"Just Like the Greeks at Troy"

What was going on in Pintel's mind when he and Ragetti put on the dresses and became a diversion.


I'm sitting in a rowboat in a dress. A dress! I'm sitting in a rowboat in a dress carrying a parasol. Dresses and parasols! Of course Bo'sun had to suggest we be a distraction while the rest of the crew goes out and ambushes the Dauntless. Down to the depths with him!

And that fool Ragetti. He's making eyes at the Dauntless' crew and calling at them. "Yoo-hoo!" he says. Ruddy fool. All his antics make me feel quite foolish me self. And then he tries and make light of the situation.

"This is just like what the Greeks did at Troy, except they was in a horse instead of dresses - a wooden horse."

Ay, I could ring his neck right here. But then I'd be out a best friend. Not that it'd matter much, what with the curse and all. I couldn't go about killin' him until the curse was broken. But that's what we're doing this for. To hurry up and capture the Dauntless so we can get back in there and do what needs being done. To repay the blood that needs to be repaid.

We're rowing past the dauntless now. What are they doing in those boats? Don't they know they're gonna get massacred? Barbossa's a clever captain. He's not sending his crew out to meet them in boats all fair-like. No, he'd do it the dirty way - the pirate way. They're gonna get what's coming to them make no mistake.

"Yoo-hoo!" Ragetti's calling out again. That mutton head.

"Stop that! I already feel like a fool," I say to him, trying not to lose my temper. Too late.

"You look nice though," he says. That's it!

"I look nice?" I ask, just before lunging at him. I'm gonna tear that wooden eyeball out of his head and shove it down his throat. We've just lost our parasols. What's the crew of the Dauntless gonna think when they see us two cursed pirates in dresses in a rowboat. Wait. the parasols! We've blown our cover! Ruddy Ragetti and his "Greeks at Troy" outlook on things. In the midst of my attempt at strangling him, I look up. They've seen us. Last resort. fire the pistol. Wonderful. I've missed. Hit his hat, I have. Oh well, to the Dauntless!


So what do you think? A little silly, I know, but I love the line about the Greeks at Troy. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Comments? Criticisms? Leave them in a review!