Chapter 3

Mr. Briney took Rosella back to Petalburg, and they arrived at the dock near Mr. Briney's house in the late afternoon.  After they docked, they both left the ship.

"Here we are, lass, Petalburg City.  Be careful now and try not to go to Staleport for a while since Team Aqua might be waiting for you there."  Mr. Briney said, looking at Rosella with concern in his eyes.

"Okay, I won't go to Staleport any time soon, and thank you for taking me to Dewford."  Rosella said.

"It was no problem, I love sailing so it pleased me to get out and sail again.  Take care now, lass."  Mr. Briney now went back inside his house and Rosella walked into Petalburg.

As soon as Rosella entered Petalburg she went to the Pokemon Center and got her pokemon healed before she challenged the local Gym Leader.  When her pokemon had been healed, she headed over to the gym to see if she could get another badge.  Rosella entered and Norman looked up, "Ah, a little challenger I assume, right?"

Rosella nodded and Norman said, "I should tell you though that I only accept challenges from people with four badges."

"I have four badges."  Rosella replied softly.

"May I see them?"  Norman asked.

Rosella pulled her badges out of her side pocket and held them out.  "Wait a minute……  You have four badges, but only two of them are Hoenn League badges; I'm sorry, I can't accept your challenge based on that fact."  Norman said.

Rosella looked disappointed as she put her badges away, and left the gym and walked back to the Pokemon Center and went inside and found a place to sit down.  When she had taken a seat, Nurse Joy walked over to her and handed her a note.  "Your dad wants you to call him, he said he's worried about you.  So you should call him."  Nurse Joy said.

Rosella nodded and Nurse Joy walked over to the counter to see to other injured pokemon.  Rosella now stood up and walked over to a videophone and called her dad's number.  The phone rang for a few minutes before her dad answered, "Rosella!?  I was worried that something had happened to you!  Thank god, you're okay!"  Lance exclaimed.

Rosella just sat before the videophone and waited for her dad to calm down, she still felt pretty lousy about having her challenge refused by the town's local Gym Leader, so she was relatively quiet.

After a few minutes, Lance calmed down, "What's wrong, honey, you're awfully quiet."

Rosella hesitated for a minute so her dad said, "Come on, you can tell me."

"I don't know how to say this, but I was kidnapped by Team Aqua just the other day."  Rosella replied, feeling her dad's reaction before he even gave it.

"What!?  Are you alright?"  Her dad asked.

"I'm fine, dad, except for the fact that Team Aqua is trying to capture me again."  Rosella replied, her voice shaking as she spoke.

"I'd be hugging you right now, if you were here with me."  Her dad replied.  "We may have to pull you off that journey too and send you back to the Johto region to keep you safe, as Team Rocket's given up on you.  We found that out the other day."

Rosella nodded and her dad smiled as he asked, "How's your badgequest coming along?"

"I got two new badges and was trying to go for my fifth when something happened……"  Rosella replied.

"What happened?"  Her dad asked.

"I went to challenge the Petalburg Gym Leader, and he said that he only accepted challenges from people with four badges; so I showed him my badges, and he refused my challenge when he saw my Johto League badges.  He said that they all had to be Hoenn League badges."  Rosella replied.

"That's ridiculous!  Any four badges will do, Hoenn League or not.  I'll get in touch with Norman and set him straight on this.  I'll have him come to the Pokemon Center and apologize to you, and have him accept your challenge."  Her dad replied, majorly irritated with what Rosella had just told him concerning Norman.  "Take care, Rosella, and be careful."  Her dad remarked thoughtfully.

"I will dad, I'll be careful and I won't go looking for trouble."  Rosella replied.

"Good, now be careful.  Oh, and by the way, I'm sending this item ball over, it contains something I want you to have."  Her dad said, holding up an item ball before he sent it over.  A few minutes later,  Rosella received the item ball.  "Open it, honey."  Her dad said.

Rosella pressed the button and it opened, thus revealing a pokegear.  "Oh, dad……..."  Rosella said surprised.

"Don't worry about it, I would rather hear from you than think that something happened to you.  Now you can call me more often, which is what I want you to do."  Her dad said.

Rosella put the pokegear around her neck and her dad said, "Good, I'll talk to you soon.  Oh, and by the way, don't go wandering off from the Pokemon Center because I'm going to tell Norman that he can find you there.  Alright, honey?"  Rosella's dad remarked thoughtfully.

"Okay, dad, I'll stay put for awhile until Norman comes looking for me."  Rosella replied after a pause.

"Talk to you later, honey, I've got to go."  Her dad replied.

"Bye dad."  Rosella responded automatically.

Rosella ended the call and stood up and was soon surrounded by a group of kids.  "Hey, you're Rosella; you're Lance and Lorelei's daughter.  What's it like growing up with famous parents."  A boy named Andrew asked.

"Actually, I never grew up with them, they adopted me when my parents died in a plane crash."  Rosella replied.

The kids were stunned.  "That's every child's dream!"  A girl named Amanda exclaimed.

"I suppose you're right."  Rosella replied.

"That'll be very interesting when you battle your own parents for the title……"  Another boy named John said.

"Yeah, that will be interesting."  Rosella replied.

"Though by the time you battle them, you might have totally redone your team."  A girl named Alisha said.

Rosella and the kids continued to chat for awhile until the kids had to go, and when they left Rosella went to take a seat to await Norman's arrival.  Exactly how long it would be until he arrived Rosella didn't know, she hoped it would be soon, but the only thing she could do at the moment was wait.