Chapter 11

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Cho had History of Magic with Professor Binns.

 She covered her mouth as she gave a big yawn, 'This is so boring.' She thought looking around the class, half of the students were sleeping or talking together, not even bothering to lower their voices.

Cho looked at Marietta who had her head on the table and was fast asleep. 'I have half a mind to wake her up.' She thought, but then she decided against it.

She looked out of the window and saw something approaching. She squinted her eyes and saw a brown barn owl sitting on a branch close to the window.

It hooted loudly.

Cho looked at Professor Binns to see if he noticed the owl. Luckily, he didn't.

Cho got up from her seat and opened the window, a blast of freezing cold air shot out from the window.

"Cho! Close it!" Some people exclaimed suddenly waking up.

Before closing the window, she brought the owl inside the classroom. She sat down in her seat and removed the letter from around the owl's neck.

It said:


            I know that I don't know you so well, but I have something important to tell you about Harry. Meet me at lunch in the hall outside the Boy's Bathroom.

                                                                                    Please come,


"Who's it from?" Marietta asked sitting up in her chair.


Marietta looked as if she was concentrating hard, "Seamus? Who's that?" she asked completely baffled.

"He's one of Harry's friends. He wants to tell me something important about Harry."

Marietta put her chin in the cup of her hand, "You think it'll be something good or bad?"

"I hope it's something good, of course!" Cho replied. She started biting her nails, 'What if it's something horrible? Oh my God.what am I going to do now?' she thought, feeling the stress overwhelm her, 'Well, I'll just find out at lunch, I s'ppose.'

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were walking out of the Green Room after Herbology.

"Have any of you seen Hagrid lately?" Harry asked looking towards Hagrid's cabin a few feet away.

"Not really, mate." Ron answered.

"Me either." Hermione answered.

"Shall we go and visit him?" Harry suggested. He could see smoke rising from the top of Hagrid's chimney, "It looks as if he's in there."


As the three of them made their way to Hagrid's cabin, a blast of cold wind hit them in their faces.

"It's never been this cold before." Hermione pointed out walking a bit faster, "Let's hurry before we all freeze to death."

All three of them knocked on the door.

"All right, all right. I'm comin'." Hagrid said from the other side of the door.

The door opened to reveal a slimmer looking Hagrid.

"Hey, Hagrid." They greeted as they walked inside the warm hut.

"Need a bit of heat there, eh?" Hagrid asked taking a seat on the couch.

Harry nodded and held his hands in front of the hearth, "This feels better."

"So.Hagrid, what've you been up to?" Hermione asked, "You've gotten thinner."

Harry and Ron grinned at each other. Leave it to Hermione to ask direct questions like that.

Hagrid laughed, "Yeh. Me and Maxime have been recruiting members for the you-know-what." He explained, "Well, I shouldn't be tellin yuh this but." he trailed off.

"What Hagrid?" Hermione asked.

"What is it?" Harry and Ron asked curiously, giving him their full attention.

"Well, it's two things actually."

The three of them waited in anticipation.

 "The firs' is that we got some of the giants to join us for the you-know-what took a bit more persuading than las' time." Hagrid said proudly, "Dumbeldore's real proud of me and Maxime."

"That's great Hagrid!" Hermione exclaimed smiling.

"And, what's the other news?" Ron asked.

Hagrid started blushing, "Shouldn't be tellin' yuh this.not until it's totally confirmed but.Maxime and I might get married."

The room was silent and then all three of them started talking at once.

"That's the best news Hagrid!"
"I knew that was going to happen sooner or later!"

"You'll have the world's biggest baby!"

"Maybe you'll go in the Guinness World Book of Records!" Harry pointed out.

"What's that?" Ron asked.

"It's a book with all these things that Muggles do, like there's the world's biggest pizza and all those kind of things." Hermione stated.

"What's a pizza?" Ron asked.

Hermione sighed, "Just forget it, Ron."

Harry laughed, "I'll explain everything later."

Hagrid sat there beaming at all of them, "Now alls I have to do it ask Maxime to marry me."

Cho walked down the corridor looking for Seamus. She had to hurry because; she wanted to spend some time with Harry.


She turned and saw Seamus standing in one corner, looking nervous.

"Er.what'd you want to tell me?" Cho asked getting to the point. She folded her arms across her chest and looked up at Seamus.

""It's something terrible." he trailed off.

Cho's eyes narrowed, "What are you talking about?"

"It's about Harry."

"I know that already, you said so in your letter." Cho snapped. 'I'm wasting my time here.' She thought tapping her foot on the floor impatiently.

"Course. Er.he's been saying stuff behind your back."

Cho's eyes widened, "Harry would never to do that to me!" she exclaimed outraged. She turned on her heel and started to walk away.

"No, wait!" Seamus grabbed her arm and spun her around so she was facing him once again.

Cho's eyes flashed, "I don't want to hear this right now." She said pulling her arm away.


"'s not true!"

"Are you sure?" Seamus asked raising one of his eyebrows.

Cho hesitated, "I."

"I thought so." He said folding his arms across his chest.

"He would never do that to me." Cho said again, only this time more dubious.  

 "Let's not forget that I share a dormitory with him." Seamus pointed out.

Cho's forehead creased, she didn't know whether to believe him or not.

"Follow me."

Seamus led her outside the castle where it was freezing cold. They walked past Hagrid's hut and stopped by the entrance of the Forbidden Forest.

"I don't think we should be here, right now." Cho said looking up at the sky, which was quickly filling with dark clouds.

"Don't worry.this'll only take a few minutes."

Cho watched Seamus digging in his pockets for something. After a good fifteen seconds, he pulled out a deep green, oval shaped contraption. Incredibly, it was only one millimeter thin, "What is that?" she asked curiously.

"This is the proof of Harry talking behind your back." He pressed a little round button.

"What're you doing?"

"Rewinding the tape, this wonderful device is called the Secret-catcher. Unfortunately, I can't tell you how it works." He said with a fake smile.

Cho looked at her surroundings, something just didn't feel right.

"Okay, listen." Seamus said pressing a few more buttons and then pulling out his wand, "Playmus."             

Cho heard static and then Harry's voice.

"I hate that girl so much! She can be such a-"

"Harry, she's your girlfriend!" Seamus's voice said on the tape.

"I don't care. She thinks she's such a princess that everyone has to do whatever she says." Harry growled and then there was a sound like glass breaking.

"Then why are you going out with her? Don't you think she's pretty?" Seamus asked.

Harry laughed scornfully, "I think she's the ugliest girl in this school! I only need her to help me with my homework since she's in a class higher than me and all."

Cho gasped, "S-stop the tape.STOP IT!" She screamed out when Seamus didn't say the spell to stop the tape.

"Arretill." Seamus said.

Cho's heart was pounding, "I can't believe this."

"You better believe it. At least now you know the truth."

Cho's head was spinning. Then she realized something, tomorrow everyone would be leaving for Christmas, and she would be stuck at Hogwarts for two weeks with Harry!