. Potter, we have traveled through time to tell you that you are our heir."

Harry moaned and clutched his head in his hands. "I figured as much."

"Indeed," Rowena added, and went on to explain the insanely complex reason behind how Harry came to be their heir. Harry knew without doubt that God was purposely doing this just to make his life harder. How else could his mother (who was muggle-born), be indirectly related to the second cousin of Salazar Slytherin's sister? The chances were so minute that Harry's head spun just thinking about it.

"Fine. So I'm your heir. Yippee. So now I'm supposing I'm supposed to be all happy, and then you tell me about all the powers I've gained, and a whole bunch of arcane information flows through my brain, and I get photographic memory, and my eyesight is cured, and-"

"Would you like us to tell you, or do you want to keep on guessing?" Rowena demanded crossly.

Slytherin laughed harshly. "You may as well let the boy continue. He's already three quarters of the way there."

Harry moaned again. "Why me?" he thought sadly. Rowena for some reason smiled. "Fate can seem pretty twisted sometimes, Harry, but everything that happens is always done for a reason."

Harry groaned. "You're a telepath. I'm assuming that means I'm telepathic?"

Rowena smiled. "Indeed. You will also become a multi-magus, an Elemental, a metamorphmagus-"

"NO!" Harry shouted wildly, jumping to his feet. His four ancestors stared at him in shock. "NO! I'm tired of being special, I'm tired of being famous! I don't want your powers, I want you to leave and never come back! Just leave me alone!" And with these words, Harry sprinted past the stunned four, through the open bedroom door, and out of sight.

Slytherin suppressed a groan. "I assume this means that we're going to have to chase him?" Helga nodded, causing Slytherin to curse loudly.

"Why can't children ever just accept anything? They're always fighting, fighting, fighting. Nothing is ever good enough for them!"

"I think the real problem is that Harry isn't like other children. He's been fighting all his life, and he's tired of it. I think he just wants to be alone." Helga said sadly, and all four stopped to ponder her words.

"Well, we can't just let him get away," Godric decided finally. "He's our heir, whether he likes it or not, and we have to transfer our powers to him before the final battle with Voldemort, or else he's done for!"

"I thought that he was supposed to battle Voldemort with love!" Helga protested.

"How can Harry love anyone if he's not able to love himself?" Rowena asked wisely. The other three regarded her in confusion. "What?"

She regarded them as if they were ignorant school children. Her expression was actually quite similar to Hermione's, when she was lecturing Harry and Ron about some fact that they should have already known. "Harry is our heir, like you said, whether he likes it or not. It's part of who he is. If he can't accept that, and therefore accept himself, then he cannot love himself. Does that make sense?"

Godric frowned in thought. "So you are saying that Harry cannot truly love anyone until he loves himself - all of himself - first?"

"Apparently," Salazar agreed, "and you are also saying that until Potter learns to love others, he cannot possibly kill the Dark Lord?"

"That's the general gist of it, yes, although how exactly he's to kill Voldemort with LOVE, I've no idea."

Helga smiled cheerfully. You'll notice that she is generally the most optimistic of the four. "Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. The most important thing now is to find our runaway heir, and convince him to accept his powers."

Salazar looked worried for the first time. "I don't think it can be done. That boy has developed a great hatred for those who would try to control and shape his life. He thinks that we're trying to lay on him even more responsibilities and destinies then he's already got."

Rowena sighed. "Well, we'll just have to try our best."

"Indeed. And if we fail, we're all doomed," Salazar drawled humorlessly.

"Our descendants, anyway."



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