Demon Zoo

By Fantasy Cat

Disc: I don't own Inuyasha. I only own the idea that demons could be placed in a zoo.


What's going on:

Naraku runs a zoo that exhibits hanyous and youkai. Kagome (21), Sango(23), and Miroku(24) are employees. Inuyasha is his own hanyou self, a popular attraction. Will feature others. Pairing: Kag/Inu, Rin/Sess, San/Mir

Chapter One


It was that time again, he noticed. That was why he closed the zoo and dismissed the employees early that night. Only his assistant Kagura would be there as they went through with the procedure. It was illegal, but no one would know. The demons needed it.

Nearly all of the demons were male. Naraku disapproved of mating the demons with each other because the only females that they had did not have male counterparts at his zoo. What he needed to solve his problem was a human. Then, naturally the demon would kill her afterwards.

The unconscious girl was stripped of her clothes. (They would have to be burn later to hide the evidence.) She was placed in a bag. Naraku and Kagura carried the bag into Sesshomaru's cage.

He was the popular, yet dangerous, full dog demon. He was only allowed to come out of his cave in his true dog form, but they knew that some demons could carry on a human-like form like Sesshomaru did. The bag was brought deep into a cave inside of his cage, hidden away from human sight.

When Naraku and Kagura went inside the cave, they found Sesshomaru in his human form. They placed the bag down beside him. Sesshomaru's eyes were red. He seemed exhausted and nervous, but was nearly about to attack Naraku when he came into his cave. He knew better than that though. Sesshomaru walked over to the bag and began to sniff it.

"It is your human," Naraku told the dog demon. "Don't take too long with this one like you did last time." Although none of the youkai spoke, Sesshomaru understood Naraku's commands. The youkai would take the girl and then kill her.

On the other side of Sesshomaru's cage was one that belonged to Inuyasha, the zoo's most popular hanyou. He woke up when he smelled the presence of a new human nearby. Then he heard a girl's harsh cries and screams of pain. "Feh," said Inuyasha. "He must be in heat again."


Kagome, Miroku, and Sango had many different jobs at the zoo. They took care of the demons and cleaned their cages, but their moment to shine was when they trained them and put on shows for the visitors. Only a few youkai could do this (if they had lived in the zoo since they were young.) But most of the zoo's patrons come to see the hanyous. Since they were half-human and half-demon, they were better trained to do tricks and to communicate.

Inside one of the buildings was a habitat for orphaned youkai. Kagome came inside with a milk bottle in hand. "Good morning Shippou." The little fox demon was still sleeping. "Hey, Shippou! Wake up!" He opened his eyes slightly? "I have to feed you, now. You have a performance today." Upon hearing the word "feed", Shippou leapt into Kagome arms and reached for the milk bottle. "That's a good boy," she said. "Drink it all up."

"So, Sango," said Miroku. "How would you like to go to a movie after work tonight?" Sango was busy brushing the cat youkai Kirara. "I don't think so, Miroku? Remember the last time we went to the movies together. You hand was sliding under my butt and I was so scared, that I jumped out of my seat and completely embarrassed myself."

"You're living in the past," said Miroku. "We've been working together for six months now. A man can change over time."

"Forget it, pervert man," she said. "And don't try anything funny during the performance today."


"Oh, why don't you hurry up and clean Kirara's crap?" Miroku noticed that Kirara's cage was very dirty. It was gonna take lots of scrubbing to clean up her mess.

Kagome's next visit was to the cage of the show's star, Inuyasha. "Go away, wench!" yelled the hanyou from his cave. "INUYASHA!" yelled Kagome. "You better not use that foul-mouth of yours around the patrons or else I'll put you on a leash and walk you around the zoo until closing time!"

"Geez, woman. You're such a sore…" Kagome unlocked the cage and came in. "No food today? Okay then…"

"Alright, alright!" said Inuyasha. He came out of his cage. He only wore a pair of pants when he was in his cage. Kagome and Inuyasha walked over to his trailer in the back of the exhibition tent. Inuyasha was treated to a bowl of Ramen, his favorite meal. Kagome meanwhile had the daunting task of pruning his hair. "You have too many tangles!" she commented.

The performers consisted of Shippou, Kirara, Inuyasha, a tanuki demon named Hatchi, and a horse hanyou named Jinenji. They were all cleaned and well feed. "Okay guys," said Kagome. "Do your business in the waiting room because we don't like the gross out the patrons."

Sango was brushing Kirara again. "Everybody's all set," said Miroku after retreating from the stage. Naraku came to his employees dressed in his zoo owner suit. "Everyone is prepared then?" he asked them.

"Yes," said Kagome.

"Good. Then this performance better run smoothly." Naraku disappeared. "Aw man, that means he's gonna be watching," said Miroku. When Naraku planned to watch a demon training show, it meant that the performance had to be extra good.