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Prologue Hazy with Lust

The sound of distant thunder mixed sensually with the sounds of breathing as the two lovers stared at one another. As the night clouds slowly dissolved into shimmering raindrops, the moon peeked its silver face into the lovers' sanctuary.

He followed her down onto the bed, found her mouth and kissed her, sensing her complete lack of inhibition as she caught his tongue in a slow dance with her own. Her hands lazily moved across his shoulders, pushing off his armor, and he helped her, shrugging free of it and tossing it to the ground.

"Mmm." she sighed, and tugged at his kimono.

"Let me." He gently brushed her hands aside to undo the ties. Unwilling to waste time with them all, he yanked them off him. The soft sound of tearing silk could be heard, as he ripped it apart.

Her small hands were cool, pale, as soft as the rest of her. They roamed over the hard muscles of his chest with a touch as light and fleeting as the brushes of a feather. After his experiences with woman who demanded, who twisted and thrust and writhed, Sesshoumaru found himself reveling in her tender caress. The gentle look of wonder on her face as she used her fingers to trail a path along his chest made him ache, and he wanted to do the same thing to her.

His hands nearly shook as he slid them over her body. Slick, no friction from the silky touch. Her pale, ivory skin was flushed hot, and he moved his palm beneath her clothing, his hand slowly inching up to her.

Chapter One

Great Minds Dream Alike

Lightning loomed over the castle, as the raindrops pelted into the opened window. The sudden crash of thunder woke Sesshoumaru from his deep dream. Beads of perspiration dripped off him, as he replayed the many exquisite detail.

The simple thought of InuYasha's wench had drove him to the peak of his arousal. His hardened crotch laid beneath him, as he pumped hard and furiously. Digging his claws into his flesh, drips of blood oozed out, as, finally, his release came to pass.

Resettling back onto his bed, sweat dripping off his chin, he succumbed back onto the softness of his pillow. But he knew, however, that he would not find rest for the rest of that night. Images of that dream resonated inside his mind; the way she had look, the way she had screamed out his name, the feel of her skin beneath him.But that was not his main thought, however. He frowned, as the question formed in his mind yet again.

Why? Why her?


In a nearby village, deep in the Western territories, a teenage girl jerked away from her sleep. The slight drizzle from before had turned into an all out thunderstorm. Shivering slightly from the winds, Kagome rushed to close the flapping windows.

They were sleeping in the castle of the village's daimyo (rulers who gained power during the time of the Sengoku Jidai) for the night. In the morning, after the storm had passed, they would continue on with their quest for the shards of the Shikon no Tama (Jewel of Four Souls).

Frowning slightly, she thought back to that dream she had just moments ago. Her eyes, her mind, her every sense remembered Sesshoumaru's hard muscles, his perfect skin, his gentle touch.

Her hands flexed, as if she clutched a handful of the silver silk that was his hair. Dropping back onto her sleeping bag, she wondered why she dreamed of Sesshoumaru. Why him? Why the guy that sought for her death? For the death of her friends?


Kagome knew morning had arrived when she heard the usual screeching from Sango, then the usual whack with her hiraikotsu (boomerang). Kagome opened her eyes just in time to see Miroku plummeting onto the ground, unconscious once again before he had fully awaken.

"You'd think he'd give up for just one day." Sango muttered, face a brilliant red. She turned her attention to the laughing miko (priestess). "Want to go take a bath, before this hentai (pervert) wakes?"

Nodding, the girl quickly got out of her sleeping bag, and ran off with her friend. The springs were extremely welcoming, after a night of restless sleep. "So does Miroku know how you feel?" Kagome asked Sango, rubbing some shower cream onto her skin.

Sango, who had been sniffing Kagome's cream, turned red yet again. "What are you talking about?"

"Come on Sango. I'm your friend. Do you really think that I didn't know you have a crush on Miroku?"

"On that leech?! No way!" the exterminator protested. "Not on my life!"

"Come on, Sango." Kagome teased. "You must have some feelings there.after all those sweet words, those perverted looks, those glorious gropes."

"Kagome, don't go horny on me."

Laughing, "Ok, Ok. You don't have to admit it. But the both of us know that you've got a thing for Miroku." She shrugged. "If you didn't, he'd be dead after all those touches by now."

The blushing Sango, and the giggling Kagome both dressed, and returned to the village. They didn't notice that a nearby figure had watched their every move.

What strange conversation humans think up. Even though-

He couldn't stop himself from admiring her beauty.


Kagome returned, and InuYasha looked up hopefully. Laughing a bit to herself, she went to her bag, and started to prepare the instant ramen (noodles). InuYasha jumped onto his feet, and padded over. "What can I do to make it go faster?" he asked. "You've been at this for hours!"

"InuYasha, I just started!" Kagome laughed, while boiling the many noodles.

"Yeah, well-"

"Is that ramen I smell?" The unconscious monk, with short black hair, and a nice juicy lump on his forehead, paddled over to them. InuYasha's brows furrowed, when he saw the lump.

"Why do you always ask for such treatment?" InuYasha asked, voice dry.

"I didn't do it on purpose!" The hentai monk protested. "I was asleep! I-" He quieted, when he caught sight of Sango entering the room. His eyes immediately strayed to inappropriate parts.

"Don't even think on it, monk." She said, throwing a deadly glare his way. She walked over to Kagome, and kneeled by her friend. "Mmm.ramen."

Kagome turned red, as she fought the urge to laugh. These people and their ramen! You'd think it's the best thing in the world if you accepted their point of view.

"Ka-go-me!!" InuYasha whined, stamping his foot like a three year old. "Is it ready?"

The hassled girl put some onto a bowl, and frisked some flavor into it. "Yes, here you go."

The happy hanyou jumped-with the bowl clutched tightly in his hands- to the nearest tree, and began slurping his noodles. "Dirsh ish greatt Kargomer!"

Shaking her head slightly, she held out the bowls to the rest of her friends. Shippo stuck his little head up, when he caught the scent of their breakfast. "Ramen?!" was his first word, as he jumped from his sleeping position.

"Right here, Shippo." Kagome said, holding his bowl up. "Come and get it."

The happy kit ran toward his adoptive okaa-san (mother), and proceeded to stuffing his face. "Thanks, Kagome!" He smiled at her broadly.

Kagome, about to get herself some breakfast, stopped suddenly. Her eyebrows knitted together, when the prickling sensation became more insistent and more demanding. Every miko instincts within her were screaming out their warning. Screaming at her with everything they got, to obtain her attention. A youkai (demon), and not a weak one at that, was approaching them with lightening speed.

Kagome turned to InuYasha, ready to shout out her warning, when she found he was already in a fighting pose. His nose twitched irritably, as he memorized the scent coming their way. Kagome felt a splash of small pity for the oncoming youkai. Anyone that interrupted InuYasha when he's in the middle of a meal (especially if it's ramen) is not going to live long.

"InuYasha, this demon's got a sliver of the jewel on him." Kagome shouted, just before the creature jumped out.

The shock of actually seeing the thing was.unsettling. His green, scaly skin changing colors from the position of the sun, giving him a rainbow look. But, instead of looking beautiful, it looked hideous because of the tons of muck and slime covering it's body. It's head was long and pointy, much like a snake, but for the single horn sticking out on the top of his forehead. His eyes, slitted like a cat's, were a royal purple. A flicking tongue revealed that this creature was indeed a snake demon. However, unlike normal snakes, this one's got hands and feet.

"Oh, what a sight to see first thing in the morning!" Sango groaned, wrinkling her nose in disdain. "Good thing it won't be here much longer!"

"That'sss what you think humansss." it hissed, exaggerating it's S's.

InuYasha didn't make a sound, which was unusual for him. With a determined scowl on his face, he jumped forward, Tetsusaiga (the sword his father left him) poised and ready to attack.

Before he can make contact, however, a patch of green slime emanated from the snake's throat. Jumping away to avoid contact, the slime hit a nearby tree, melting its branches.

Once again, InuYasha rushed forward, now with a bit more caution in the back of his mind. The snake demon attacked again, this time, barely missing Kagome, as she ran of cover. "EeEeEeEeEek!" Kagome cried, as a fraction of her uniform tore off. "Hey, you! Watch where you spit your disgusting gunk-"

She quieted, when the snake turned its attention her way. Her legs felt like they had turned to Jell-O, but she looked back defiantly. Before InuYasha knew what had happened, it lashed its head toward her, knocking her backward with the force of its blow.

Kagome felt herself flying backwards. Her vision turned slightly red, as she plummeted through the village, and crashed into something. Landing hard into the ground, she thought she heard someone cry out "KAGOME!" before sliding into blissful unconsciousness.


InuYasha glared at the creature in front of him. Rage like never before bubbled inside of him, ready to explode. Moving with a speed he had never had before, he dash forward with the sword raised high over his head. "YOU BASTARD!"

Bringing the sword down as hard as he could, he didn't even flinch as pieces of the snake demon's gut splat out in every direction possible. His fire-rat-kimono is now more a slimy green color than it's usual red.

Paying it no heed, he ran off in the direction where Kagome had been thrown off.


Strong hands enveloped her, holding her tightly. Puffs and puffs of wind fly at her, cooling her down, even as it made her dizzy. A throbbing pain was on her head, different from headaches. Gingerly, weakly, she raised a hand, and winced, when she felt the sticky liquid that was her blood.

What had happened? Why is she in this state?

She really wanted to open her eyes, and find out who holds her so safe, so securely. But her eyelids wouldn't cooperate. They were too heavy, too hard to raise. She guessed that seeing might be too hard a thing to do right then.

Fine then. She tried to speak, to ask her rescuer who he might be. But her mouth would not cooperate as well. She felt like she had sand inside her mouth. For all she knew, she might have sand there. What did she know, about what happened to her?

Finding no way of communicating with her rescuer, she decided to just go back to sleep. Ignoring the pain on her head, she drifted asleep, still wondering why her head hurts so.


InuYasha growled his frustration. Kagome's scent just disappeared! Whoever that had taken her, must have taken to flight. Glowering, he scanned the area, hoping to find clues of any kind that might lead him to Kagome.

Sango and Miroku, along with Shippo and Kirara had finally caught up with him. The exterminator scanned the area. Her expression turned to one of horror, when she caught the sight of Kagome's blood on a nearby bush. "Dear Kami(God)! Kagome!"

Miroku eyed InuYasha. The hanyou's fists were clenched so tightly, not even a molecule of air particle could go through. His long silver bangs hid his eyes from view, but they could all see that he was trembling with rage. His teeth were bared, and looked as though it was ready to sink it on any opponent.


The hanyou's companions all whipped their heads his way the moment they heard that single word. Shippo was not happy about this situation. Kagome had been knocked out, all traces of her gone but for her blood. An angry InuYasha is helpless, making his rage even hotter, and he utters one of the most dangerous names in the youkai society. The kit, going numb from all that has happened, uttered the first thought that entered his head. "What?"

"We have to find her immediately!" Sango cried out, worry and concern clear in her midnight eyes.

"But where do we begin?" Miroku sighed. "We have no way of tracking Lady Kagome!"

"Just pick a direction and go!" Shippo wailed, unshed teardrops shimmering in the corner of his eyes. "It's better than standing here doing nothing! Kagome could be in serious danger right now!"

InuYasha growled, and turned toward the west. If Sesshoumaru's involved with this, he'd bet his Tetsusaiga that Kagome is now deep in the Western Territories. "Let's go!" he snarled, determination erupting from his amber eyes. "We've no time to waste!"


It was hard.so hard to stay afloat.

She felt like she was drowning in the red liquid. The red liquid that was her own blood. Try as she might, her mind kept her from remembering anything, and it hurts way too much when she goes further than the barrier allows her.

Scrunching her face, she thought long and hard.


Kagome.? Am I Kagome? Is that my name?