I Miss Him Chapter 5

Author's Notes: Okay, this story is slow moving, because I post one chapter before I have the next ready. But YAY! Rejoice, because you find out what happens with Harm in this chapter! So go on, read!

Mac was busying herself, running about the apartment playing hostess. Although she found it very difficult to keep out of the bedroom, where Harm was hiding for the time being, but they had been apart for five years, just a few more minutes wouldn't kill her.

They had decided to let everyone know at once, and were just waiting until everyone was settled. Mac smiled as she surveyed the room. Leigh and Jimmy were off playing in a corner, AJ standing close, keeping watch just like a good big brother should. AJ, Bud, and Sturgis were nearby, talking about a case, she assumed. Harriet and Jen were sitting on the couch, swapping the latest office gossip. Mac laughed quietly as she thought about the bomb that she and Harm were about to drop.

She finally couldn't resist the temptation any longer, and snuck into their bedroom. She shut the door quietly, and smiled as Harm looked up. "You ready?" She asked him quietly, and he got up and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Mmm, five more minutes." He murmured against her lips. She smiled as he kissed her soundly. As much as she wanted to stay here forever, she figured that since she was the host of this impromptu party that the lack of her presence would soon be noticed.

"Harm." She whispered, breaking away from the caress of his lips. "We should make that announcement now." He nodded, and released her.

She smiled, and straightened her skirt, looking quickly in the mirror to make sure that she looked okay. "Wait in here until I open the door, okay?" He shook his head, letting her know he understood, and sat back down on the bed.

Mac stepped out into the family room, and whistled. She waited until everyone had settled down, and then began speaking. Leigh wandered over to her mother, knowing what was coming next, they had talked about it right before everyone had come over. "Thank you all for coming, it really means a lot to me and Leigh." Mac took a deep breath and smiled nervously. "There's a reason that we called you all over here today. I just found out something . . . something that has bothered me for the past five years."

She looked over at Harriet and Jen, and smiled. "I know that some of you have been worried recently. But I assure you, I'm not going crazy." Mac smiled, knowing that she and Harm had gone over this before, but it still made her nervous. "You all might want to sit down for this part." She said quietly.

She waited patiently as everyone scrambled to find a seat. When everyone was settled, she started up again. "Harm wasn't killed in action, on a classified mission. I still don't know how it's possible, all I know is.....he's here now." She opened the door, and Harm came out.

Gasps were heard all around the room. Harriet and Jen began crying, while the men all stood there in shock. Bud was the first to speak up. "Is that really you Sir?" He asked timidly.

Harm smiled, and was about to reply, until he felt someone at his feet. An eight year old AJ Roberts stood close by, looking up at Harm. He had very vague memories of this man, he knew him mostly through pictures and stories. "Uncle Harm?" He asked.

Harm got down on one knee so that he was closer to eye level with the boy. "How are you AJ? Do you remember me?" He asked.

The little boy shrugged. "A little." He propelled himself into Harm's arms. "I'm glad you're back. Auntie Mac was sad while you were gone." He told him matter of factly.

"I know. But I don't plan on ever leaving again." He said. Suddenly, everyone was capable of movement. As soon as Harm let go of AJ, he was surrounded by his friends. He tried to answer everyone's questions, but soon it became too much, and he gave up. He looked over to Mac, who was just smiling, and he smiled back.

Mac smiled at the scene that was taking place. Her husband looked so happy to be home, and to be around the people that loved him. Everyone was bombarding him with questions, and many of them, she imagined that she didn't even know the answers to. She would still have to ask him about that.

Later that night . . .

Harm and Mac collapsed on their bed, thoroughly exhausted. They had just put Leigh to bed, which was good, considering that it looked like she was about to fall asleep standing up. Mac groaned, looking down at her clothes. "I don't want to get up and change my clothes."

Harm laughed as he leaned over, and gave her a small peck on the lips. "We don't have to. We can just sleep in our clothes right?" He whispered, taking her into his arms. She laughed as she snuggled into his arms.

"I'm starting to think that that's not such a bad idea Flyboy." She said, catching his lips with hers again. Their tongues dueled frantically for a moment, and they let themselves get swept up in their passion. Mac broke it off after a few moments, after the burning in her lungs reminded her to breathe. She grinned seductively, playing with the buttons on his shirt. "I think that I'm beginning to find more energy, Sailor."

"That's too bad, because I'm still exhausted." Harm said grinning. Mac playfully glared at him, slapping his arm, and got up off the bed.

"You're a tease Harmon Rabb. I'm gonna go change and wash my face. I'll be back in a minute." Mac said, walking towards the bathroom.

When she came back into the room, Harm was lying on the bed in his boxers. He turned and smiled at her, and got under the covers, holding them up invitingly for her. She smiled and slipped underneath the covers, and turned off the lamp on their bedside table. She rolled over to him, and placed a gentle arm on his chest. "Harm?" She whispered.

He looked down at his wife, and lightly stroked her cheek. "Yes Sarah?"

She looked up at him, the moonlight illuminating his face. "Are you going to tell me what happened? Where you were all these years? I don't want to bring up bad memories that I'm sure you have but…..I just want to know why I didn't have my husband for five years, and why your little girl didn't get to know her daddy for the first years of her life." She propped herself up with one hand, her elbow resting on the pillow below her. "I've wondered for five years Harm, and know I just want to know why."

Harm regarded her carefully, brushing the tears that had fallen, off of her cheek. "Did I ever tell you about my time in China?" He asked quietly, focusing on some unseen thing on the wall behind her.

"When you were with Admiral Boone? Well yeah of course you….." The look in Harm's eyes told her that this wasn't the time that he was talking about. "What time in China?"

"It was 1995…..I was supposed to go sailing with this woman that I had an on again, off again thing with. She didn't show, so I decided to go by myself. At the time, I was helping out with some issues that China and Taiwan were having with an island. Some Chinese officials captured me and held me captive. They played all sorts of mind games, and pumped me full of drugs. They made me believe that my father was in the cell below me, and at one point they tried to convince me that I had been in a coma for several months." Harm shuddered slightly, and Mac leaned over him, trying to protect her husband from the evils of the world.

"You don't have to go on if it's too much for you." She murmured, studying his face intently. Harm shook his head, determined to tell her what had happened to him.

"The woman who was in charge of my interrogation was named Captain Lishi. She She was sent off to jail, and apparently she just got out. She wanted revenge for me ruining her career and…she found out where I was, for that assignment that Webb sent me on. She pulled a few strings, and got me to China, where I was supposed to meet with an American serviceman being charged with….something, I don't eve remember anymore. She kidnapped me. Made it look like I was dead, so that no one would come looking for me.' Mac's heart was breaking for Harm. His voice and his face were so full of pain, she was overwhelmed with the urge to just make it all go away, to take his pain away.

"For the past five years she's held me captive. Made me think all sorts of things….at one point she made me think I was going crazy….and another time, she said that she had you in the cell next to me, and I heard screams, and….I knew that it was a trick Mac, but I thought…..it seemed so real." He said, breaking down. He began crying softly, and Mac just cradled him, rubbing his back and tried to sooth him. Her husband was a strong man, but even Superman couldn't come through this unscathed.

"We'll get through this together Harm. You'll be okay, and I'll be with you every step of the way." She murmured. She began crying too, taking her husband's pain and making it her own. They had been through so much, and she just wished that for once, that just for once, things could be simple, and good for them.

They fell asleep that night, clinging to each other desperately, needing to be reassured that the other was real.

Harm woke up when a sudden weight was on his chest. He opened his eyes slowly, and tried to figure out what was hindering his attempts at breathing. He smiled as the bright blue eyes of his daughter met his. The vulnerable and emotional man of the night before, was replaced with a much happier man, a man that was happy to be alive. "Good morning sweetheart."

He felt Mac stir next to him, and looked over briefly to her. "Looks like you woke your mom up munchkin." He turned back to her and smiled. "What do you want to do today Leigh?"

Mac smiled as she watched the scene in front of her. Harm was so at ease with Leigh, and vice versa, it was like he had been there the entire time. "Can we go to the park?" Leigh asked. She looked over at Mac. "Please mommy?"

Harm looked at her with pleading eyes. "Yeah, can we mommy?" He asked innocently. He shot her a flyboy grin, and Mac couldn't help but laugh.

"I guess that I'm outnumbered, huh?" She said, grinning. Both Harm and Leigh nodded, and she laughed. "Since I don't have that much of a choice, sure we can go to the park. Why don't you go get dressed Leigh, and Daddy and I will go fix some breakfast, okay?"

Their little girl nodded, and hopped off her father. She bounded out of the room, and at the doorway, turned back and blew them both kisses, and then ran down the steps towards her room. They laughed at their little girl's antics. Harm turned to Mac, and slowly kissed her good morning.

When they broke apart a few minutes later, Mac looked up at him, a soft smile gracing her face. "I forgot how good that feels." She murmured, carefully stretching out. She settled back down, and lightly kissed Harm again. "Are you going to be okay?" She asked him quietly.

Harm nodded, trying to push aside the memories that haunted him. "I think so. With you and Leigh here, things are easier to deal with." He said quietly, telling her the truth.

She nodded, and reluctantly rolled out of bed. "C;mon, up and at 'em Sailor. Your daughter and your wife are expecting breakfast." She said grinning, as she threw on her robe.

Harm groaned playfully. "I see that something's haven't changed." He said, catching her around the waist. Mac laughed as he began nibbling at her neck. "You're still insatiable."

Mac turned around and gave him a light kiss. "That's right Sailor. Now get your six out there….we're all hungry." Mac giggled as Harm feigned an exasperated look, and let go of her.

"Fine, I get the message Marine." Mac laughed as she headed into the bathroom, planning on taking a shower and then joining Leigh and Harm in a few minutes.

A few minutes later….

As Mac walked out of the bathroom, she was delighted to hear the sound of laughter coming from the kitchen. She peeked her head out the door, and saw her daughter sitting on the counter, with Harm moving around the kitchen. It appeared as if he was making pancakes, and while he was at it, singing at the top of his lungs. Their little girl giggling as he came up to her, and dabbed a bit of flour on her nose. Mac smiled, and continued looking at the scene.

Harm seemed to sense her eyes, and looked up. He shot her a Flyboy smile, and picked up the little girl on the counter dramatically. She giggled again, and immediately settled into his arms. "Come on Mac! You're missing all the fun!" He looked down at their little girl, and jiggled her a bit.

"Yeah Mommy! Daddy's been singing and makin' pancakes for us!" Leigh said excitedly. She then scrunched up her face. "But I thought that you said that Daddy sang good….."

The adults laughed, and Mac came out of the bedroom. "Well sweetheart, he usually does." She gave her daughter a small peck on the cheek. "He must just be a little off today." She said smiling, giving her husband a small peck too. "So after breakfast today, do you want to see if Jimmy can go with you to the park?"

Leigh nodded excitedly. "Yeah, that sounds great!"

Mac smiled as she watched her husband and daughter interact more. 'Yeah it does.' She thought to herself.

Author's Notes: Okay, I realize that I'm taking some creative liberty, because I guess that Lishi actually died. I haven't seen 'The Prisoner' in a while, and I couldn't remember. But I hope that you liked the chapter, I'm going to deal with everything a little more in future chapters. Please review and tell me what you thought! Oh, and by the way, I chose Lishi, because I didn't want to be typical and pick Palmer or Coster. I wanted someone really twisted, but someone unexpected….and I found all those qualities in Captain Lishi! :P