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Chapter 9:

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"Wassup people," Botan greeted.

"Hey," everyone replied.

Kagome felt like someone was watching her. Her eyes darted from left to right, looking around the place. Her eyes meet with a man with piercing blue eyes.

Chapter: FRIENDS

'She has the most beautiful honey brown eyes I ever meet' the man thought.

'What is he staring at?' Kagome thought while stare into the man's eyes.

"Kagome what are you staring at?" Sango asked.

Kagome pointed to a guy across the table. There at the table sat a guy in white and black. His long tree bark brown hair was in a high pony tail, and he had a brown head band. His piercing blue eyes were staring at Kagome. He was wearing a white t-shirt, and black baggy jeans. With a jean chain hanging.

"Oh-No it seems like Kouga spotted you," Botan groaned, while whispering.

"Why do you say that?" Kagome asked turning her head to face her.

"Kagome, Kouga is one of the most possessive guy in the school. Every new female he meets, he thinks they are his "woman"," Kagura told him.

"Sucks for you Kagome, you just can't get the guys away from you," Sango pitted her sister.

Kagome turned and glared at her sister, who was smiling and not noticing her glare.

Sango kept a smiling on her face, but it didn't stay to long. She felt a hand rubbing on her thigh. She looked down to notice someone's hand rubbing there. Her eyes followed to the arm of the owner.

Sango lifted her hand to smack the owner's face. Miroku free hand came up rubbing his red cheek.

"What was that for?" Miroku asked play innocent.

"Don't play innocent with me. You were rubbing my thigh," Sango told him with a vain popping. (A/N: you know anime style)

"But I am innocent," Miroku replied with a face hoping she would give in.

"Nice try, but it isn't going to work," Sango told him.

"Yeah, Miroku when you are innocent?" Kagura asked.

"When I was a little kid," he replied.

"Oh please give me a break," Kouga said out of the blue.

"So who are the new girls?" Ayame asked.

"Oh, how rude of me. I'm Higurashi, Kagome, and next to me is Higurashi, Sango," Kagome greeted her.

"Yo," greeted Sango, while raising her hand to greet the lady.

"Nice to meet you both, I'm Takashima, Ayame," Ayame greeted.

Takashima, Ayame was a girl who had a brilliant green eyes. Her amber hair in two pig tails on the side of her head. Wearing a white zip up jacket, with a white button up shirt under. A light blue knee length skirt, with light blue converse. You can say she is one of those people who would always match their clothes.

Don't let her clothes fool you, she really is a wolf demon. Which belong to the gang of the North. Sitting by her side was the man name, Kouga.

With Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru

Inuyasha snickered watching the girls roam tried to get to there "beloved" Sesshoumaru.

'Ha I'm not surprise the fluffy dog would get women after him' Inuyasha grinned to himself. At a moment later Inuyasha just come to a point.

'How come only him got women chasing after him?' Inuyasha asked himself

While Inuyasha was busy thinking to himself. Sesshoumaru walk passed all the women who tried to clang onto his air. Dodging to the right and left, he passed every girl who tried to attack him.

'Foolish low class youkai and humans. Think they can get their hands and This Sesshoumaru' Sesshoumaru thought as he passed the ladies.

Sesshoumaru lost his concentration for just a second and the youkai slut, Yura, got to him. She was hanging onto his arm as a life line.

"Oh my lord Sesshoumaru, how I missed you," Yura cooed.

"And I don't miss you. Now release my arm," Sesshoumaru commanded coldly.

"Awww, Sesshoumaru don't you want me?" Yura asked batting her eyes, trying to looking innocent.

'Disgusting' Sesshoumaru thought, trying not to puke on her.

"I, Sesshoumaru, shall tell you once more. Release my hand, women. Or face the punishment of not releasing it," Sesshoumaru threatened.

That did the trick, Yura released, in the fear of death. Sesshoumaru walked away head held high, as he was the only youkai walking this world. Youkai female try to get to Sesshoumaru, but fearing Yura they backed off.

'I won't give up on you, Sesshoumaru. You just watch, I'll have you at my feet in no time' Yura threatened in her mind. A smile formed on her lips as she walked the opposite way of Sesshoumaru.

Inuyasha got back to the real world noticing Sesshoumaru was missing, and the group of youkai women went back to the lunch time.

'Aw I thought fluffy would kill someone' Inuyasha sighed in his mind.

Inuyasha walked away from his position only to see the guy who was touring him around the school groping another woman. He watched as Miroku got slapped on the face, and now has a red hand print on his right cheek.

The female walked away mumbling something about perverts, idiots and no brains. Inuyasha walked up laughing and patted Miroku on the back

"Hahaha does that always happen?" Inuyasha laughed.

"Yes, they just don't want to be with me. Am I ugly?" Miroku asked.

Inuyasha than stop laughing and looked at Miroku with a face that said "Does-It-Look-Like-I-Have-A-Thing-For-Guys?" look.

"Don't answer that, please," Miroku answered, and went to get his lunch.

"Hey, where are you going?" Inuyasha shouted.

"Getting my lunch, and on the look for the new girls. They are the talk of the school for the guys," Miroku told Inuyasha.

"New girls?" Inuyasha looked with questioned.

"Yes, they are sisters, and it was said that they are hot. Didn't you see them when all the new students got together?" Miroku asked.

Inuyasha wasn't pay attention to anything Miroku just said. He was busy zoned out.

Kurama, Hiei, Yusuke and Kuwabara

The four guys were on the top of the school for a look out. Kuwabara was munching away on school lunch, Yusuke was busy sleeping with a comic on his face. Hiei was standing on the fence, and Kurama was looking down below them.

"What do you think? Is this school good?" Kurama asked.

"Hn, stupid human every where, and lower rank youkai. That is what I think," Hiei coldly answered.

Kurama sweat dropped, and his lips twitched trying to stay a smile. Kuwabara stopped eating for a second and was thinking.

"You know, this school has more babes than the school we just went to," Kuwabara answered with a mouth full of food.

Hiei looked at him in disgust, and gave him one of his coldest glares. Kurama just ignored the comment like it was never said. Yusuke woke up, and punched Kuwabara on the face.

"Is girl all you can think about?" Yusuke asked.

"No! I think about other things too," Kuwabara shouted.

"Like what?" Yusuke questioned.

"My cat!" Kuwabara shouted.

"Stop your shouted, you cow," Hiei insulted.

"YOUR CAT!" Yusuke shouted, and started to crack up.

Kurama was just looking down scanning the place. His eyes fell went left and right, as if it was looking for something. Then it stopped on one person, a man in all white.

"Hiei, I think I found Youko," Kurama told Hiei.

"Youko? That fox?" Hiei asked and went over to see himself.

In the background Yusuke was cracking up. One of these days he is going to died from laughing so hard. Kuwabara went back to his eating and was making a really big mess.

"It really is the fox," Hiei commented.

"We need to go talk to him," Kurama just said.

Hiei and Kurama jumped down from the school's roof with out noticing Yusuke and Kuwabara, since they were "busy".

Hiei and Kurama landed a few feet away from Youko. Youko leaned against a tree and one of his legs was bent while the other one was straight. In his hands was a piece of weed, and he was playing with it for fun.

"So what have we have here? A fire demon, and oh what's this, my half brother," Youko said without looking up.

(a/n: Youko and Kurama are half brothers, which means Kurama is a kitsune youkai also)

"Brother," Kurama greeted.

"Hn," Hiei greeted Youko.

"What business do you have here?" Youko gave them a look, that said leave me alone, or else.


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