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Epilogue Part II

The sun was high up in the sky by the time she awoke. Lashes fluttering, blue-gray spheres greeted the smiling golden irises of her partner. Twin bows curved upward, as arms brought her closer into his embrace.

"Good morning," he murmured, brushing at her silky raven strands with his lips. Golden eyes closed, as he inhaled her familiar scent. Jasmine and vanilla wafted around him, gently mixing with his own.

Looking up at him with her clear eyes, she smiled at him. Cheeks flushed healthily, she leaned closed to his awaiting lips. "Morning, Sess."

She didn't want to wake, did not want to greet the day. Closing her eyes, she tried to bury herself further into him, closer to him. She wanted to stay with him forever. She never wanted to leave his side.

"We can't stay here all day, you know..." he commented, as though he had read her mind. Or, perhaps he had. They had spent centuries together, slowly viewing the world with a detached, removed front. They had both watched, as the youkai race diminished under the supreme technology of humans.

Together for centuries...

"Mmm..." Sighing, Kagome opened her eyes again and stretched. Her body rubbed sensually against that of her bed partner. Smirking slightly, she almost laughed at the annoyed growl of him.

Kagome squeaked, as she felt the sudden movement of him, Sesshoumaru. Her hair fanned out beneath her, as she stared at the amused golden eyes. "What?" she teased. "I thought you liked it?"

Growling at her, he leaned down and gently nipped at her neck. "I believe I like it...very much..."


"But..." Kagome frowned, as he stopped his ministrations. "We really do need to get out of bed. We have much time for this...after the wedding..." And with that, he moved off the bed and headed for their bath. It's become custom, in the past years, that whoever had the willpower to leave their oh-so-comfortable bed first, will get all the hot water first...

Pouting at the bathroom door, as though it was the cause of all her displeasures, she rose out of the silken sheets and paddled across the wooden floor. The loud ringing of her telephone resulted in Kagome running across the bedroom almost stark naked.

"Moshi moshi?"

"Nee-channnnnnnnnn!!" Souta's desperate voice rang through the phone, almost popping the eardrums of his elder sister. "Momma's gone INSANE! INSANE!!! She's trying to bring our BATHROOM to the beach!! Who brings toilets and sinks to the beach?!"

"What?!" Kagome laughed, plopping back onto her bed. "Where's Jii-san?"

"Eh? Er...upstairs, I think."

"Well, get him down and make sure that he calms momma down...All Jii-san needs to do is mention a few toilet ghouls and perhaps a few sink mummies..."

"Wha—ah...ahhh!! Smart, Nee-chan!!!" Souta breathed. "Yea, I'll do that right now, before mom really DOES displace the entire bathroom. See you and Sesshoumaru soon!"

Laughing and shaking her head, Kagome let the phone drop back onto the receiver. No sooner had the click been heard, the phone rang once again. "Yes?" she asked.


"Do tell him to calm down..." Sesshoumaru stepped out of the bathroom, a fluffy white towel rubbing at his frizzing hair. "It constantly amazes me that a powerful demon such as himself could stand all the noise he makes..."

"Shippo? Darling? Calm down. What's going on?"


"What?!" Kagome repeated for the second time that day. "Oh God, how did that happen?" She breathed and, dragging the entire phone with her, went over to Sesshoumaru. She thrust the phone over to him and scowled. "You made the mess—you clean it."

Then, shaking out her dark raven hair, she went into the bathroom for her morning shower.


"Oh God, Kagome! You look gorgeous!" Yuka circled around Kagome once more, looking her friend over with a critical eye. Kagome was dressed in a Chinese robe of pale pink. Embroidered red roses blushed all around the dress. A darker layer of pink and red peeked from underneath the outer layer.

Hair piled up into a tumble of curls, strands slipped here and there due to the wind that blew through the beach. She clutched at a bouquet of red roses similar to her dress in front of her, tied together with a large red ribbon. Large, dangling ruby drops swung in her ears, as her mother finished the final touches of Kagome's eyeshadow.

"That's good..." the bride murmured, as she breathed again. Staring out at the beach where all the guests were milling around, Kagome tried to remember how to breathe. After centuries of waiting, she and Sesshoumaru was finally getting married.

Getting married!

"God, am I ready?" she whispered, blue-gray eyes wide with anxiety. "Is HE ready?"

"Of course you are, darling," her mother murmured, just as quietly. "You just need to calm down. You look beautiful—outside and inside. Sesshoumaru will melt when he sees you."

"But mom—should I be so worried right now?" She twirled around to everyone suddenly, making them all jump. "I mean, shouldn't I be SURE of him? We've been together for CENTURIES. I've seen him through EVERYTHING. I mean..."

"Kagome," Eri walked over to her friend, her Chinese robe of blue-white shimmering against the beating sun. "You're about to get married to the man you've been with for centuries. Together—but never really together. Today is the day where you'll be finally and totally be together. So, of course, you'll be nervous."

Kagome stared at her friend. Right? Is she right? That SOUNDS right...so she must be right...right?

"Oh God!" Kagome's eyes widened enormously. "It's starting."

The orchestra had started the traditional song of "Here Comes the Bride." Before her laid the carpet in all it's multi-colored glory. There, at the end of the rainbow, stood her Prince Charming. Her everything.

Swallowing her suddenly dry throat, she took her mother's arm and waited as, slowly, one bridesmaid follow the next.

Everyone turned, however, when they saw her...walking down the aisle. Souta and her Grandfather both beamed at her. Shippo smiled and bowed as she passed. Rin hugged Kirara harder, and sniffed while she smiled. Kouga pulled Ayame closer to his side, smiling happily at his friend. Ayame wiped her eyes in a handkerchief, overcame with emotions. Yoichi nodded at her, eyes gleaming with happiness and pride. Descendants of Sango and Miroku each bowed and smiled. A few sighed with sentiment.

But Kagome didn't see them at all. Her eyes remained focused on the pair of patient eyes all the way at the front of the aisle. The golden spheres that told her the message she needed to hear.

I'm waiting, Kagome. I'm here, at the end of the rainbow waiting...waiting only for you.

Kagome didn't notice, when she was at the front of the aisle. She didn't notice when the ceremony began, and her mother moved away. She only stared at him, eyes filled with love and trust. He's waiting for her...he's sure of their marriage...he holds no doubt.

"...take Sesshoumaru for you ever beloved husband...."

"I do..." she breathed, not bothering to hear the rest of the sentence. "I do to everything for eternity!!"

The priest smirked, as he stared down at the couple. "Well, that somewhat toppled my next questions...I think eternity sort of answers it all..."

Sesshoumaru glanced over at the priest...Miroku's current eldest descendant. "Well?"

He sighed, the image of his ancestor. "Patience, Sesshoumaru, is a virtue. Yes...you may kiss the bri—" He shook his head slightly, smiling, as the two melted into an embrace of promise. "I proclaim you, husband and wife!" he cried out, as applause broke out from the audience. Kagome's mother wept, as Sesshoumaru swept his bride off her feet.

The wind blew through, as a gigantic yacht came into view. The group all cheered, as Sesshoumaru took his bride into his yacht with Kagome waving happily at them. Her eyes sparkled with the internal light of one who discovered her love. Her hair shone all the more brightly and her skin seemed to be made out of the butter-sweet softness of babies.

It was, perhaps, the most worthwhile picture captured in the entire wedding ceremony for everyone. The sight of the beautiful girl being swept off her feet by her prince. The sight of the two staring so loving at each other with the sun beating over head.

A wise old captain once had told her to dream. And she had, hoping against all hope, that her dreams would come true.

And in the end, her prince had come—riding in his suit of shining armor, armed with his sword of chivalry and love. He'd come to save her, to carry her off to happily ever after...


"I love you, Sesshoumaru..." Kagome whispered that night, standing under the brilliant glow of the moon. She smiled up into the sky and stared at the silver shade of the moon so similar to her beloved's hair. "You're my knight...my prince..."

"And you, my lady...my queen..." he murmured in return. Wrapping around her, protecting her against the chills of the night, he stared down at her with the eyes and face of an angel. And yet, one wonders. Was he the mortal, staring at his goddess?

"A promise, koi," he murmured, leaning even closer to her side. "I promise, no matter who or what—not the Gods, nor Death, nor Time itself—nothing will separate us. I will always be there, always to protect you...guard you...cherish you..."

"A promise, love," she whispered back, leaning up for the awaiting kiss. "I promise, no matter how long or whatever happens, I will keep that promise in my heart and never lose faith..."

The clock ticked and the second hand moved over to twelve...


Their foreheads bumped, as they stared into each other's eyes. "We'll be together for eternity..."

The portal between day and night...

...the passage between past memories and future dreams...

...gateway between the old and the new...

And second tick of the clock and—

Lips found lips, as heart touched heart. Eyes closed, and they both murmured, "I promise..."

The End...

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